Perfect Pati 11th February 2019 Written Update

Perfect Pati 11th February 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Perfect Pati 11th February 2019 Written Episode

Pushkar realises Payal is Vidhi only. It means she is alive! I beat her so badly, smashed her face and threw her in water yet she is back with a new face! How did she recognize any of us if she is indeed Vidhi? It means she was acting in front of us to trap us. He reads another text from Dr. Bose which says, this is how you would have looked before you lost your memory. Pushkar says she has lost her memory but she could still recall Jodhpur, my house! It was a mistake to leave her alive last time. I wont repeat it this time. He goes to Vidhi. Vidhi is blindfolded and demands to know who it is. Where is Kabeer? She shouts his name. Pushkar wraps a dupatta around his hand and puts it around her neck. You were lucky to escape last time. You shouldn’t have returned in Pushkar Rathod’s life! You are

back in front of your death Vidhi! It turns out to be his imagination. He looks at Vidhi. I have seen someone so anxious to die for the first time. He runs away hearing Kabeer’s voice and hides.
Kabeer opens Vidhi’s blindfold and frees her. I am here. Pushkar wonders how he came here so soon. This is the perfect time to kill them together. Vidhi is concerned about Kabeer and vice versa. Pushkar realises that it is some third person who is blackmailing him. Vidhi does not remember anything and Kabeer also does not know anything. Do they have another ally? Vidhi hugs Kabeer. You are badly hurt. He assures her that nothing will happen to him. I got a contract signed from God. She hugs him again with concern. Pushkar looks on. I will have to know the story of every character associated with this new Vidhi. I will then plan what I should do next. Kabeer falls down as they begin to go. Pushkar enters and rushes to Kabeer. Vidhi asks him what he is doing here. He agrees to answer her every question. Let’s first take Kabeer to hospital.

In the hospital, Vidhi asks Pushkar if Kabeer will be fine. He sees old Vidhi in her. He has lost of blood but best doctors are attending him. She thanks him for reaching there on time. How did you reach there? He lies that he found out that that old man was actually live in that address in disguise. He intentionally let us find that address. How would I have faced mom if anything had happened to you two? It was my mistake. She tells him otherwise. She says Plij like old times. He makes a fist. You have no idea how irksome this Plij is. Doc tells them that Kabeer needs rest. He will be fine in some time. Pushkar suggests taking him home with them. My family doc will attend to him. Doc agrees. Vidhi goes to meet kabeer. Pushkar decides to find more details about them and end their story for once and all.

Kabeer tells Vidhi not to worry. I will be fine. Don’t make sad face or I will be unhappy. She tells him to rest properly. I will strangle you otherwise. Take rest. We were really lucky today. Rajshri enters. Why would God do something wrong with a nice guy like you? The guy who did this to you will meet a bad fate. He is scared and wants to stop you from finding out his truth. Pushkar keeps Kabeer’s prescription on table. He notices his phone there and gets thinking. Pushkar leaves with Rajshri. Kabeer asks for his phone twice but Vidhi does not give him. Kabeer is sleeping. Vidhi recalls their happy past moments together. She holds his hand recalling all the times he has fought for her. You are right. I am in trouble. You have only gotten into trouble since you met me. How can friends be like this? I haven’t given you anything but trouble. I don’t want to lose you in my fight. She kisses him on his forehead. I cannot stop you like this but what I will do next might make you hate me forever! You will never forgive me then.

Pushkar wonders how to find out who all are planning against him. What is their plan? He looks at Vidhi’s portrait. Why does this name bring a storm in my life every time? He lifts it angrily when Vidhi calls out to him. I am sorry for coming unannounced. Shall I come later? He denies. I thought of my Vidhi after seeing you and Kabeer together. Please come in. Is Kabeer fine? She nods. I came to thank you for saving Kabeer. He tells her it isn’t needed. She asks for his help. He says I don’t know details of whatever happened with you guys or who that guy was but you will have to tell me everything about you if you want me to help you. She is hesitant. He tells her it might be her personal matter so she might not be comfortable telling it. I believe you should handle it yourself. After seeing Kabeer’s condition, I can bet that the people you are messing with are dangerous. I reached there on time today or Kabeer’s life would have been in risk otherwise. What if something happens to him? She agrees to tell him everything.

Kabeer wakes up and looks around for Vidhi but she is not in the room. He notices Dr. Bose’s messages and checks them. This is Payal’s old face? Epi ends on his confused face.

Precap: Rajshri gives a letter to Kabeer. Kabeer reads Vidhi’s letter wherein she has told him to return to Delhi to his Pari. I am going away from his life for forever.

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