Parineetii 9th May 2023 Written Update

Parineetii 9th May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 9th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Chandrika says Pari stop worrying about them. Have food. She makes Pari eat. Pari says what has happened to Neeti. Chaandrika says bebe has brainwashed her. Bebe is making her do this. Why is she truting bebe over you? Pari says what have I done to bebe? Chandrika says she’s very negative. Pari says this is affecting everyone. Chandrika says stop worrying about them. When truth is out, they will be ashamed. Take care of yourself and this child. Pari says thank you fo taking care of me di. You stood with me when no one did. She hugs her.

Sanju says Neeti you rest, I will come in a bit. Neeti says we decided to make this corner toy corner for our child. We were fighting on whose side his cot would be on. I wish our dreams didn’t shatter. You said yes for surrogacy because of me. I wish I could give birth myself. No third person would come between us. I don’t have that in my fate. Why is God doing this to us. Sanju says the child you lost was ours, the child Pari is going to abort is also ours. What Pari did wasn’t right. She decided to be surrogate, I was so happy. I thought we will become parents, if she wants to abort this child, we can’t force her. I don’t want our child to be a burden on someone. It was Pari’s decision Neeti says i was always nervous about this decision. Thank you for always being there for me. Sanju says who else would it be there for you? We can find another surrogate for our child. We will become parents. Neeti says in heart you’re mine again Sanju. She says thank you Sanju. Sanju says I will always be there for you. Neeti is happy. She says my bad days are over.

Scene 2
Pami thinks, I am sorry Pari. I know you have done a lot for us. But I had to do a fair decision. My heart doesn’t agree you can do that but all proofs are against you. She gets a message. Pami is shocked. Tao ji asks where are you gong? She says I will be back. Pami comes to the garage. Gurpreet is there. Pami says you here? Gurpreet says ask yourself why am I here. Pami says come in. She says to get insutled again Who knows you might send me to jail again. She says or you might tell us another decision like getting the child aborted. Who tolerates this insult every day. There’s something called self respect. Pami says Pari is my daughter.

Gurpreet says don’t say that after all that you have done to Pari. Pami says all proofs were against her. Gurpreet says should I go give proof to the world that Pari and Rajiv are married. Why can’t you do the justice to her?> Why don’t you kick Neeti out? why don’t you tell everyone Rajiv is Sanju. Should I send him to jail with all of you? Your family hid all the truth. You stood with Sanju. You forgot all that she tolerated. Who does all that Pari did for this house. this house isn’t a court where judge isn’t related to anyone. In this house you favor your people. If you get accused will your family believe them? No right. Then why did you not trust Pari? Because she’s an outsider. Because she’s not your family. You will regret for all that you have done for my daughter. I will get my daughter justice. You’ve been so unfair for us. I know this child is important for you but what about the DIL? You stood with your family. If you considered Pari your daughter she won’t be in this condition. You didn’t trust her. Pami says I love her a lot. I know she can’t do that but all those proofs. I can’t be unfair to Neeti either. Gurpreet says you are just pretending. Why didn’t you get Pari her justice then? Her husband married someone else. You’re all ruining her life because of that Neeti. Neeti is a curse to her. She became her sautan from her friend. She gave her husband to Neeti and stayed silent. She got pregnant with her child. Yet you all did this to her. Pami says you can’t understand my pain. I am helpless. Gurpret says I am not helpless. Pari is my weakness and she considers you all their family. If she agrees once I will send you all to jail. I get helpless in front of her otherwise I would have sent Sanju to jail.

Gurinder comes there and says stop threatening us. What do you wanna sho us? We’ve seen how your daughter is. Pami says be silent. Gurinder says she can’t do this drama here. Gurpreet says you better not talk about respect. You’ve ruined my daughter’s life. Like son, like mother. Gurinder says what about your daughter? Pami asks her to calm down. Gurpreet says what you’ve done to my daughter isn’t right. You all deceived her and now calling her a culprit. Grurinder says she did all this for revenge. She made Neeti agree to do all this and then went for an abortion. You helped your daughter in her sins.

Episode ends

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