Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd January 2020 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd January 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd January 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with jalbharat & krishna in disguise are walking in the jungles talking with each other & jakbharat tell him to let’s have food now then krishna tells him i won’t have now then he tells him i’ll have now as i ma hungry & he oges to arracge food.
Gurudev is explaning gods how prabhu makes his devtoees comfortable & reminds of his devotion by jalbharat in past for him.
At dwarika duplicate pondrik stating he is dwarika dhish now is planning to capture seat of krishn while rukmini comes stopping him & telling that if you feel prabhu is not here then you are wrong as i’ll stop you doing any evil here so he tells her that you can;t stop me as you won’t be able to then she tells him if i feel to kill you then i will do that & as she gets ready with her weapon to kill him then suddenly mata immerges to tell her that you can’t kill hi so she asks why then she reminds her of her boon given to him in past.
Gurudev is telling gods how krishna & rukmini devi had blessed this pondrik in the past as he had meditated deeply towards both laxmi & narayan so he had became a biggest meditator towards them.
Pondrik was under meditation so narayan & laxmi immerge asking him to tell your wish & he asks narayan boon of he becoming like him in future & perform duties like you & asks mata laxmi that i wish to feel you in my heart so both of them boon & promise him.
Udhhav is asking food everywhere while gurudev is explaining gods how devotee can become at such level fro his god to ask bhiksha from everywhere also pondrik became like this because of this boon & becomes selfish having powers of prabhu. They ask how will he get killed then he tells them because of his evil act he will automatically get killed of mis-using powers.
Rukmini understands & stops her weapon towards him & acts accordingly what ever he wishes. Pondrik is enjoying himself in dwarika comfortably.
Krishna is searching jadbharat & he finds him doing pooja & efforts so jalbharat tells him i wil earn one roti because of this work then he asks shockingly only one roti then suddenly the perosn comes there asking jalbharat that you did your work so take this roti then krishna tells him only one roti as you are doing wrong because he has taken so much efforts to do this so you have to give hm more as he ahs cleaned your place so that person’s eyes get open & prays krishna & he give all the food to jalbharat happily.
Gurudev explnains how devotee is handled by his own god.
Jalbharat is having food while krishna is loking at him so he asks why you are looking towards him then he says i find you so simple so how will lead your life then he says i am this way itself but krishna tells him to become more smarter as to lead life you should be smart towards people so he leave to sleep taking knowledge from krishna. Krishna is blessing him.
Gurudev explanins gods how jalbharat’s mind has become a very small thinker.
Pondrik is explaning rishi’s that now prabhu is resting so i wish my name should become special & advertised everywhere & this place should also be called by my name so as they go to do what he said then devi dwarika comes stopping them.
Jalbharat & krishna are talking while he tells krishna that i’ll go & bring water then krishna tells him i’ll bring as you should not go away somewhere then he praise him saying you are very smart & tells him till then i’ll meditate for krishna.
A person come running towards jalbharat telling him to save me then he asks from whom so rishi come telling him he is to be killed for mahakaali so jalbharat says is he animal or bird to kill him then they say mahakaali needs blood of human so he is to be killed then the perosn says i am m,arried having childern’s so why i should get killed then jalbharat tells them if he is killed then how will his family survive so kill me on his place instead so they accept him while the person prasie him to get saved.
Gods are confused & guru explains them this is known as pure devotee of his god.
Krishna is searching jalbharat while he asks a person so he tells him that he went to sacrifice his life instead of me for mahakaali & he saved me & krishna is shocked.

Precap: Krishna goes to save jalbharat from getting sacrificed for mahakaali while pondrik is making himself famous in dwarika.

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