Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th September 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th September 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th September 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with guru dronacharya calling bhim to come in front asking what you see tell me so he is searching so guru asks is there any doubt so he tells him that when I can squeeze the bird by my own hands then why I need this bow & arrow so guru tells him to go & stand with youdhishtir & dooryodhan so he goes. Now guru calls dushyasan by telling him now it’s your turn asking him what you see so he tells guru that I see only you & brothers so he tells him its better you go & stand with your brothers. Guru calls ashyothama asking him what you see so he is holding bow & arrow towards the bird & he is concentrating by telling guru that I can see the eyes of the bird & also its head so guru gets little angered & tells him to lower the

arrow & go there & stand. Now guru calls Arjun asking him what you see so he is concentrating & holding bow & arrow towards the bird & he tells gurudev that I can only see the eyes of the bird so gurudev tells him to shoot the target & as he shoots the birds eye is hit by making the bird fall down & all his brothers are happy. Guru dranacharya is very glad telling him you are the best user of bow & arrow with whom nobody can compete. Guru is telling all that I know why you all are in confusion that only Arjun was told by me to shoot he target because he only had that view which nobody had at that point of time when it was required so I told him to shoot. But ashyothama comes asking guru ie. his father saying sorry but that target I also could had achieved as I was also seeing birds eyes but I was slight reluctant so gurudev tells him that a slight reluctance could harm you so to learn to keep balance on your mind & heart which won’t affect you or it will curse in your life for winning or losing.
Krishna is explaining how guru’s son ashyothama was feeling partial about his father towards Arjun inspite guru giving all that comfort required to his son & why guru drone never thought of giving his throne to anybody accept his son. Also due to guru drone as father & also guru was trying to balance himself by bringing his son on right path but his son was going towards anger which was creating gap between relations.

Ashyothama is practicing bow & arrow to hit birds eye in his room in anger while dooryodhan & dushyashan see him smilingly. Dooryodhan & dushyashan are praising his talent by trying to make his anger increase more by instigating him towards Arjun to bring more & more hatred in him but he reciprocates angrily telling them I do not need your sympathy. Dooryodhan is telling him this is not sympathy but pettiness which I was trying to share with you where we gauravas have always being facing it so he replies there is no other choice then to tolerate this pity & may be this is our fate. Dooryodhan is telling him this pity we can end if we both come together as you are best in bow & arrow & I in my hand weapon & we can make Arjun & bhim lose so he replies that he is not interested in making Arjun lose but I need only love from my father which he is sharing with that Arjun but dooryodhan tells him if you win against Arjun then at that time your father has to give you respect & love ultimately & he is asking dushyashan also that is it right mama says the same thing so yes replies dushyashan. Ashyothama is thinking & telling him your advice is impressing but you know my father being very stubborn so to change his views towards Arjun is very difficult so dooryodhan tells him but not impossible as when he will see future king of hastinapur getting throne then he will definitely get impressed by you & they keep talking about how it is possible by proving ashyothama’s powers to himself only.

Karna takes blessings of his father mother to leave to his guru dronacharya for learning & they bless him to be safe & to learn honestly.

Karna is going through the jungles walking, resting also reminding about his birth in dreams again getting up to walk towards guru dronacharya & crossing mountains & he reaches hastinapur thinking I ultimately have got my life’s entry door. He is asking somebody that is guru dronacharya available in ashram so he tells yes & tells him I am here to meet him. Guru drone is teaching lessons to his students of weapons. Karna is roaming everywhere seeing all kinds of weapons & feeling very glad. Guru is still teaching lessons of various weapons how they are used & by which great warriors.

Karna sees a target & tries to take bow & arrow to shoot while a person comes to tell guru drone that somebody has come to meet you so guru thinks about & while karna hits the target.

Precap: Guru is telling karna that your target study is good but patience needs to take care so he replies you are true as that only I have come here to learn from you. Guru is telling him as you are sood son woo you need to understand that only higher caste students are allowed here to learn.

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