Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th August 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with Maharaj, Balarama & all villagers are hearing a big sound giving signal & understand from jarasan of giving signal of war. All villagers are shouting to run.

Jarasan is shouting for Krishna to come forward to face him or I will destroy all. He is also saying that after the previous battle with me you gifted my life so what you thought I will not attack again then you thought wrong as I will never do this because in war to show sympathy towards the enemy is foolishness & not a winner.

Balarama comes calling Krishna that jarasan has attacked again & sixteen time he has attacked then too he comes back but Krishna tells yes I know as we had not left him foolishly because whenever he attacked he brought his evil people with him also so

we could kill them but this time he has come alone & that’s what I am wondering too & balarama says reason what it may be but this time I will kill him.
An arrow comes in between Krishna & Balarama & Balarama asks what is this so Krishna replies this is intimation message sent by jarasan before war so read it tells Krishna to Balarama.

Balarama is reading in which jarasan is cursing Krishna in his message sent & Balarama stops reading ahead saying jarasan has crossed his limits. Krishna says he has written truth but Balarama gets angry stating my blood is getting wild & Krishna explains that if it is mistake by me then mother today also says butter thief by love & on my head this peacock wing is also the sign of mother’s love itself so Krishna explaining Balarama of since childhood till today I have played many tricks & every person takes as per his understanding so keep reading.

Balarama is reading the message of jarasan what he has written all against Krishna whatever happened between him & Krishna so finally he writes that this is my last attack which will lead to your death. Balarama stops saying now it is enough Krishna as he is sending my brother death warning. Krishna convinces Balarama to not to get wild & read silently. Balarama is reading that jarasan has kept all brahmans in his custody & they will be killed if at all he loses or wins this war. Krishna tells Balarama to read ahead & Balarama reading ahead what jarasan written that so now you have no other choice but to fight with me or accept your loss & come into my custody. As you bend down on your knees in front of me then I’ll take you into my custody towards your brahmans custodial place & by chanting mantra’s & yagna through them will be left you in their fire yagna for sacrifice. But still I have some sympathy left for you to decide on your own before tomorrow’s sunrise. Balarama becomes wild & tells Krishna to not to stop me now as till tomorrow’s sunrise I can’t wait as I’ll kill him now itself. Krishna is explaining Balarama to not to panic as before jarasan’s killing we have to release brahmans from his clutches first.

Krishna is in his meditations for search of brahmans where they may be & finds brahmans are treated rigorously in jarasan’s custody by his evil army men & forcing them to perform yagna for jarasan to win this war with Krishna but one of brahman says that if they wish to perform yagna then they will perform for shrikrishna & not for jarasan then the evil men hits them more badly. They start the yagna while Krishna understands & balarama asking Krishna what you are thinking of plans so Krishna tells Balarama that this problem is not just on brahmanas but also on mathura people too so we have to secure both. Krishna is going while Balarama asks where are you going so Krishna replies to do various arrangements & Balarama asks what various arrangements so krishna says will tell later & Balarama says in him self whatever your arrangements be but my option is final in this kind of problem in which it is very clear & that it is end of jarasan as for this i don’t have to take much efforts too.

Krishna is walking towards a brahman who is meditating & Krishna call him as anar your meditation ends now so anar stops & gets up seeing Krishna & prays saying I am blessed by my prabhu. Krishna tells him that your job is complete which I had given you long back & so now its time for you to go to vaikunth. Anar says prabhu the job was yours & it is completed by you itself as I was just a mediator for this.

Dhumketu comes to jarasan saying he has done all arrangements to attack Mathura to kill all. Jarasan is happy listening & shouts towards Krishna that you won’t be able to sustain me in the battlefield. Jarasan is challenging Krishna that if you don’t come on the battlefield then I will kill all the brahmans whom I have kept in my custody & if you come on the battlefield leaving Mathura then my army surrounded Mathura will kill all your people of Mathura & laughs jarasan saying in both ways you will be an ultimate loser without any alternative left.

Dhumketu is telling jarasan that to not to believe in Krishna as before sunrise he mustn’t play any tricks with you so jarasan gets alarmed.

Vishwakarma emerges praying Krishna saying I have come by your meditation so tell me what help you need & Krishna tells you are aware that I am here to secure religious world so I need a piece of land where no evil must have happened there for creating clean world as in no other three worlds can help me in this better way than you so vishwakarma thanks Krishna for choosing me for this job & I will create such a world over here that no god, evil or human can enter in this world with his evil thoughts at all. Krishna alarms him that for this you will have to face a challenge as this job is to complete by tomorrow before sunrise. Vishwakaram says when it is your blessings then no job is difficult so not to worry as it will definitely happen as per your wishes itself before tomorrow’s sunrise the new world will be created.

Balarama is preparing himself with the rath as gurudev comes calling him & asks do you have any idea what are you up-to so he replies yes I know what I am doing because I wish to kill that evil jarasan so arranging things but gurudev says without Krishna. Balarama replies I too wish Krishna should be with me but if he will be with me then he may play some kind of his tricks to save the evil by my attacks as this I do not want to happen. Gurudev is alarming Balarama about his written statements. But Balarama does not listen to gurudev & tells rath to take me to battlefield & gurudev thinks in himself that Krishna must have planned for jarasan’s end but I am scared that in krishna’s plan you do not become reason for wrong to happen.

Jarasan & his army are waiting eagerly for Krishna to arrive but are getting panicked.

Balarama’s rath is coming to the battlefield & jarasan & his army is getting happy as jarasan is thinking that Krishna is not having any idea that he is putting mathura people’s lives at stake but they are thinking how come he has chosen war with us so wait & watch says jarasan.

Balarama is telling the rath person to speed towards to kill jarasan due to as per your fastest speed, only that much time is left for his death so move fast.

Jarasan is seeing Balarama is coming in the rath & not Krishna so fall in double minds.

Balarama is telling rath person to move more faster but jarasan’s person dhumketu alarms him that the direction is changed of rath & Balarama understands asking why are you changing direction of rath when jarasan is in front of us & tells person to stop the rath. Balaram sees the person & finds non other than Krishna himself. Jarsan, Balarama & all are surprised by this. Balarama asks krishna how come you here. Dhumketu is also surprisingly telling jarasan that what we thought Krishna won’t come then he himself has become balarama’s rath rider.

Jarasan is seeing Krishna returning back & shouting why are you running away as today I will kill you by taking revenge of my son-in-law kansa’s death. Jarasan orders his army to follow him.

Precap: Krishna shouting to jarasan that you cannot kill brahmans. Jarasan reciprocating that you tricky person listen to me finally that unless I don’t kill you I will not return from here. Balarama is asking Krishna to tells fast some solution as it mustn’t happen we get crushed in this fire.

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