Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th September 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th September 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th September 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with karna is shooting arrows on target by target & guru drone comes telling karna that your target study is good but patience needs to take care so as he turns around he finds dronacharya himself by getting surprised & he bends to take his blessings. He tells guru that he accepts his mistake of patience & guru is explaining him the same thing again that you have the talent to become a great warrior but patience needs to corrected & he accepts saying that it is what I have come here to learn so please kindly accept me your student so guru tells him to introduce himself & karna gives his details from where he belongs so guru understands saying that it means sood’s son. Guru asks why you are here in my ashram & as he tries to tell guru

so guru reciprocates him saying you have no rights to address me as guru because students can address & I am only Acharya for you. Karna is telling guru that there is no other teacher so greater than you in this world so I am here to learn from you so guru tells him that you must have not known that this place is to teach only guruvansh people. As also there is no point teaching you as you are only to take care of weapons & rath’s. Karna is replying of knowledgeable talks of a person what he should have in him so guru replies you know lot of knowledge but I can’t break my rules for you so you may leave. Karna is trying to convince guru by telling to test him as I am able to learn but guru tells him that I have to decide & I have already decided which is final. Karna prays guru & takes leave from guru.
Krishna is explaining the ability of a person how to tackle this for achieving such goals to take teaching as guru must teach any student coming to him but he decided his views in caste & creed which results in destruction for his own selfishness which also creates difficulties in future too. Also a person who is denied respect also turns him in destructive nature which also becomes bad for this world which was faced by karna.

Karna is leaving the ashram while he tries to take some water from a pot, Arjun comes telling him there is no water in that so to come along with me & they go together as Arjun gives him water & while he tries to drink comes an arrow hitting the pot so as they both see who has hit they find ahsyothama & he tells Arjun that you are breaking rules of ashram by offering water to an outside person as this work is done by helpers so Arjun tells ashyothama that there is no breaking rules of giving water to a thirsty person which is a human rights so he replies that these things must be happening in your palace but this is gurukul where rules are strictly to be adhered which is not for outside person. Dronacharya comes shouting ashyothama that what is this happening as humanity is bigger than any rules bonded which Arjun is correct on this. He is telling his father that you only denied to teach him so his father guru drone is telling him that was my decision but offering water is arjun’s own decision & humanity too. Karna interrupts telling guru that sorry but what ahyothama said unknowingly is also true as this shows the teaching what he has achieved hence where I am denied as a student then I will also won’t like to have water from that place too & thanks ashyothama for encouraging him.

Karna’s mother is shouting his name in hastinapur preparing sweets by telling him to come soon as food is ready & his father comes from work hearing his mother talking within herself telling to karna about preparing sweets so he tells her with whom are you talking as karna has gone to study & he will return after many years now so she is feeling depressed understanding this. She is talking about only one day has passed without karna so how can so many years pass without him & his father also becomes depressed hearing this but as they see karna they are shocked asking him how come you returned when you had gone to dronacharya so he replies to forgive him as I did not accept my truth. You kept telling me our work is different from all others which is not in my life to become a warrior. So now I accept that I am sood son karna & this is my fate of life & he start his old work again. His father is explaining karna’s mother now is the time to tell him the truth as I knew guru drone won’t teach him but karna’s mother stops him explaining that if you tell karna the truth then nothing is going to happen good for anybody like birth given to by that woman, me, you & also of not karna too & in this condition if he knows that we are not his mother father then how he will react you never know may be he will kill himself by hearing this truth. He says how much I know about him that he can’t lead his life in this condition so what I should do I myself do not understand.

Karna is trying to start his original work but he can’t concentrate on his work making him remind of all those things happened in drone’s gurukul & making him more & more angry by hitting here & there angrily with bow & arrow too. He also gets angry on horse too but controls, Lifts various weapons but hits elsewhere. His mother comes seeing him what he is doing as karna finds her in front of him & throws bow & arrow on ground shouting angrily.

Precap: Karna’s mother is explaining him that guru drone can’t decide your fate as he must have also taken study from somebody. Karna is asking rishiwar that where he will find lord parshuram & rishiwar tells him as i feel he is on mahendrgiri mountain so he runs happily searching lord parshuram. Krishna is saying that he is not running to search bow & arrow teacher but himself as I am only parshurma & parshuram myself.

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