Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with all maids doing make-up of draupadi saying there is no beautiful girl like you in this whole Panchal. Her mother is also saying that in front of my so beautiful daughter apsara is also nothing. Maids are asking her mother can new take her to show the palace so her mother allows them saying she has all rights to see. They all take her around the palace showing & detailing which all rooms are of what. She hears a voice of dance while maids keep calling her & she goes towards the sound coming from & as she opens the door she finds a man dancing & getting surprised & she enters the room slowly hiding herself as the man stops dancing he sees her & asks who are you? She asks him who are you so he says I have asked you first so you tell me

who are you & how did you come here so she replies I heard the sound so came here so wish to know as who are you so he gets angry saying i have not given anybody the rights of ask me who I am & as you have come in my room so you tell me who are you & she says I just asked you just to to know but why you getting so angry? So he tells her if you can’t answer me then go away as he pushes her out & shuts the door then she too gets angry saying you can’t treat me like this as I am daughter of maharaj drupad. He opens the door getting surprised asking her what? You are daughter of maharaj drupad & laughingly says are you drunk so she tells him about her birth. He is still laughing strongly so she asks why you are laughing so much so he says it is about laughing only as maharaj drupad has achieved one more daughter so she is confused asking one more daughter means what then he tells her actually I pity you as it is your need now to get sympathy. She asks him why pity so he tells her maharaj drupad must have kept your name so what is your name? She is in trouble thinking. He is explaining her about the name given by mother father & their expectations from that child as the child is known by the name given by mother father. She is telling him but you too have not told your name so is it not possible that you too have no name. He is saying angrily that I have my existence who strongly condemn simple humans & he pushes her out of his room. She is surprised that something is definitely wrong. Her mother sees her coming out of the room & gets shocked so she takes her along asking what she was doing near that room & how come you are all alone as where are those maids? So she tells her mother they went away so her mother is surprised. She asks her mother who is there in that room so her mother tells her it is not important for you to know now as time will tell you but she is forcing her mother as why it is any problems to tell me about it as I too need to know about it so her mother says as I am your mother then you have to believe me so she says that actually I know that like father you too have not yet accepted me or you would have told me about it. Her mother finally tells her that he is my son who is born by my stomach itself. She is shocked listening this stating this is kept in dark.
Krishna tells as “shikandi” to Arjun, is his name & he is maharaj drupad’s first son & he hated him because by birth he was a girl. Arjun says so due to shikandi’s non acceptance this mahabharat war happened & yes says Krishna as due to wrong happened towards shikandi was because of your father bhishma. Arjun is shocked & Krishna explains him the last birth of shikandi which was related to bhishma & was called as amba & they discuss about all details of past. Bhishma did not marry amba so she went into deep devotion by which she got birth as a girl to maharaj drupad. Amba was treated badly due to which this birth happened by her wishes as half man & half woman & by this it starts the war of mahabharat. So all are the culprits of ill treatment like drupad, shikandi, drishta dhum & draupadi which lead to the war.

Mother of the girl in palace is explaining how she was reluctant & helpless to face the truth of her son as she could not give her those rights so I am his criminal too.

Maharaj drupad is hurting himself on his own by knife & drihsta dhum sees coming & telling him that this is not the solution of healing your pain & why are you sitting here as your place is on the chair so he says no as I already have sacrificed sitting on the chair & about the question of this pain I do not wish to dry this who has given me this pain so dhum understands that this pain is not on your body but in your heart so tell me who has given you this pain so maharaj shows him who that person is & takes him along & he is showing him the statue of dronacharya by cursing him & explaining him about drone how he has destroyed him. Drupad asks his son to promise him that he will take his revenge by killing him so he takes oath of killing dronacharya to complete his father’s revenge by throwing a weapon to cut dronacharya’s statue’s neck.

Maharaj drupad & drishta dhum are sitting together to eat food as maharaj tastes the food feels very contented by eating so tasty food & appreciates his maharani. He says whoever has prepared this food has right to be appreciated so give this gift from me to that person then maharani tells maharaj to give the gift to that person by yourself so he tells her to call that person & his daughter comes in front of him by which he gets very angry telling maharani to tell her to go away from here as what is she doing here & how she had the courage to come in front of me so maharani tells maharaj that you had only said to bring that person who prepared this food so your daughter itself has prepared this food & maharaj gets angry stating she is not my daughter shouting at maharani. All are shocked.

Precap: Draupadi is telling Krishna that you had told me I will get all the answers of my questions here but here are questions & questions without any answers so it means all answers are with you so I am coming tells to Krishna. Krishna is telling Arjun that this was start of draupadi as my friend to make this mahabharat reach towards its fate. Draupadi tells Krishna ultimately you came so he says I had to come so welcome to dwarka tells draupadi.

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