Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th July 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th July 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th July 2019 Written Episode

The eposide starts with goldatt is laughing & telling statue of kansa as per his advice of process he is performing this yagna which will get finished soon & as this last pot of blood process finishes then your soul will enter statue & rebirth of mahakansa will be alive. Goldatt is under preforming of yagna in-between he hears a noise & says who is it disturbing my yagna as per god kansa’s order & he sees kanha & Balarama in front of him. He say kanha & balarama that you have come here too as I think you are not loving your life. Kanha replying no goldatt we are here to disturb & make your yagna unsuccessful so that the whole world will be saved by this but goldatt is replying that my yagna’s performed earlier were never ever unsuccessful &

will not be today too so he tells kanha to give the blood pot but kanha smiles. Goldatt takes out his weapon & kanha orders Balarama the time has come to attack & balarama hits goldatt by his weapon. Balarama is warning to stop to goldatt. Goldatt is fighting with Balarama. Goldatt is using his weapons towards Balarama while Balarama retaliating. Balarama is hitting badly to goldatt & he pretends to become unconscious. Balarama feels he is killed & tells kanha to destroy this blood pot or it will create destructions. Kanha tells Balarama that these blood pot should be immersed in water. Goldatt opens his eyes, hears them & runs to stop both, sqeezes the blood pot & throws all blood in his yagna. The fire in yagna engulfes. Kanha sees this & tells Balarama that what we were scared of has happened as the soul has taken birth in kansa’s statue for rebirth as mahakansa. Mahakansa takes birth & kanha, Balarama & gurudev understands this now. Kanha is explaining about mahakansa rebirth to Balarama as he is having whole world’s powers in him & can destroy the whole world. Balarama says that no problem then as we will kill him too like so many evils being killed by us previously. Kanha is in confusion seeing mahakansa. Balarama picks up a big stone & throws towards mahakansa but mahakansa just catches in his hands 7 talks with kanha that what you think after killing me you have won, no as now you will see how mahakansa’s powers are to destroy this world so nothing will be left for you to get happy about. Balarama jumps & tries to hit him by his weapon but mahakansa spills smoke from his mouth & throws balarama on ground & he gets unconscious. Mahakansa is attacking kanha now but kanha gets ready & tells mahakansa that now your body will be destroyed by my powers if at all I have to use all powers of this world & starts by shooting by sudarshan chakra weapon towards mahakansa but he saves himself & he replies that your sudarshan chakra can’t do anything to me. kanha is surprised. Mahakansa attacks kanha & throws kanha unconscious on the ground & laughs saying now I will destroy this world.
Gurudev is running towards kanha & Balarama & praying kanha & Balarama to get up as you can’t die this way as there is no power to kill you.

Narayan is talking with prabhu Vishnu about this that what is this happened & prabhu Vishnu replies that yes as kanha can’t stop mahakansa then Narayan asks him how will he be killed now then Vishnu prabhu replies that now your laxmi mata itself can solve this but mata says it is not in my hands too as problem has come on this world & kanha so ultimately radha can only solve this as to make kanha conscious all rights are of radha & as radha is booned by aadhishakti bhagavati kaali mata so she will only destroy mahakansa by taking form of bhagavati kaali mata. Laxmi mata advises Narayan to go with all gods to call radha. Narayan understood. Mahakansa is moving towards mathura village.

Radha is talking with the statue of kanha & feeling that you are here with me & also feels like you will talk with me. She hears voice calling her & looks all gods arrived to meet her so she prays them & asks how you all together are here so brahmadev is telling her that it’s a bad news of kanha has become unconscious. Hearing this she is stunned & asking where & how so Vishnu replies by attack of mahakansa. Who is mahakansa radha asks so Vishnu replies rebirth of kansa & kanha is also unable to face mahakansa. Radha reciprocates that this is not possible that kanha can’t face when radha is there for him so brahmadev tells radha that it will be possible when you take form of bhagavati mata as your that form only can destroy mahakansa. Radha tells all gods to not to worry as now it’ll be end of mahakansa who has made my kanha unconscious. Radha moves.

Mahakansa is in Mathura village attacking by his fire weapons on them whilst villagers running here & there & mahakansa is shouting all will be killed by me now. Radha shouts from behind to mahakansa that it is now your end & not the world & hearing this mahakansa is wild about who is challenging me.

Mahakansa sees radha coming towards him & he says now I will kill you as kanha got killed & radha gets angry & changes her form in bhagavati mata kaali & attacks mahakansa by her sword & arrow & all hands are cut. Radha pledges to mahakansa that you will be killed by me now & shoots one more arrow by killing him & his soul taken away by yamdev.

Narayan talking with prabhu Vishnu & laxmi mata that finally kaali mata has killed kansa & Vishnu is saying that finally the soul of kansa is also free now.

Gurudev is praying kanha to wake up to kill mahakansa but radha arrives there & gurudev is happy but as she sees kanha unconscious she is also stunned but reliefs gurudev saying nothing will happen to kanha when I am there. Radha is telling kanha & balaram to get up. They both get up seeing radha & asking her how you here so she replies where kanha then radha will always be there. Radha says that I have brought you a good news & tells him mahakansa is killed & kanha tells radha that once again you have proved that kanha & radha are not seperate but are only one. They smile seeing each other & become happy.

Precap: New stage will start.

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