Parvarish Season 2 29th June 2016 Written Update

Parvarish Season 2 29th June 2016 Written Update by MA

Parvarish Season 2 29th June 2016 Written Episode

Suri tells Jassi and Jogi it is time to go to police station now. Jogi gets emotional. Suri consoles him and sees his watch broken and showing 12 noon. He says during accident, he would have struck his hand and watch broken and it stopped at 12 midnight that night. Biji feeds them sweet curd. Darji says his children are courageous to accept mistake and will come back safe. He asks Kulvinder not to scold Jogi on the way. Simran also encourages Ria.

Suri with Raj, Kulvinder, Simran and Adi’s dad takes children to police station. They get afraid when inspector asks constable to tortures criminal and console children that they are not criminals. Jassi says she needs water. Suri goes to bring water and Jogi follows her. She sees a note on notice board that accident happened
around 1 a.m. according to CCTV footage. She remembers Jogi’s watch stopping at 12 midnight and realizes her children are not culprits. She runs to stop Kulvinder and others. Kulvinder, Raj, and Adi’s dad are about to inform inspector when Suri comes running and stops them.

Suri takes everyone out and informs that their children are innocent and tells them what she saw on notice board. They relax. Kulvinder says they should inform police that their children are innocent. Raj says they will be trapped for trying to bribe ACP and hiding the truth. Kulvinder asks what they should do. Raj says they should find real culprit. Blackmailer calls Suri and says they should not discuss about it standing outside police station, whatever they do their children will go to jail for sure. Suri informs everyone and says someone wants to protect culprits and trap their children, they have to find the real culprits soon.

Jogi, Adi, Ria, and Jassi walk outside police station discussing they should have informed parents beforehand, they would have saved them. ACP Pandey stops them and asks Jogi to give bribe now. Jogi asks what bribe. ACP says he knows they came to give bribe the other day. Jogi says they had gone to gym in that area and were wandering till mom picked them for movie. ACP asks which movie and asks all 4 to tell at once. They nervously stammer and start playing dumb charades. ACP says let us go to police station and discuss along with their parents. All 4 get more tensed.

Precap: ACP Pandey warns children that their parents will also go to jail for protecting criminals and handcuffs Kulvinder and Suri.

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