Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with Krishna tells that maharaj you give your problems to me & the healing part will definitely happen. Krishna talks about the actual problems with maharaj drupad & he explains to him by asking that if you get your half the area again which you lost in the battle then will your anger be sustained then no he replies so Krishna tells him it is actually not the reason of drone or losing of your northern region of hastinapur but it is your wild revenge in your heart so the solution for this is fire yagna by which the god of fire will get impressed & boon you the gift from it which will end your wild anger. Maharaj is surprised & says he will definitely do that but Krishna says this yagna will only can be completed by them who has full knowledge of it

& he says I will invite them itself but Krishna tells him as finally when this yagna completes getting the gift by it then you have to accept it whatever you get from it so he promises yes I will & maharaj takes leave from Krishna.
Arjun is telling Krishna I have learnt from you everything but then too I wish to ask you why you supported drupad inspite knowing he is doing it for his long time revenge so Krishna tells him excluding all I have always supported religious deeds but in this dronacharya had also done wrong so Arjun is shocked how guru can be wrong who has given us all knowledge so Krishna says he also went into his selfishness by giving knowledge to his students in such a way that they should become his weapons & in exchange of guru dakshina he expected as revenge which is also a crime itself. Today also they are doing wrong things in this mahabharat & time had come to wash all evil from this mahabharat so how I decided to give birth draupadi will be understood by everybody in this world.

Fire yagna takes place in maharaj drupad’s palace which starts & rishi tells maharaj to ask a wish by taking oath so maharaj takes oath & wishes from the yagna to give him such a son in form of a great warrior who will kill the evil drone to take my revenge of ill treatment which is my final wish.

Rishi tells maharaj that me & my son will be completing this yagna of your wishes & as soon as it get finished then you have to arrange to give us our dakshina. Maharaj tells him if I earn a son from this yagna then I will give you whatever all you wish so they start yagna.

A woman is chanting mantra in mountains of vasudeo & shri Krishna appears in front of her telling her to open your eyes & as she opens she sees Krishna & stands up praying her hands telling him I am blessed by your existence so he says you were deep into my devotion so I had to come so she says I am on the path which you have always shown me so krishna tells her that it is not your end of this life but a new start for your life so she asks him order me what I have to do so Krishna is explaining her that to end the evil in this world I have to plan a big game for which you will be my support for this. She accepts saying this is a big gift for me from you & she prays Krishna.

Arjun asks Krishna about how draupadi came into existence in this mahabharat in the plan made by you so Krishna explains Arjun draupadi’s previous life cycle related with him who was devraj indra’s wife devi sachi. He explains Arjun how devi sachi had also taken oath in that birth that she will end the evils in humans.

The yagna is being performed in maharaj drupad’s palace by rishi asking fire god to bless us by your gift so fire god appears telling maharaj that as i am impressed by the yagna so I gift you a great warrior who will be known as your son & who will be the reason behind drone’s death too & because of his good deeds his name will be drishta dhum so maharaj thanks a lot by getting blessed by this gift from fire god. Maharaj is telling all people how fire god himself has gifted me with a son who will take my revenge by killing that evil drone. All are praising maharaj’s son taking his name.

Son appears in front of maharaj praying him & he blesses him .Maharaj is introducing him while the son is also telling maharaj as he his son will take revenge for which you have given me birth. Maharaj blesses him. Maharaj also thanks rishiwar telling him whatever you ask me will be gifted to you.

Arjun asks Krishna how draupadi took birth from the same fire yagna from which drishta dhum was born & what the secret behind this so Krishna explains Arjun in mantra language as this was also a game of fate who brought my friend draupadi.

A fire again engulfs in yagna surprising all as a woman comes out of the fire praying maharaj drupad as his father. Maharja asks rishi who is this woman is so fire god appears telling him that a girl is also gifted to you by this yagna so he tells rishi that he had done yagna to achieve a son & not a daughter which I don’t need. Rishi tells maharaj that how can it be like a son taking birth from this yagna can be accepted so a daughter takes birth from the same fire can’t be denied by you. Maharaj tells rishi that this girl can’t do anything for me currently nor in future so why should I accept her? As also I had wished for a son & not daughter. Maharaj tells his son to come as all are waiting for him but he stops telling maharaj that I too feel what rishiwar is saying is truth. Who has taken birth from the yagna with me is my sister & she is your daughter itself. Maharaj drupad is explaining his son about the world’s attitude which you do not know still so at this time you need to only concentrate for what reason your birth has happened. Rishiwar stops maharaj taking his son along & telling him that whatever earned in this yagna has to be accepted devotionally so because of this you have to accept this girl, your daughter or where will she go so maharaj replies that you are the yagna performer so you decide where she will go. But rishi tells maharaj to forgive me as I am just a performer of this yagna but you are her father so all the decisions to take for this girl is your rightful authority & maharaj says if this is it then now itself I decide to gift this girl to you as dakshina. From this time all the decisions will be taken by you of this girl & maharaj tells his son to lets go. The girl is depressed listening to all these discussions as rishiwar consoles her telling her to come along.

