Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st July 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st July 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st July 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with Arjun prays madhav to show his actual form & finally Arjun is surprised seeing & lord shrikrishna himself in front of him & telling Krishna that he is blessed to see you & Arjun asks Krishna what is his orders for me. Shrikrishna is smiling & telling Arjun that questions are not finished yet as there is one more big question still to tell you of which should be answerable today itself as questions more are there to come in your life going ahead in future which is to be faced by you through all human beings asking & so I wish to answer that question now itself that like if Krishna was immerged in human form to end religious war as he was god with all powers then why he could not end religious war in one time only? All will ask why this

war happened & Arjun asks madhav what is the answer & he replies that as I have immerged in this world in form of human so within his limits I have to create religious love between all & I also have to wait for results because that is the limit of human being as I can’t cross the limits. Madhav is telling Arjun about his development where he is standing by past birth plans of him by also killing an evil called kansa. Shrikrishna is explaining about the past life to Arjun that if I wouldn’t have done that then big warriors would have being here now. Arjun is asking who big warriors & madhav is telling him about kansa’s father-in-law named Jarasan. Madhav as Krishna is telling story of jarasan to Arjun.
Jarasans story starts with a person coming shouting maharaj maharaj & maharaj is asking him who is dead then the person bends down & tells maharaj that shrikrishna has killed kansa. Maharaj is shocked & shouts by holding weapon in his hands.

Krishna is explaining the evils mind how it brings destruction’s in the world.

Maharaj jarasan throws the weapon on the ground & looses control to act evilly & Krishna telling Arjun so I had to come. After a gap of quiet long years jarasan was marching towards Mathura with all his wild strength to attack. Jarasan had a very big army with lakhs of army people, hundreds of elephants, thousands of horses etc. & telling Arjun to see all around him that he is watching army this was nothing in front of jarasan’s army. Madhav i.e. krishna is giving details of jarasan’s army force & attacks on Mathura.

All Mathura people are scattered by jarasan’s fire ball attacks. Shrikrishna is in Mathura village & Balarama immerges by which all villagers are happy seeing balarama. They are seeing one more big fire ball attack & Balaram destroys the balls by his weapon hitting them. Balarama is asking Krishna who is this attacking Mathura but we have to wait & see replies krishna.

Jarasan is warning Krishna about his army surrounded your Mathura village as you by killing kansa has invited jarasan to end you all. Jarasan is shouting details about his attack towards his enemies & giving warning about ending all for which you will be responsible.

In Maharaj ugrasen’s palace comes an informer to give information about jarasan has surrounded & attacked mathura as nobody can come & go from Mathura without his permission & maharaj is in trouble thinking of this kind of difficulty will arise in future due to his both son-in-laws are killed of his both daughter’s husbands & hence as a father he can’t sit quiet. So vasudev advises of replying his attack but this is no solution of attacking says the informer as his army is giant. Gurudev is telling that he is having various asoors powers too to fight war which we will be unable to face & he is also having boon of getting eternal blessings too. All re in trouble thinking so devki advises that like kansa got killed then jarasan will also get killed so without any delay we have to prepare for war. Gurudev is telling devki that kansa was in need of acquiring eternal blessings but jarasan is already booned by eternal blessings so he cannot be killed so we have to search another alternative to resolve this problem & Krishna arrives there saying to gurudev that there is only one way out i.e. end of religious evil & all are happy seeing Krishna & Balarama together in palace.

Maharaj is asking Krishna what are you saying then Krishna replies that like kansa was religious evil so jarasan will also get destroyed like kansa, but maharaj is telling you may be right but my problem is that I can’t take risks of lives of my people in my village. Krishna is explaining nanaji i.e. maharaj ugrasen that you are right but for people’s benefit we should send chance proposal to jarasan & says that if jarasan accepts this chance proposal & maharaj thinks this will be good if he accepts then asks who will take this risk to go to him then Krishna advises gurudev & gurudev understands this about krishna’s plans & he accepts krishna’s orders & leaves towards jarasan.

Jarasan while enjoying fight game is picturizing how kansa was killed & shouts but calms. Jarasan’s informer comes to inform maharaj that gurudev has come to meet him.

Balarama is talking with kanha saying he did not like this kind of plan & kanha asks what dau so he tells about chance proposal sending to an evil like jarasan as I am your elder brother so you atleast had to talk with me before this but kanha replies that by doing this what is the problem so dau replies that by this we have to bend in front of him. Kanha is asking dau can you put people’s lives on risk so no replies dau but not to spare this evil also so explaining him about why it has done this way & dau says you only know about your plans as I won’t enter into that, but if anything wants to be done then call me & I’ll come back. But kanha talks within himself that dau is not seeing what I am seeing that this proposal is only to bend jarasan & will accept his mistakes too.

Precap: Jarasan tells gurudev to go & inform maharaj that if they do not want to face my attacks then to handover Krishna to me. Maharaj says by any chance this will not be accepted by me to handover Krishna. shrikrishna tells Arjun what he expected accordingly that happened.

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