Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with Krishna comes near the old man & tells kalyaval that he is my devotee. Kalyaval is saying again you are playing a new trick with me now so Krishna says no not trick but your end is planned & kalyaval gets wild.

Arjun is asking Krishna you had said kalyaval’s end is ultimate but still the confusion remains that he can’t be killed by any weapons or any kind of attacks then how you planned his death? Krishna replies that the fate is already decided in this world by me in every birth in human lives but Arjun asks who was he taken kill kalyaval then Krishna replies non other than my devotee muchkund. But Arjun asks that your devotee has what relations with kalyaval’s death? Then Krishna says in this world I already decide incidents accordingly

& so I knew that kalyaval cannot be killed this way so this incident had happened long time ago. Arjun asks you had so many devotees but why you chose muchkund only & what deeds he had done? So Krishna explains Arjun about the past story of muchkund who was son of mandhata at the time of devasoor sangram & who was the only person of a kind who could kill all such evils. All gods had taken help of muchkund in devasoor sangram & he killed all those evils attacking towards gods all alone by destroying the status & directions of devsoor sangram.
Prabhu Vishnu blesses muchkund & thanks him for killing all evils to free this world by sins so asks him what you wish then muchkund says I got your blessings so what I will wish beyond this but if you wish to give me something then please allow me to return to my home & Vishnu prabhu tells him that I will allow you but you are forgetting that between here & your home has a vast difference & now as so many years have passed you won’t be able to recognize anybody as your’s is nobody over there now so muchkund cries emotionally & says what are you saying prabhu? So prabhu says I am telling you the truth as time never stops so except this wish you can ask for any other wish so he says that nothing is left to wish then but if at all you wish to give me then please make me your devotee to meditate for you where I won’t be disturbed. Prabhu gives him boon as to be in depth of meditation & if anybody trying to disturb you then he will get burnt in your fire of meditation.

Krishna is telling kalyaval that this old man is the same muchkund whom you have disturbed from his meditation as he has no weapons nor any kind of powers to attack you so your end is near kalyaval.

Kalyaval shouts in anger that I will kill you both & forces the old man to get up & face me. The old man gets up & uses his eyes to shoot fire sparks towards kalyaval & kalyaval is burning & shouting as no-no. Kalyaval is burnt in ashes.

The old man sees Krishna & asks who are you so Krishna tells him I am that itself in whom you were deeply under meditation & for whom you were waiting for as I am your Narayan Vishnu & he is very happy praying Vishnu & says that he is very excited to get your blessings again after so many years now & I have become pure. Vishnu says it is your meditation which has brought me to meet you again & by this power of you my one more deed is complete so ask me what you wish & whatever you ask you will get then he is telling that I do not want anything but just to be in your feet so Vishnu is telling him for this you have to go to badrika ashram & there you will find your way.

Balarama is searching Krishna everywhere & Krishna comes & tells Balarama that it was kalyaval I had told you so he has reached his destination. Krishna is conversing with Balarama jokingly & talking about childhood things also.

Maharaj ugrasen is praising Balarama & Krishna in his palace & tell them that jarasan will never try to look towards Mathura now so I have faith now that this problem is gone finally forever. But still facing such problems since so many years by people of Mathura hence they are fallen in scary atmosphere for which to revive the conditions I have decided to do mahayagna. Balaram says that may be we are feeling bright now but still I feel that the problem is not yet gone unless jarasan is not killed. Maharaj asks why you are thinking this way then he replies after so many losses in battles then too he is coming to attack again then it can’t be ignored. Maharaj is in thoughts. As still he is not yet killed so I feel Mathura is not yet safe says Balarama. Krishna says yes you are right to Balarama as future we can’t predict which keep us in dark & scared but what is going to happen in future will happen so thinking about future why should we destroy the present as happiness is present itself so I accept what maharaj proposal by seeing present condition we have to celeberate for this. Maharaj is ordering akroor to call one thousand brahmins for mahayagan.

Jarasan is practising malyudh within his territory between his people. Dhumketu comes running & tells jarasan that Krishna has killed kalyaval & hearing this jarasan becomes wild. He is talking that by giving task to kalyaval to kill Krishna have I done any mistake i had thought but now I have understood that his end is only by my hands itself & I will kill Krishna. Jarasan is saying kalyaval’s death has given me one more chance to kill Krishna & now I will plan in such a way that Krishna will keep watching what I have done.

Krishna sitting on a slide thinking what jarasan is planning now as he is having all knowledge about it. Gurudev comes to meet Krishna & tells him that as per your orders I have roamed around the whole earth but could not find that place where there is no evil atmosphere & where you could make your pure world. Krishna says if this is right gurudev then where I will make my pure world. Gurudev is telling that who the world’s ultimate god is, must have already planned where to make his pure world, am I right prabhu?

Krishna thinks & tells gurudev that I have searched the place where my pure world will take place.

Maharaj ugrasen asks akroorji what are you saying so akroor says I am telling the truth in between Balarama hears & asks akroorji what has happened so maharaj tells Balarama it is a big question as akroorji says he has not found a single brahman to perform mahayagna & Balarama is shocked how is it possible. Akroor says this is true as all brahmans from Mathura have ran away it seems. Balarama is surprised thinking mahayagan should complete in time so tells akoor to call some brahmans from outside Mathura & akroor says we have already sent some people outside Mathura to bring brahmans from other villages. A person comes saying sorry maharaj as we had gone to search brahmans outside too but no brahmans are there too. Now maharaj & all are shocked. Balarama tells maharaj to inform Krishna as he can only take out a solution for this.

Maharaj, Balarama, Krishna & all are hearing a big sound giving signal from jarasan of war. Jarasan is shouting for Krishna to come forward to face him or I will destroy all.

Precap: Jarasan is telling Krishna that if you do not come in the battlefield then I will kill all the brahmans whom I have kept in my custody. Krishna is saying in palace that instead killing jarasan, first we have to safeguard brahmans. Balarama is telling the rath person to speed towards to kill jarasan & as per your fastest speed only that much time is left for death of jarasan. Jarasan is shouting why are you running away from battlefield addressing Krishna.

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