Parvarish Season 2 15th June 2016 Written Update

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Parvarish Season 2 15th June 2016 Written Update by MA

Parvarish Season 2 15th June 2016 Written Episode

Suri and Simran hear Jassi telling she wrote truth in letter and give it to mom and asks what she wrote in letter. Ria imagines her parents slapping and saying they are ashamed of her. She thinks she has to stop them from reading letter and drops water on letter purposefully and apologies. Suri opens letter and sees all words crumbled and asks what did she write in it. Jogi says she wrote an application to serve gurdwara as a token of thanks for winning SOTY. Suri says she will make arrangememnts and takes Simran along. Simran says Suri children are hiding something and she used ask them.

Jassi and friends relax after Suri and Simran leave and Ria askswhat is their next plan. Adi says they used use their original plan. They should go to hospital and meet accident victim and apologize him. They all reach hospital and Ria asks about accident victim’s room number. Receptionist gives room number. They try to rush in when watchman stops them and says visiting hours are over and they cannot meet patients. Jogi starts crying that his mama is ill and he needs to meet him immediately. They turn and see DCP Pandey there and panick. Watchman says they cannot meet without visiting card and they silently leave.

They all 4 then wear peon, doctor, nurse and patient’s clothes and reach victim’s room and are shocked to see he is the same criminal boy who bullied and misbehaved with them in party and whom they fought with. Jassi rminisces ramming car to a motorist. DCP enters and asks who are they. They all get tensed. Doctor comes and says patient is under sedative. DCP turns and they all silently leaves from other door. They then go and hide in morgue. Jassi says it is very good here. Jogi says it is AC room and starts chatting with death body and then realizes it is a dead man. DCP enters room and they all hide. He checks morgue room and leaves.

Precap: Simran and Suri ask driver what happened during party night. He stands nervously.

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