Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with Maharaj asking jarasan how to behave with you now so jarasan replies like one maharaj behaving with other big maharaj but maharaj ugrasen replies that it is not possible as an evil like you, will have to be given death punishment only. Jarasan says that you have forgotten as you were under jail by your son itself, but it was due to Krishna that my son-in-law, kansa got killed or you were had being standing like me in front of me as now I am here in front of you & kansa would have ordered for your death punishment.

Balarama shouts to jarasan but Krishna stops him. Jarasan is telling Balarama to not to dream as dreams never become true because I can’t be killed in this world by anybody due to I only know the secret of death & nobody else as these

tied chains are nothing to me & jarasan destroys the chains & throws away by his powers. All including Balarama become alert to catch him but again Krishna stops all. Jarasan challenges maharaj ugrasen to do malyudh with him if anybody is there as I will kill all because I have that attitude of my powerful strength in me & Balarama gets instigated by him & comes forward to fight but krishna stops Balarama.
Krishna is giving knowledge to jarasan about having attitude of power & strength is wrong as it is never hidden in this world & explains him in details. Krishna is telling jarasan about the secret of his death & jarasan is shocked & surprised how you knew about it as nobody else knows this so Krishna tells that you did not hear what I said that it is never hidden in this world. Krishna warns jarasan that if Balarama understands this secret then how you will be left alive by him. Balarama is asking Krishna what you are murmuring with jarasan as it is his end now so Krishna tells Balarama to attack him but jarasan bends down to plead Balarama asking for forgiveness & Krishna stops Balarama. Jarasan is asking forgiveness from maharaj ugrasen to let me give one last chance to improve. He is asking Krishna also to give one more chance as per your policy itself so Krishna is telling maharaj to think on request of jarasan but maharaj is asking Krishna what are you saying so Krishna replies that if anybody wishes to improve then one chance has to be given to such pleading evil person. Gurudev is also with krishna’s advice to give last chance. Jarasan is saying they are right. Maharaj says I won’t oppose if it is fate & jarasan thanks maharaj ugrasen. Krishna tells jarasan to go & you are free from your punishment. Jarasan praying his hands in front of Krishna & is thinking evil thought that you have fallen under my future trap as he will definitely take revenge of this & leaves. But Krishna says within himself that jarasan you are thinking wrong because it is you who has fallen in my future trap of which the doors will open by your end itself.

Krishna & Balarama are talking with each other & Krishna is explaining Balarama about not to get angry by me in jarasan’s case. But Balarama is telling that jarasan will plan to attack Mathura again so what you answer about this.

Arjun is asking Krishna why you forgive jarasan so Krishna tells him that he needed jarasan to again attack on Mathura. Why so asks Arjun so Krishna explains him that as earlier told to you my birth was for ending of evils on this earth hence there were lot of evils backing jarasan to get them openly join him & to end them would have been easy as this was the only way out to release jarasan to do this for ending of all evils which actually happened as I wished.

Balarama praises Krishna that he is very intelligent having smart thinking of future outcomes & I am a fool who can’t think such. Both say we are nothing without each other.

Gurudev is asking Krishna why you called me so Krishna replies that a very important task I wish to give you is that I need a piece of land where there is no evil which should be pure & this without you nobody can do. So gurudev accepts the task but asks for what purpose so Krishna tells that as you know a war is nearing for kalyug to arrive which is not having much time so in kalyug I wish to create a new world of conducting good posture in which you will be my ultimate helping & guiding force. This is good says gurudev but not so easy replies Krishna as lot of hurdles will be faced but not possible reciprocates gurudev due to because you have given knowledge of it as trying doesn’t get failed. So Krishna tells gurudev to go & search for the same & gurudev takes leave of Krishna.

An informer akroorji comes running to Krishna telling some evil things are happening in Mathura so to come & see. All villagers are crying by pain & hurt & some got killed too. Krishna & Balarama seeing this thinking & Balarama is saying this is due to jarasan only but Krishna sees an old man crying & he holds his head but Balarama is shouting against jarasan but Krishna is telling that it is not jarasan but this is someone else’s work & Krishna closes his eyes thinking who it is & he sees jarasan calling kalyaval.

Kalyaval immerges & asks jarasan how you needed me as you itself are so powerful so jarasan tells him about whatever happened with him. Kalyaval asks jarasan to order me what to do so jarasan tells him to go & make Mathura a graveyard if at all you want to arrange your army then do it. Kalyaval says I am alone enough for them.

Krishna gets up & finds it telling Balarama it is kalyaval a bigger evil then jarasan.

Arjun asking Krishna why kalyaval was left alive by you who was harassing Mathura. Krishna replies that he had a boon of not getting killed by any weapons or any other things so Arjun asks that how such evil gets boon? Krishna says by meditation but Arjun asks who is already an evil then how come mediation in him. Krishna tells Arjun you are right & give him knowledge about evil & meditation which never goes hand in hand so he was booned from his father shashirayan who was large devotee of shivshnakar & by his devotion lord shivshankar immerged for him.

Arjun is asking Krishna that it was no use of boon by mahadev then how he was killed.

Precap: A person in guala roams in mathura village & gets hit by another guala who is in disguise of Krishna. Kalyaval is running behind Krishna & Krishna tells him that you have become your own killer now.

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