Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with Krishna tells jarasan that I don’t attack first but to give one more chance as per my policy which was given to you but you rejected so I have blocked battlefield by which nobody can go from here without his death. Jarasan says that how to cut the blocks I know very nicely as you do not understand how powerful I am which I will show you now & jarasan shouts attack. The fight begins & Krishna picks bow & shoots an arrow in the sky which creates fire, storm & Balarama also fights with jarasan’s army by his weapon. The fight is on by Krishna attacking by arrows & balarama hitting the army by his weapon. All the army getting killed & jarasan is seeing here & there as his army being killed. Balarama is telling jarasan to see these

dead bodies as this was your army you evil. Jarasan is surprised but laughs & says that it is not that my army was there but my army is still there which will be always behind me to kill you & convert you into dead bodies. Jarasan shouts to his army & the army again gets up & jarasan asks Krishna & Balarama that have you got scared & tells them that like me my army is also blessed. Balarama is telling kirshna to do something but Krishna is replying that you are the problem balarama as you are getting excited as this army is not blessed but was blessed as we have disturbed their blessings.
Arjun asks Krishna why all ask boon to be blessed? Then Krishna replies that our body has god but the soul residing in it is blessed. Krishna gives knowledge of soul to Arjun.

The fight is on between jarasan’s army & Balarama + Krishna. Krishna is shooting his arrows from his powerful bow spreading everywhere while jarasan looking this gets stunned by seeing all his army getting killed. Jarasan is shocked which makes him feel impossible about his whole army got killed & shouts in arrogance.

Maharaj, gurudev & all are happy by seeing jarasan’s whole army got killed & only jarasan is left alone on the battlefield.

Krishna is telling jarasan that now you are left alone because of your arrogant & evil nature. Jarasan is shouting Krishna to stop talking as you are a biggest trickster who fools by your such talks but I won’t get fooled in your talks. What you thought that you will kill me so jarasan laughs & says that nor you can kill me nor your dau Balarama & nor any power of this world as I am blessed krishna replies jarasan as I can’t get killed by anybody. Balarama says I’ll show you who I am now to end your this intuition & takes permission from Krishna to attack jarasan. Jarasan & Balarama are fighting with their weapons.

Jarasan is challenging Balarama that you both will be killed now or I’ll end myself. The fight between both is on & jarasan hits balarama while Balarama hits jarasan. Finally Balarama hits jarasan as he is thrown away by his weapon getting thrown away far off too. Balarama tells jarasan that I do not fight with losers so I too leave my weapon & will fight with you by bear hands.

Maharaj ugrasen is awaiting eagerly for result of balarama & jarasan’s fight but gurudev is calming maharaj to wait & watch as result will soon arrive & balaram will definitely win.

Balarama & jarsan are fighting with bear hands. Jarasan is about to get kicked by Balarama but Krishna stops Balarama as not to kill him now.

Arjun asks Krishna why you stopped to kill jarasan so Krishna replies the time is not right for him to get killed. Arjun asking is there also any time of an evil getting killed than Krishna says yes as all incidents of start & end have their pre-decided time because end is the start & start is the end. Any evils end is not his powers but his attitude & scary behavior nature within him & to end him this has to be ended first. Arjun asks why human is scared so Krishna teaches him about human nature’s ethics to Arjun.

Krishna & Balarama has brought jarasan arrested & tied in chain walking through Mathura village & all villagers are praising Krishna & Balarama & talking about evil jarasan happily as how he is tied in chain & our scare is vanished about him now. All are throwing tantrums on jarasan & joyously happily towards his cowardliness by giving lessons to all to not to get scared by such evils in future. Jarasan is angry & instigated walking in tied chain without saying anything. He is entered into maharaj ugrasen’s palace.

Maharaj asks jarasan how to punish you so jarasan replies like one maharaj giving to other big maharaj but maharaj ugrasen replies that it is not possible as an evil like you who will have to be given death punishment only.

Precap: Jarasan is talking with kalyaval that his motive is disturbed & he is insulted by Krishna & kalyaval tells jarasan to give him orders. Jarasan tells kalyaval to make Mathura a grave yard.

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