Arjun asks Krishna how drupad could do injustice with draupadi as he had promised of accepting whatever he gets from this yagna so Krishna explains him about the nature of human which leads to selfishness which makes him wrong which he had also done with drone but Arjun says but draupadi had to face all this trauma of injustice. Krishna tells him that this was just a start of draupadi’s injustice & trauma by which she has gone through which she or I know better about it. Arjun asks Krishna what was the reason behind this trauma of draupadi who was suffering so much so Krishna is saying this was making her more & more strong.

Draupadi is asking rishi to answer her questions but rishi tells her that it is impossible for me also to answer you as it is fate itself. So she asks is there anybody who can answer me about my life’s motive & reason so rishi tells her that see your all questions will be answered by only one whose pooja we are going to perform so come with us as after reaching his feet you will get all your answers. All rishi’s are singing Pooja song of shri krishna praying him.

Draupadi is also paying shri krishna to help her clear her doubts to show her path of her life as her father has not accepted her including her brother or I have to sacrifice my life. Shrikrishna is showing her path & explaining her about how to tackle by keeping faith as the road will automatically come to you as time comes. She is hearing shri krishna’s explanations sitting in front of his statue as he advises her to go towards her family as her life’s path will start from there only. So she proceeds towards her family.

Maharaj drupad is telling all his people in the palace that I am donating my son to you all as your raja & advices their brahman to do his Abhishek. Maharaj is gifting his weapon to his son by declaring him as yuvraj as per adviced by brahman. Maharaj tells his son all this responsibility is now in your hands & all praise yuvraj dhrishta dhum shouting by his name.

Draupadi is coming walking to maharaj’s palace but he stops her asking how you are coming her in this palace so she tells him I have come to my family’s place as you are my father so he says I am not your father but she tells him this truth can’t be changed if at all you do not accept because as brother is your son so I too am your daughter, like he has taken birth from the same yagna like me so why you do not accept me & accepting him your son? What kind of injustice is this father? Maharaj gets wild telling her I have still not given any rights of addressing me as your father & I had performed this yagna for achieving son & not daughter so as I have achieved son hence my yagna gets completed. I only wish to tell you this that I have no relations with you. So she asks that is it because I am a girl & not a boy so you are not accepting me so yes says maharaj as this is the only big fault as I do not wish to be father of any girl. A girl is a curse for me as girl is always ill treated so I do not want any girl. She asks maharaj then you tell me where should I go & whom should I call my family then maharaj replies that this is not my headache to think as you are independent wherever you wish to go you can go. So she leaves but her brother stops her holding her hands as maharaj stops him but he says as maybe we have not taken birth from one stomach but we are born from one yagna kund so there is no doubt that she is my sister & if any problem comes on her then all world will say that drishta dhum has not guarded his sister. As you my father has given responsibility on me of all the people of his area then it is my responsibility of my sister too. She is rajkumari of Panchal so she also has the rights of all respect from Panchal. He tells maharaj that if at all you do not accept her but I can’t leave her alone as you itself are witness that you have achieved me by wishes of your revenge from yagna so how her birth can be without any support. So father you too please accept her as your daughter as per your yagna & I assure you that because of your daughter you won’t face anything wrong. Maharaj says on all subjects you have put right points & also I have faith in you so this girl can stay in this palace. All are happy by this but while going maharaj tells her that I have still not accepted you it is only because of my son I have allowed you to stay in this palace. Her brother takes her in his arms consoling her to leave all her fright on him.

She roams around the palace & her mother talks with her giving her the dresses but she says I do not need this accept love from her mother, father & family. Her mother tells her inspite of your father not accepting you I have accepted you already. They both hug each other lovingly. Her mother tells her to give some time to your father as he will definitely accept you. She asks her mother why he is having so much hatred & anger but her mother tells her to ignore him. She asks her mother why he said in such a way that a girl’s birth is hatred as per his view. Her mother is ignoring her questions while talking about the dresses instead saying which is for you only. She is pressing her mother about her answers of her questions so her mother tells her that she also can’t give answers about your questions & tells her that you have just arrived so get ready as I have to arrange lot of things.

Arjun asks Krishna that draupadi had lot of questions in her mind so why she was not getting her answers so Krishna explains him about questions & answers which are already decided in this world. So Arjun understands & says that he had to get all his answers in this war of mahabharat. Yes says Krishna that I only had to answer your questions but draupadi ‘s answers were to be searched by her itself as those answers were going to convert her from draupd sati to draupadi. This was the reason where lot of questions were awaiting draupadi.

Precap: All maids are doing make-up of draupadi saying there is no beautiful girl like you in this whole Panchal. All maids are saying to lets show rajkumari the whole palace. She moves around & sees one door closed hearing sounds of leg instruments so she opens the door seeing somebody dancing.

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