Parineetii 14th September 2023 Written Update

Parineetii 14th September 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 14th September 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Neeti takes the keys from Pari and says only people who are responsible should get these keys, you have insulted the family and Pami. I am giving these keys back to Pami as you don’t deserve them, she gives it to Pami and apologizes to the guests. Gurvindar asks Pari to go to her room and don’t come back for any more drama, she leaves. Sanju goes behind her. Monty apologizes to Neeti, Neeti says she should be punished for her mistakes.

Pari comes to the roof and cries recalling Neeti insulting her and everyone blaming her. Sanju comes there and sadly looks at her, Pari breakdowns seeing her. He says please stop crying, he makes her look at him and says don’t blame yourself. Pari says it was my fault. Sanju says no.. I am sorry for what you had to hear. Pari says why are you apologizing? its all my fault. Sanju says you didn’t do anything, everything was okay, she asks him to leave her alone for sometime, he nods and sadly leaves. Neeti comes there and says I am sorry.. Pari hugs her and cries. Neeti says I can’t do anything for you, you crossed the limit, you broke everyone’s trust today. Pari says I am sorry. Neeti says I can’t.. before things cross the line, I think you should leave, that would be better for everyone, she leaves.

Bebe says today was a good day, finally Neeti took a stand against Pari in front of everyone. Neeti comes there and is stressed. Bebe asks what happened? Neeti says I asked Pari to leave the house but I feel like I did a sin.. I feel restless. Neeti says I scolded her a lot but the truth is that Pari didn’t do anything. Pari is passing by there and hears that. Neeti tells Bebe that Pari didn’t do anything but I was jealous so I threw the bangle at her and got her hurt.. I used to protect her and now I made her bled just to win some dance competition. And that incident.. I loosen the screw so that the family would go against her, Pari didn’t do anything and Pami fell down because of me. Pari hears all that and runs away. Bubbly sees that.

Pari is crying alone and recalls Neeti’s words. She can’t believe it. Bubbly comes there and asks what happened? Pari says Neeti is in pain.. she has changed completely.. so much that she plotted all that. She threw bangle at me so I couldn’t dance and she made Pami fell down but I know she is in pain. Bubbly says how dare she? I will expose her to the family. Pari says don’t do that, she is in pain, she is my friend. Bubbly says she isn’t your friend anymore.. she is your sautan now. Pari says this is between Neeti and I.. I don’t want anyone come between us. Bubbly says I am your sister and Neeti has changed. Pari says please leave me alone for sometime, Bubbly leaves. Pari recalls everything and how Neeti plotted to make her look bad. Pari says I can’t believe my Neeti would change so much but I didn’t change, I still love her but I have regrets.. I won’t let her truth come out and people to see her this side. If she wants then I will leave.. this family and evertone is hers and I will leave.

Neeti tells Bebe that she will go and sleep. Pari comes there and says you want me to leave so I will leave. I always want your happiness and that’s it, I will leave. She goes from there. Neeti feels bad, Bebe says I am sure she is up to something and won’t leave so easily.

Pami comes to Pari and sees her crying. Pami says I am sorry.. Pari says you shouldn’t apologize, I spoiled the function. Pami says you didn’t do anything.. maybe it was fate. We will have a new start tomorrow so don’t worry, we can change the future with good thoughts. Pari recalls Sanju worrying for her too. She cries and says I am sorry for crying. Pami says its okay, we are your family so you can cry. She consoles her. Pari goes to sleep.

Sanju is restless in his room recalling Pari getting blamed. Neeti comes there and he asks why did she do that with Pari? Neeti looks on.

The episode ends.

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