Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with draupadi reaches to dwarka as krishna welcoming her & she is questioning him so he tells her to keep calm, have food & will answer all your questions. Rukmini is questioning Balarama about what specialty does this woman has so balarama replies that Krishna is hungry of love so he gets attracted by that but one thing is there that any woman having food by his hands is blessed.

Draupadi is telling krishna that she never thought I will find you in front of me as I feel my problems are taken by you so he again tells her to have food first then we will talk. Krishna tells draupadi to be calm now as you are with me so all solutions will arise but you take some rest now & Rukmini intervenes telling draupadi that Krishna is saying the truth so lets

go as I will show you your room & she goes.
Balaram asks Krishna who is she so he tells him that she is yagya saini, daughter of drupad who has come here to do good deeds so Balarama is surprised asking Krishna that drupad is already an evil so how come his daughter has come here to do good deeds or are you trying to create puzzle then Krishna tells him that this is fate as in light darkness takes birth like that in evils too light takes birth & this way she is my weapon too.

Drupad’s wife comes to drupad holding a weapon while he is meditating so he asks why have you come here holding this weapon so she tells him to kill me by this weapon. He is asking why are you saying this way so she tells him that what is the use if I having no child near me so he says drusht dhum is there so she replies that what about daughter’s who one of them is roaming around to search for herself & second one has blocked herself in a dark room so he tells her that who is roaming she is not our daughter which is not born by your stomach & who she is in the dark room has no rights to say she is your daughter so his rani says that if I am their mother then you too are their father & you can’t do injustice towards them. Maharaj tells her that I have done all I can for shikandi but in vain so she replies that you have done all but you never understood her feelings & what she expected so he tells that I got her married too but her marriage did not last so please forget all this & concentrate on drishta dhum for arranging his marriage.

Rukmini is trying to convince by telling her that to forget all her problems as where Krishna is there then there is no problems so she says that I don’t understand how I should react so Rukmini tries to make her mood change in various ways. Rukmini also tries giving her clothes to wear but yagya saini does not accept telling her that these clothes are having love of your Krishna so Krishna comes telling her that you have to accept this so she asks by what rights? So Rukmini says why you need to ask for accepting gift then she replies that gifts are only given by husband, father or brother so as Krishna is not anything related from these so by what relations should I accept this. Krishna is explaining her about relations of friendship so to accept this gift.

Drupad is angry by his sons proposal being rejected by dhru maharaj & asking what was the reason? So the informer tells him that he has to prove himself as a male. Drupad is telling his maharani how he has to face such things & she leaves but dhum comes to ask maharaj who are you talking about so he takes him to show but tells him due to shikandi I am facing this trauma in my life so he tells him to kill shikandi as you had promised me so you should kill shikandi while his maharani was hiding to listen what maharaj was saying. Drishta dhum goes to kill shikandi & shikandi’s mother comes to tell her to go away from here but she does not listen to her mother saying I will fight for my rights while dhum is coming towards shikandi’s room as her mother is requesting her to go away & she accepts her request. As dhum opens the door so he finds his mother in front of him.

Yagya saini is thinking about whatever she faced earlier about her father’s hatred. Krishna comes asking her that to ask him whatever questions she has so she tells him that my birth is actually a question for me so what questions I’ll ask so Krishna tells her that your birth happened by fire so you have to show your existence to this world so she asks what does this means so Krishna explains her the nature of birth by having all those rights given to that person. She tells Krishna that you only have to show me the path of this.

Precap: Balarama is telling to become her first teacher to teach her all the principles of life. Krishna tells yagya saini that I accept you as my student & she says I am blessed by this that you have become my friend as well as my teacher.

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