Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd September 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd September 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd September 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with yagya saini learning lessons of war with help of various weapons while krishna & balarama are happy seeing this. She is praying & thanking Krishna telling him thanks for completing of teaching me all the lessons so he is saying I am grateful that you learnt all but one more lesson you need to complete so she asks him are you going to test me now so he tells her lessons are to tested too.

Dhum is telling drupad I have brought him here now so punish him as you wish. Drupad thanks dhum telling him i am grateful you brought him here as I feel proud about you. He declares shikandi’s death as this is the only punishment for him so his maharani pleads for him to spare him as you must be lenient towards your son so he refuses by telling her that i always

faced trouble because of him in my life by feeling guilty of his birth so he won’t be spared & by tomorrow’s sunrise he will be hanged. Maharani keeps crying for shikandi by pleading towards drupad but in vain as shikandi is feeling emotional.
Krishna tells yagya saini as this is your last lesson so you have to cross this mountain so she asks him as there is no way to do this then he tells her you have to search the way & she sees everywhere & says that this is impossible so he tells her that everything is not so easy that’s why you have come to me but this is why you need to complete this hard task easily. She is trying to do this but gets sacred telling Krishna that I am scared so he tells her that if you get scared by this then how will you think of fighting in life so she asks that if I complete this then what my life will benefit by this so he tells her to not to think about the fruits but to do this without any expectations so do it telling her to try as you can do it because the target is in front of you so she tries doing but somewhere gets stuck calling for Krishna as she proceeds while krishna is seeing this feeling happy about it. She is helped by him to pull her again.

Krishna tells her that you can do this so try again as seeing scare itself creates power within ourselves so you do not need any in hearth knowledge so have faith in yourself & you can do this so come to me he says so she becomes strong & flies towards Krishna as she completes the task she feels happy but as she sees Krishna not anywhere so shouts asking where are you?

Maharani comes to jail of shikandi to meet him as dhum allows her & she is talking with him that she is helpless to not to help you so he consoles her shouting god to not to give anybody a son like me & tells her mother to give all a mother like you.

Yagya saini is asking Krishna where are you so he tells her I am here only but to see me by using your heart & don’t fall in confusion but keep yourself calm by waking you’re in hearth power & I will come in front of you. So as she sees then Krishna comes in his original form so she prays him. Krishna explains her of heart feelings which will show you everything & she goes in deep devotion of Krishna chanting his mantra. Krishna explains her the real powers of pure heart which gives in hearth strength so says I am blessed & he gives her new name as krishnaya & she is happy with it saying that my status is now joint with your name.

Krishna in palace telling yagya saini that now you are released as my student so you can go for your motive then she says not now & balarama tells her why not now as your teaching is finished now so she asks Balarama do you wish I should go so no says Balarama as if you feel to learn something more then tell me so she says that I still have to give you fees of teaching till then I can’t get released. She asks Krishna that tell me what fees you need so balarama tells her jokingly he is actually butter thief so he will need butter & Krishna tells her to not to lose will power towards your target as this is your ultimate weapon & she replies that when Krishna is around then there is no losing of any powers so he feels glad & tells her that time is waiting for you so you need to leave now & she prays him & Balarama & leaves.

Shikandi is taken for his death punishment as drupad’s palace. All are seeing including his mother & brother dhum. While maharani tries to go towards him she is stopped by druapad. An army personell tells sihikandi that Panchal has ordered to give you death by shooting arrows so do you accept this while his mother is crying vigorously hearing this. Shikandi is not answering as personell is forcing him to answer so all are confused & druapd tells personell that he is not interested to hear his answer so he orders to cut him into pieces & as they shoot arrows towards shikandi, all the arrows get washed out by getting all shocked to see this.

Precap: Yagya saini is telling all of them that this mistake is of people in this world as they do not accept shikandi only because he is born half man & half women so my question arises to all that if you have faith in god then why hatred with shikandi? Krishna comes telling her that your answer won’t be given by anybody & maharaj drupad seeing Krishna gets up surprisingly asking dwarkadhish shrikrishna how come here? So Krishna tells him that you forgot as if your son is a warrior then his directions adviser is yagya saini. Drupad declares proudly in front of krishna that yagya saini is my daughter as drupad’s daughter” Draupadi”.

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