Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd September 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd September 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd September 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with Balarama is practicing fight as Krishna arrives asking him have you thought about my advice so he says yes I have thought nicely but what you think can’t happen so Krishna asks why & what is the problem in it so Balarama asks Krishna that why yagya saini wants to learn this as does she wants to fight with anybody so Krishna asks Balarama you know about devi bhagavati so he says I know all so Krishna asks what she had done so he tells Krishna that she had donated all her weapons to fight against evils then only the world could be saved so Krishna replies you are true like that only one woman needs to learn these lessons to fight against evil so Balarama understands accepting it saying right. But he tells Krishna that I have a doubt as my weapons are so heavy

that you too can’t hold properly then how yagya saini will get so much powers to lift my weapons? Then yagya saini comes telling him that such lessons are learnt by heart & not just by strength of powers, which I have. She lifts the weapon from balarama’s hands to prove herself by which balaram gets shocked & Krishna says she is saying the truth that if your wishes are pure by heart then strongest like gajaraj can also be controlled so Balarama says this is true but & Krishna says him there is no if’s & but’s now. Balarama tells Krishna that if a woman leaves her household activities for such fights then isn’t it wrong so Krishna tells him to not underestimate a woman as if she is able to fulfil her duties towards her household activities then why not this. Balaram accepts & says that I will definitely teach her lessons of war & yagya saini is happy.
Balarama takes a promise from Krishna that first you have to make her your student so krishna accepts.

Maharaj drupad is angry asking his son dhum saying how come shikandi was not there so he tells him that it is true that when I reached there only mata was there so his mata tells drupad that i only made shikandi to runaway & drupad is cursing her. Drupad is telling his son to go & search him & I will give such a punishment that whole Panchal will see this. Dhum goes to search shikandi while shikandi is running from pond water. Dhum is on search while shikandi is running hiding by himself.

Krishna is preparing yagya saini for learning lessons of war by himself & telling her that from today I accept you as my student so she too replies that I am grateful that you are my friend too & now my guru & takes his blessings & leaves.

Balarama starts his first lessons to teach her by giving her the sword in her hands. He starts to attack on her as she is feeling very strong & lose in front of Balarama. She loses her sword on the ground & Krishna picks the sword teaching her how to handle it. She holds strongly & starts practice of fight but faces more hurdles too by getting her hand cut too then too Krishna tells her to fight strongly with attacking tricks so she continues fight but falls down too by balarama’s pushing powers but seeing this she gets up to face again then too she gets more cuts on her body & falls so Krishna tells her to go & she is hurt now on her body. Balaram tells krishna that I was scared of this only as to see how much she has got hurt on her body which you only have to heal so krishna says this is what I was waiting for.

Krishna comes telling her I have brought paste to heal your hurt. He is telling her by these hurt I am in confusion so she asks why then he tells her that the person who is attacking on you how will you face as he may not be hurting your body but within your heart & soul as you may heal your pain of your body but what about your heart & soul? Krishna is explaining her about the harm you will face in your future life which are to be faced tactfully. She is also telling him if life is full of such harms then study of that should start from now itself.

Krishna comes to yagya saini while she is holding bow & arrow so he tells her to concentrate on target & you will achieve easily. She also starts her fight of practice with Balarama strongly now.

Shikandi is enjoying bath in a pond happily moving around everywhere independently while dhum is busy searching him.

Yagya saini is busy in her lessons to learn with several weapons.

Shikandi is resting on a tree happily while dhum is searching him everywhere. Dhum shoots an arrow to alert him while they face each other.

Dhum is telling shikandi to come along & enjoy rest of your happiness at Panchal drupad’s palace. Shikandi is saying Panchal drupad as you do not resemble drupad so i understand as your birth is from kund & laughs. Dhum is telling him that the road is very far to concentrate on me so come along. No he says I do not want to leave this beautiful greenery but dhum is warning him so they are arguing with each other. Finally shikandi tells dhum to take wherever you wish as I am your brother so won’t disobey you.

Yagya saini is trying more lessons to learn by bow & arrow while she is practicing to shoot the target with closed eyes as Krishna is seeing this as the arrow hits the target so she opens her eyes seeing Krishna also behind her & she is happy by the arrow hitting the target too.

Precap: Krishna tells her this is your last lessons to learn as you have to go beyond that mountain so she asks there is no way to go there so he replies you have to search the way & she says if at all I do this what will it benefit me in my life so he tells her that to do by heart & not getting scared as this scare is only your predictions of your heart & to not to worry of results as this is related with you only.

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