Parineetii 8th May 2023 Written Update

Parineetii 8th May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 8th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pari’s conscience says you know Pari is trapped in the game you played. She never tried to harm you child. You harmed your child. When truth comes out no one will stand with you, not even Sanju. Bebe can throw you under the bus. She can do the same to you that she’s doing to Pari. Neeti says shut up I did the right thing with Pari. I am fighting for my right. Her conscience says you will be kicked out of this house when truth comes out. Bebe won’t stand with you either. Neeti runs and cries. She says this can’t happen. Neeti recalls her moments with Pari. Neeti cries. Salojna stops Neeti. Neeti says I can’t let this abortion happen. I can’t do this to Sanju and myself. I will tell Tai ji Pari is innocent. Salojna says we will lose. She says no I can’t lose my child. The truth will be out. Everyone will hate me. Salojna slaps her and says come to your senses. Neeti says I am not wrong. Salojna says what are you scared of? Neeti says truth will come out one day. Salojna says I do everything with planning. We are close to winning. Neeti says I am scared. salojna says why are you so confused. Pari is your sautan. Neeti says but that child is mine. Salojna says the child doesn’t even have a life. Don’t call Pari your friend. She’s your sautan. She is a snake. You’ve to take your husband back from her. Come out of your la la land or you will lose everything. You’ve to stand up for your family and husband. That Pari trapped you. You can make your decision. Salojna says you keep thinking about others, you will never get what you want. Take a stand for yourself. Neeti says I will do what you say.

Sanju comes and says what are you twoo discussing? Sanju asks what happened Bebe? He asks Neeti what was Bebe saying? Bebe says ask her. She doesn’t listen anything. Talk to her. Sanju says what is she saying? Salojna says she’s worried about abortion. I couldn’t see her in that condition. She has been constantly crying. I told her to not cry too much. We should be grateful we got to know Pari’s reality. The child doesn’t have life right now. It would have been way more painful. You shouldn’t have trusted her blindly. Get the abortion done quickly. She’s a curse. Teach her life isn’t over. We can find another surrogate woman. Pari has cursed your love. Sanju says she’s not like that. Salojna says do you still trust her? Sanju says but she’s always been happy. Salojna says she’s jealous of both of you. She doesn’t have a husband or family. Sanju says what are you saying. He takes Pari from there.

Scene 2
Pari recalls what Neeti said. She cries and says why are you doing this to me God. I tolerated everything. Rajiv left me, all my dreams shattered but I put up with that. Neeti was my only person. You took her from me too. Why is everyone getting me wrong? Rajiv and Neeti be happy together, I ruined my whole life for their happiness. Neeti has always stood with me. Why is she doing this to me. She cries. Gurpreet calls Pari. Gupreet says are you okay?? Pari cries and says everyone is getting me wrong. Gurpreet says they’re selfish people. Pari says they have always stood with me. Gurpreet says they kept you here for their name. If you had left the house whole village will know the truth. You gave your womb to your friend and she didn’t even trust you. Pari cries. Gurpreet says Neeti knows you since childhood but she didn’t trust you. Pari says how can she say that. Gurpreet says can’t you see the truth? She showed her truth. Open your eyes. We will settle you down. Pari says I’ve to think about this child. It was Neeti and Sanju’s child. Neeti has decided to get this child aborted. Gurpreet says Pami didn’t stand against it? She says it was Pami’s decision. Gurpreet says they are all very selfish. I will talk to them. Pari cries. Chandrika comes to her. She gives her food. Pari says why is this happening to me. She cries. Chandrika says eat for your child at least.

Episode ends

Precap-Pari says to Chandrika what is wrong with Neeti. Chandrika says bebe has brainwashed her. Sanju says she wants to abort this child so let’s do that. Gurpreet says to Pami I will go to police and tell hem you all ruined my daughter’s life and Rajiv cheated on her.

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