Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th September 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th September 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th September 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with maharaj druapad orders his army to cut shikandi into pieces & as they shoot arrows towards shikandi, all the arrows get washed out by getting all shocked to see this.

Yagya saini comes in front of maharaj drupad praying him, keeping her bow down on the ground asking drupad sorry but I did what was required by which shikandi’s self-respect would be saved. She is telling all of them that my returning is also one reason to make you know about shikandi too. He does not need your permission nor appreciation for his greatness to make you prove himself. Also he is not bonded for your hatred towards him. I can’t blame you for injustice happened with me & him because you are bonded to humanity & will support them & so this all is people’s

mistake to not accept him only because he is half man & half woman. But here I wish to ask all of them that which person over here who has no mixture of a woman & also the same applies to all woman to ask that which woman is here who does not have the mixture of a man and so this is a big gap between you all & shikandi that your existence can’t be felt whereas shikandi’s can be felt.
A guru is saying that this is his only mistake neither he is a man & nor a woman so what respect he should expect & you please shut your lecture on this.

Yagya saini asks guru that when you meditate of half woman swashiv pravati then how can you dis-respect shikandi’s such a form & so I ask all of them that if Pooja can happen of half woman then why hatred with shikandi? Can you tell me about whatever injustice happened with us who is to be blamed? In this world whoever is born by the wishes of god so how can you ignore & question such birth too so I feel you all are present here is having no answer with anybody.

She is telling her father that as you are maharaj of this area then can you answer my questions. Maharaj is in confusions & shocks.

Krishna comes telling her that your answer won’t be given by anybody as these people do not wish to answer you as the truth is they do not wish to accet this truth & because of this they only keep cursing each other & at your place if anybody else would have also asked the same then too they would have kept mum. All are shocked to see Krishna here & maharaj drupad seeing Krishna gets up asking dwarkadhish shrikrishna how come you here? so krishna says I had to come here to remind you maharaj that you had promised me whatever you will earn from this yagna you will accept it definitely so I had to come here to remind you & all that whatever yagya saini said about shikandi is absolutely true as shikandi’s birth is for some concrete reason & so he has all the rights of your respect. You are forgetting maharaj that if your son dhrishta dhum is a weapon then the weapon user is yagya saini. If your son is a warrior then yagya saini is a battle field but you have put them both against each other who are support of each other. Without yagya saini your revenge will never succeed as I respect yagya saini’s powers & shikandi’s sustainability.

Maharaj drupad is pleading saying that Krishna that you have opened my eyes now so I openly declare that yagya saini is my daughter & today I give her my name too & from today she will be called as “Draupadi”, as drupad’s daughter “Draupadi”. Krishna is happy telling maharaj that I am glad you gave given her your name but then too I also has given her a name that she will also be known in future by Krishna too. All are praising paramavatar shrikrishna’s jai.

Krishna tells Arjun that this battle field is full of warriors & this is that warrior who has powerful strength & perfect human & he is that warrior due to whom this mahabharat could not had reached its goal so Arjun asks who is that warrior of whom you are appreciating so much so Krishna tells Arjun that he is such a warrior whose birth also has various questions & who also had lot of respect in future as human. He is such a warrior by which if his friendship wouldn’t had happened with dooryadhan then dooryadhan wouldn’t had taken risk of coming in the battle field. A big warrior who if would had fought with you then you had easily won the battle.

Arjun is surprised seeing everywhere getting down from the rath too & asking Krishna of which big warrior you are stating? So Krishna is telling him that he is such a big warrior who by help of religious powers can make evil win. So Arjun is saying that I know all the warriors in this battle field standing, personally or unseeingly but then who is this big warrior so Krishna tells him religiously devoted, big warrior, Sun’s son “Karna” & see he is standing there. Arjun says big warrior karna but he is Sun’s son & what is his reason behind Sun’s son? & what is his specialty about you being appreciating so much? Krishna explains Arjun about his life’s birth & how he became a big warrior.

Karna is running in the jungles having bow & arrow in his hands & jumps on a horse to ride in the jungles. He gets down from the horse & shoots an arrow which diverts arrows shooted towards an animal by unknown people. They see this & come to him asking who are you so he is seeing them so one of them comes asking him when we were practicing shooting then how come you stopped us & how is so that father’s horse is with you so karna replies that only for your practice you were taking life of an animal which is against the law so the person tells his people to clutch him & karna stops him telling it is no need as I myself will come.

A villager comes shouting to adhiraj telling that vilochan has taken karna by clutching him so to do something fast or wrong will happen & they go towards karna.

Karna is taken into the palace of hastinapur naresh dhrithrashtra by clutching him & all are praising maharaj dhrithrashtra. Karna is also praying him.

Maharaj is asking his senapati what is karna’s crime so he tells him that he has tried stopping practice of your bodyguard vilochan & this is his crime. Maharaj is asking him do you have anything to say so karna says that I haven’t done any crime but only saved an animal’s life but maharaj tells him you must be aware that interfering raja’s work is a crime. Vilochan is telling maharaj that this is not just one crime but he has stolen father’s horse too so maharaj asks is it true so karna says no as I am sun’s son & we only take care of all these horses & not just father bhishma but all including your’s too. Maharaj is asking him his father’s name so he tells him as adirath. Senapati understands & tells maharaj that he is your close aide adirath’s son. Maharaj is telling him that you are sun’s son & you use bow & arrow then don’t you know about your caste so karna pleads maharaj but says I understand religious matters too so maharaj says so you know about religions too having all qualities & what all you know so he tells maharaj that only for practice is not good to kill any animal as only for food it can be done so maharaj gets angry telling him to mind your tongue. Karna’s father mother come running to plead maharaj as to forgive him as he is unaware about your rules so karna tells his father as to no need to plead but his father tells him to shut your mouth & don’t argue with maharaj & to understand this palace but he is still replying them & again his mother is stopping him too. His father is pleading maharaj to forgive him this time & gives him promise that again nothing will happen by him. Maharaj is telling adhirath to calm down & telling karna about his father so because of him he is forgiving you this time & he ends the discussions.

Senapati tells adhirath while going that your son is not rider but will become a big warrior. Karna & his father is surprised.

Precap: Karna’s father is shouting telling him that several times I have told you there is no need for you to learn bow & arrow & your work is just to take care of horses & weapons. Karna is saying that I always had questioned you why we do not have these rights? So his father replies is because you are a sun’s son. Karna tells him I do not accept this as lord parshuram can acquire weapons & other lords too so I as sun’s son too have rights to think about my future.

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