Patiala Babes 15th October 2019 Written Update

Patiala Babes 15th October 2019 Written Update by MA

Patiala Babes 15th October 2019 Written Episode

Babita panics realizing she forgot Minnie’s birthday. Laala says even Minnie would have forgotten her birthday in exam tension. Babita cries how can a mother forget her daughter’s birthday under headache’s excuse. HS tries to console her and says she can celebrate Minnie’s birthday once Minnie returns. Babita blames him for giving her headache pills and making her sleep and not asking Minnie once when is her birthday and acting as her father figure. HS asks how can she blame him for taking care of her, but Babita continues blaming him. He angrily walks away followed by Laala.

Imran plays around NB. NB says they feel very happy with children playing around. Biji says she is right, they used to feel very happy when Minnie used to play around them during childhood

and says there is a rift developing between Babita and Minnie. NB gets concerned when Irfan and Rukhsana walk in and inform that they are leaving now. NB emotionally asks if she will see his face after years again. Rukhsana says they will call her home in a month and she can come with Biji and Dadaji. Imran says daadi can come with jhanjat/troublesome daadi. NB asks him not to say so. Imran says laddoo daadi. Irfan leaves with his family.
Babita prepares cake panicked murmuring how can she be so careless and forget her daughter’s birtday, why did she get a headache and slept last night; she will plan a surprise party for Minnie. In police station, HS tells Laala that Veer Balika must be thinking he didn’t even wish her happy birthday. Laala says he didn’t know about her birthday. HS says Veer Balika had come to meet her mother, but he stopped her to let Babita rest; neither Babita nor Minnie informed about her birthday and now Babita is blaming her for her mistake. Laala asks him to cool down. HS says he wants to take outstation duty and return home once his mind calms down. Laala asks why is he taking so much tension, he should speak to Babita and sort out the issue. HS says Babita never listens and always complains. He walks towards washroom. Laala asks where is he going. HS asks if he cannot even go to washroom. Laala thinks he needs to do something and sort out this issue, so he remembers HS sending songs to Babita via radio and sends her Chaho raho door chaho raho paas…song..from HS’ mobile. Babita listens to the song and thinks what he thinks of himself and sends Paas nahi aana, door nahi jaana…song. Laala deletes song and thinks which one should he send now. Babita receives Pal Bhar ke liye koi hame pyar karle jhoota hi sahi…song.. Babita sends Tere Bina jiya jaayena.. song.. HS returns and smiles hearing the song and says looks like Babita’s anger has calmed down now, in India husbands don’t have right to show their anger, but will calm down easily if wife sends messages like this.

Minnie from college returns to NB’s house meets grandparents excitedly. They ask how did her exam go. She says every well. NB gives her dargah’s tabarruk/prasad and asks her to go and inform her mother about her exam as she must be worried. Minnie says she will go later and requests grandparents if she can study for sometime here as they are her lucky charm. Biji says she can study in their room, but what will Babita think if she doesn’t go home early on her birthday. Mini says she will message Babes and she can read peacefully in NB’s house. NB tells Biji and Dadaji now she realized why they told there is a rift developing between Babita and Minnie. She meets Babita and says now she realized that Minnie is upset knowing her mother doesn’t remember her birthday and asks if she planned anything. Babita excitedly shows Minnie’s favorite cake and anklet as birthday gift. NB says Minnie does not need all these but a mother’s life, Minnie always supported her like a daughter, mother, and friend and expects her mother to understand her; she should see Minnie’s sad eyes and understand her that Minnie doesn’t need cake but a wish from her mother and assurance that her mother still loves her unconditionally. Babita says let Minnie return from college, she will speak to her. NB says she has already turned and directly met her grandparents instead, she says she feels peace in NB’s house; Babita should understand the turmoil going on in Minne’s mind and calm her down with the love Minnie expects from her mother. She asks Babita to sit calmly and question herself, she will get answer automatically.

Minnie is busy studying when Mickey walks in. Minnie says she told they can celebrate birthay after exams. Mickey says he came to talk about her and Babes.

Precap: Babita apologizes Minnie for forgetting her birthday. Minnie says not wishing her at 12 o’clock is not a problem, problem is she didn’t wish her yet. Babita emotionally wishes and hugs her.

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