Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th January 2020 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th January 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th January 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with all gods shocked seeing how prabhu made this kind of solution for pondrik then gurudev explains them I understand but there must be some trick of prabhu.
Rukmini asks Krishna how come you did this instead killing pondrik then he says I had no choice because you could had been affected then she asks how come me affected so he reminds her about her past boon to pondrik of staying in his heart so she asks how can he be killed then so Krishna tells her to leave his heart then she tells him this will be against the ethics so he explains her but she is confused.
Pondrik is instigating all villagers with his words & tricks but they are half way confused but he tells them that laxmi mata of wealth is in my heart so I declare that I’ll give you all wealth so come forward then all villagers say we all will come but rukmini mata comes stopping him telling him what are doing then he tells her that I am doing your work itself then she explains him that all these people are habitual to earn wealth with efforts & you are doing against it then he again replies her that this is very easy way for them to earn wealth fast then she shouts him explaining but he refuses & tries to donate wealth one of them but his cloth shows mud instead wealth so he gets confused asking how come this has happened then pondrik gets shocked while Rukmini tells him see how this has happened as without efforts nobody gets wealth then he blames Krishna for tricking him.
Pondrik comes to Krishna blaming him that you have played trick with me so Krishna tells him what happened now as you are dwarka’s adhipati then he says this is of no use if I cannot donate wealth so Krishna explains him who gives donation but without misusing powers is accepted. Krishna asks him what you did then he says I donated somebody wealth but it became mud so Krishna tells him this was going to happen as without permission of devi laxmi you cannot do this then he says devi laxmi is in my powers then Krishna tells him it is not devi laxmi but only dwarka is in your powers so pondrik asks Krishna what to do so he tells him there is one solution that if devi laxmi is not in your powers then only kuber can help you who is guard of wealth. Pondrik tells Krishna that he itself is in powers of laxmi so how can he help me then krishna tells him he too wishes to get powers of devi laxmi so he can help you but pondrik tells Krishna that you only can help me to convince kuber & if you are unsuccessful in this work then your dwarika will be finished then krishna assures him but keeps a point that you also have to do your good deeds by meditating kuberji which will save my dwarika too.
Kuber is asking prabhu how I should do this by supporting evil pondrik then Krishna explains him there is no choice to end his evil by saving existence of devi laxmi too so he accepts his advice.
Pondrik meditates for kuber so kuber immerges asking why have you called me then he asks who are you then kuber asks him whom you are meditating you do not know so he pleads him & tells him that I wish to become a biggest donater of wealth to all people in this world then kuber tells him I also wished to become biggest donater but nobody can become without permission of devi laxmi so if mata laxmi sacrifices her powers then I boon you this but Rukmini mata comes stopping kuber that you cannot give this boon to pondrik but kuber says I have no choice then Rukmini mata tells him this is not possible then pondrik tells her that you had only booned me but Rukmini tells pondrik that you first have to release me from your heart then only it is possible so he says I take this oath to sacrifice you from my heart while kuber is laughing & mata Rukmini smiles. Pondrik asks kuber why are you laughing? or are you backing away from your boon then kuber tells him I am not backing but I am seeing a fool in you who has sacrificed himself then he asks what & Krishna comes in his original form telling pondrik that you were alive because of mata laxmi was in you & now you itself has released your security so now it’s your end of evil life & Krishna beheads him.
Gurudev praises prabhu with all other gods while gods too praise prabhu Narayan for this kind of great solution to save mata laxmi & end evil pondrik. They are discussing of welcome of prabhu shri krishna & guru says this can be helped only by rishi durvasa & gurudev goes to wake rishi from his meditation as he gets bugged shouting so guru talks with him calming him that it is only you who can arrange for prabhu shri krishna’s welcome.

Precap: Rukmini tells krishna how come you are smiling this way towards us & says there must be some tricky plan of prabhu so Krishna says you are right but not my arrangement then Rukmini asks who can he be who’ll do tricky arrangement towards you then he replies it is rishi durvasa. Rishi durvasa tells gurudev that I’ll do this but you have to face my curse for your mistake too.

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