Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th July 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th July 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th July 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with asoornath bali speaks mata laxmi will always be wife of Vishnu. Laxmi mata tells raja bali if anytime you want wealth remember me I will come & takes leave of raja. Kansa is reminding raja bali from where his present birth lyes as tells him you are an asoor you are falling pray to these gods by getting attracted towards them but raja bali ignore kansa saying that he is not anything wrong. Narayan arrives at raja bali’s palace & kansa is surprised. Raja bali welcomes him. Narayan tells him that whoever is taken chair if indra’s rule is also like indra dev fo me so take my prayers. Raja bali asks Narayan what is your wish so Narayan tells raja that I am here to give you advice if you wish to take or no it’s your wish. Raja say tell me what as I feel

like good then definitely I will listen to you. Narayan tells him now you are the ruler of this world’s wealth as you are raja now so my wish is you should take a big place in this world now & raja bali asks him for that what I have to do so he gives him 3 ways those are & asks bali what so Narayan tells those are bhog, devotion & donation. But you must not do bhog as it’ll end to evil doors, also I wont wish you should do devotion as if you keep doing that then you will fall under sitting doing prayers & that will lead to you away from ruling this world. Lastly you have only one way i.e. donation which I will wish you do this openly as it will lead you eternal peace achievement. Raja bali replies that he understands what he wishes & will do as you directed. Narayan leaves happily.
Kansa is thinking there must be some game of gods so to be alert now.

Kanha talks with kansa that for this I had to take rebirth in that form as waman avatar. Kanha earlier as waman is playing with his mother & his mother is running behind him for feeding. His mother is giving lessons to kanha of food to become strong & healthy to grow bigger with strength & courage to fight in life.

Raja bali is arrived in village & villagers are praying him. Raja bali is donating wealth as per directed by Narayan to do good deeds. Kansa is trying to stop raja bali by doing this. Raja bali ignores his advice. Kansa is telling gurudev to explain raja bali. Gurudev is telling raja bali that he won’t stop you doing good deeds but instead donation do something else as those gods are playing game from behind you so I will only alert you. kansa says in between if we lose all wealth then what will asoors be left with. Raja bali tells gurudev let me see if anything wrong happens as I have faith this will not happen from gods & if at all happens then too understand this that all religious matters in this world will wash out. Kansa & gurudev are talking between them about a big end is nearing. Raja while distributing donation asks villagers if anybody left behind to get & there comes a boy who is kanha as waman saying to raja bali that he is left still to get donation from you. Raja bali asks what you want so he wishes that he needs only three leg land of earth. Raja bali is surprised that you can ask for something bigger as only three leg land wont suffice you but kanha replies that he only needs three leg land & nothing else & if you can give then you give me this only what I wished as I will be happy with your this donation which is given by you with pure heart. Ok says bali but instead take a big village from me as it will suffice with your future life also. No says kanha as I know that you are a big donater so what I wished you please give me that only.

Kansa is abusing kanha that without showing your true form you were playing your game with raja bali. Kanha replies that game was played by you as you were disturbing life of my vrindavan people by sending your asoors to create problem for them & so my duty was to save my vrindavan people. And also I was only asking him three leg land of earth as he had developed attitude in himself which leads to destruction so time had come to take this donation from raja bali.

Raja bali gets ready to give three legs land of earth. Kanha says I wont take this way as you have to take this gangajal & take oath that you will give three leg land & then only I will accept. OK says raja bali but gurudev learns behind boys originality & stops bali to not to give three leg land & raja bali asks gurudev why so gurudev tells him he is Vishnu avatar who has come to take this from you forever by playing game behind you. But raja bali tells gurudev that whoever he may be but he is doing his job whereas I am doing my good deeds so I won’t send him empty handed. Kansa is shouting to stop to raja bali but bali ignores kansa & raja bali tells kanha to give gangajal on his hands to take oath & to take count of three leg land of earth & suddenly kanha’s form changes in avatar of god & raja bali prays him. Gurudev tells that I had warned you he is gamer. Raja bali replies that not to worry as not so big loss is going to happen. Raja bali asks kanha to count where to keep first leg & kanha tells him that I have counted full gods land by my one leg so now tell me where I should keep second leg so raja replies earth lands lord is me itself so kanha counts earth land too & now asks finally where to count third leg & ultimately raja bali gives his head for his third leg & kanha crushes his head in the earth.

Kansa abusing kanha as he sqeezed our raja bali from us. Kanha tells kansa that he was a pure devotee so he got eternal as he was not selfish. I gave him that place where he can think of me with all his devotion.

Precap: Kanha explains kansa about study of samudra manthan. All gods also ask kanha as waman that the problem is still not gone but kanha tells them it will go by you all getting pure by doing samudra manthan.

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