Piya Rangrezz 31st August 2015 Written Update

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Piya Rangrezz 31st August 2015 Written Update by MA

Piya Rangrezz 31st August 2015 Written Episode

Sher gets angry looking at Bhavri and Aditya’s marriage pics and calls Aditya. Shraddha tries to stop him. Aditya comes out. Sher starts beating him and asks how dare he is to eye on his amma. Bhavri interferes and asks why is he beating guest. Sher pushes her aside and points gun on Aditya. Shraddha stops him. Bhavri asks if he has gone mad. He says Aditya and she have gone mad. He throws marriage pics and asks what is this. Bhavri asks who took these pics. Shraddha says Sher got a courier. Bhavri thinks Shraddha played game and sent someone to spy on him. Sher asks her to burn pics and throw aditya out, else he will kill him. Aditya tries to speak. Sher throws him on swinger and says he brainwashed amma with his buttery talks and provoked her to marry him. Shraddha says if her dad had married a young girl, should he have reacted like this. Even amma has right to live her life. Sher says they live in a society and he will not tolerate it, if anyone opposes it, he will not spare them.

Mama enters with newspaper and shows front page news about Bhavri and Aditya’s marriage. He asks Bhavri why did she do this, people are laughing on them and asked how is his new jija. She should have thought 100 times before doing this and curses god would have killed him before seeing this. Sher angrily leaves from there. Bhavri tears news paper looking at Shradda and walks out. Maama says tearing 1 newpaper will not do anything as whole world knows about her marriage.

Bhavri’s rival calls her and taunts that she trapped a young man at t his age. she asks to keep phone as she is busy. He says she must be busy obviously now and laughs. She disconnects and starts drinking alcohol. mama enters. She says she drank english alcohol last night and got inebriated. Aditya loves her and is behind her always. Mama says if she would have told before, he would have guarded her always. Now, Shraddha is benefited more. Bhavri says she knows, shradda will try to drag Sher on loyal route again. mama says we would have to do something soon.

Sher fumes in his room and says Shraddha he cannot let this happen. She asks him to think about his amma’s happiness.

Bhavri tells Aditya that they did wrong last night. She wants them to go down and tell someone sent fake pics. He says they did marry and she should not insult their marriage. This relationship means a lot and she knows how eager he was to get her, he waited until she accepted him and even took Sher’s beatings. Bhavri says they canot unite and he must have hired someone to take their pics after getting her inebriated. He says he did not provoke her tried to stop her and instead she provoked him and forced him to marry her in inebriation. Even now if she wants to blame him, he will accept it, but will not let anyone insult their marriage.

She says Shraddha that his amma cannot do anything, Aditya must have provoked her. Shraddha says he is just giving an excuse to lessen his pain, but he cannot change the truth. Sher repeats that aditya must have provoked amma with a motive, he will find it out. She asks how will he find out.

Reporters throng Bhavri’s house and forcefully enter in. They ask Aditya if he married bhavri and family knew about their relationship. Mama tries to stop, but they continue and ask Bhavri how can she marry a boy half her age and of her son’s age. Aditya asks them to get out and throws their mic. Reporter asks how can he throw media mic. He says he married bhavri forcefully and she is not involved in it. He pushes them out of house.

Precap: Sher tells Bhavri that he accepts her marriage with aditya and will throw a party. She says he does not have to do that. He says he will have to legalize their marriage. Bhavri thinks she will not let Shraddha win in her plan.

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