Parineetii 15th May 2023 Written Update

Parineetii 15th May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 15th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Inspector says I’ve doubt now. I will have to go look for him here. Pami says we are hiding a goon from police. We have not done the right thing. Salojna asks Chandrika to make tea for her. Monty and Amit take Raghu to a room and tie him there. Chandirka says we’re very dangerous people. Amit says to Monty this is how scary she is. Chandrika says my husband gets so angry and kills people in angerr. Amit says what ar eyou saying? Monty says I was a famous goon in my college. AMit says you both have lost it. Salojna wonders how to tell police Raghu is inside. Salojna says let me get my balm. Pari says I will bring it.

Sanju and inspector come out. All constables say Raghu wasn’t found. Inspector says remain alert and let us know if you find any information related to him. They leave. Someone knocks on the door. Amit and Chandrika get scared. Sanju says open the door. Sanju tells Raghu police is gone and that’s the bad news for you. Why were you doing all this? I don’t wanna kill you but you wanted to kill Pari. WHo asked you to do that? Raghu breaks the ropes and runs. Sanju stops him. Raghu says the person who paid me in this house will also help me run. Didn’t you get it? no one is helping me. So you don’t understand? Sanju comes towards him. Raghu throws a vase at him. Tao ji says we’re not doing the right thing. But we have to find out the truth as well. I am scared that Sanju shouldn’t get his hands dirty with such a man. Ranjhan is a goon from our village. He’s an expert. He can get truth out from Raghu.

Sanju comes and tells them Raghu ran. Tao ji calls Ranjhan. Raghu coems to Neeti’s room. Neeti locks the door. He says you told us police will get us free. Neeti says don’t talk to me like that. I am a woman. He says you were gonna get a pregnant woman killed. Neeti says I never asked you to kill her. He says don’t cross me or I will tell Sanju everything. Sanju says I’ve locked the whole house. Pami says this is scary. Pari says I saw that goon in the room. There was someone else in the room as well. He’s in guest room. Salojna calls Neeti. Raghu says I will prove that you paid me to kill Pair. Neeti says I can’t even think that. I make mistakes. I wanted to get Pari killed but then I realized I was making a bad decision. He says you have everything yet you wanted to get your friend killed, who is also pregnant. People are so dark who look innocent from the outside. Pari didn’t know you paid me to kill her. Neeti says I just wanted to get her injured. He says don’t lie. Neeti says she’s married my husband, she’s my sautan. Salojna says Neeti isn’t picking the call. Raghu says I dont’ care about all this. Neeti says run from this house.

Pari says that goon is in the guestroom. Tao ji gets a call from Ranjhan. Neeti says you want more money right? He says no I want you to prove that some other man attacked Pari.

Episode ends

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