Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th January 2020 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th January 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th January 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with gurudev explains rishi durvasa to give curse to prabhu Krishna as he wishes from you to get this curse then rishi says how can I give curse to shrikrishna as he is my prabhu then gurudev explains him that it is for the sake of this world so rishi durvasa pleads shrikishna praying him to please forgive me as this is your wish so I am doing it.
Krishna is playing flute so nicely as devi Rukmini is watching him playing & hearing it calmly.
Rishi durvasa is praying Krishna & says I can give curse only on his deeds so I have only one way to help you in this that to take your test & make you do a mistake then you will get curse form me & you have to accept that prabhu.
Rumini tells Krishna that we were so much in depth of your flute playing but why did you stopped us from enjoying this & he replies it this is not deliberately done but a trick is going to happen then Rukmini says you are itself a trickster so who can face you then he tells her that it is none other than rishi durvasa for whom you should arrange for his welcome & Rukmini is surprised hearing this.
Rishi durvasa comes while Krishna & Rukmini welcomes him & he prays them all. Krishna directs Rukmini to do aarti of rishi & to welcome him with pride. Rishi tells Krishna that I have decided to stay here seeing your welcome & he agrees with it while rishi tells Krishna to not to become so happy as I am here to do some important work too.
Gurudev explains gods how rishi plans his work towards wish of prabhu itself.
Rishi durvasa keeps his certain points which should be implemented by him & his both wife’s so he & they both accept his wishes & rishi feels glad about it. He tells them to prepare food for him & they go to arrange food.
Indra is telling gurudev that it was predicted that has happened as he has played his first trick as krishna’s wife’s has to become maids for him.
Rukmini is talking with jamwanti about how to prepare food for rishivar & jamwanti controls her saying we can do this by blessings of our prabhu itself & Rukmini feels calmed by her support.
Gurudev explains gods how jamwanti will help devi Rukmini & Krishna in this point of time.
Rishi is cursing himself saying I had to serve my prabhu Narayan but I am cursing him which is happening wrong from my side.
Rishi durvasa sits for having food & as he is provided food then he starts eating appreciating it very happily & keeps on eating while also telling devi’s to keep providing food as it is not fulfilling my stomach. At one time food is finished to provide him so he gets angry & says I will curse you dwarkadhish as you cannot fulfill wish of filling stomach of a rishi too then Krishna calms him telling him that I’ll give you such a sweet that you will get fulfilled & he eats that getting blessed & praises Krishna that nothing is left to ask you so I’ll rest now.

Precap: Rukmini is telling Krishna that rishi might have come here to trouble us with some plan. Jamwanti comes running telling Krishna that rishi has created fire around & Krishna comes to see & gets shocked.

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