Parineetii 10th February 2023 Written Update

Parineetii 10th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 10th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bebe asks if they won’t have a heir? Pami says nothing will happen, Neeti and baby will be fine. Rajiv gets a call from his friend. He asks where are you these days? Rajiv tells him everything. His friend says I saw Rakesh in your area some time ago. Rajiv says thank you. Bebe tells Pami that I will ask Neeti throw this Pari out of the house because she is a bad omen. Pami says she is not at fault. Bebe says this happened with Neeti because of her, she is an outsider. Pami says Pari is not an outsider, in fact she is a.. Bebe looks on. Pami says she is part of our family. Bebe says you can’t see what I saw. Pami says you are breaking their friendship like this. Bebe says we will take a decision when Neeti wakes up.

Sukwindar comes to Neeti’s room and sees her lying there. She says this is happening because of Pari.. you took her as your sister but she tried to break your marriage, when you find out what she did then you will be broken.. don’t worry, I will handle everything. Pari comes there and thinks did Neeti hear everything? The nurse comes there and asks Sukwindar to leave.. she had sleeping pills so she is still sleeping. Pari thinks thank God she didn’t hear anything. Sukwindar thinks she will expose Pari soon in front of Neeti. She has to know.

Sukwindar comes out of Neeti’s room. Pari pleads with her to not tell anything to Neeti. Sukwindar says you cheated her, she took you as her sister and you tried to break her house.. now you want me to hide your sin? I won’t. Pari says you have to listen to the truth first. She takes her from there.

Rajiv is driving and recalls Neeti getting shot. He imagines having a happy family with Neeti.. He says I won’t spare Rakesh today.

Pari brings Sukwindar to a room. Sukwindar says you will lie to me and think that I will accept it? you should be ashamed of this deed. Pari says I haven’t done any sin, you have to listen to me. Sukwindar says you married your friend’s husband, you trapped him and became a second woman in his life.. you know a second woman has no value in a man’s life, he will leave you when he is done. Pari cries and says I am not the second woman.. but Neeti is. Sukwindar slaps her and says you are stooping so low. You are calling her a second woman? you have to leave Neeti’s house. Pari says I just want Neeti’s happiness, I am staying here for her happiness only. She tells her everything.. Pari says when I found out the truth, I went through such crucial pain that I can’t let Neeti go through it again that’s why I decided to leave Rajiv and Neeti’s life but then.. how she found out that Neeti is pregnant and then she brought her to Rajiv’s home. Pari tells Sukwindar that I have already moved away from Rajiv’s life, I am living there for Neeti only. Please don’t tell her anything as she had an accident.. please don’t tell her anything. Sukwindar says you don’t want me to tell her right.. then promise me. Pari asks what promise? Sukwindar says promise me that you will leave Neeti and Sanju’s life once Neeti becomes fine. Promise me that you will never come back in their life. Pari says I promise. Sukwindar nods and leaves.

Rakesh is drinking in his room. Rajiv enters there and starts beating him, he says Neeti is in the hospital because of you. Rakesh beats him and says you don’t care about Pari but I do.. Rajiv beats him. They hear the police coming so Rakesh runs from there and hides. He leaves the house on his bike. Rajiv gets a call and is shocked.

The episode ends.

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