Piya Rangrezz 31st July 2015 Written Update

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Piya Rangrezz 31st July 2015 Written Update by MA

Piya Rangrezz 31st July 2015 Written Episode

Bhavri while enjoying alcohol with Aditya asks what will he do with just a bit of happiness in her rule. He says she is her happiness and he really likes her. She gets irked and slaps him. He smiles. She says he should go from here now. He thanks her, smilingly wishes good night and happy birthday and leaves. Bhavri fumes.

Shraddha weeps reminiscing Sher scolding her for taking Aditya’s help and alleges that she is thinking he is incompetent now. She looks at his empty bed and imagines him staring at her smilingly. She further reminices their happier moments. Sher while lying on sofa reminisces Aditya’s words and also shraddha’s words and their romance. Shraddha continues weeping and saying Sher did not let her speak at all. sher gets up from sofa and sees Shraddha standing in front of her. He goes near her and wipes her tears saying he should not have scoled her, but it was her mistake. He realizes it was his imagination..

Bhavri gulps bottles of alcohol reminisces Aditya’s words that he loves her. She thinks what does he think of himself, he can say anything to Bhavri Devi. She looks at clock and it is past midnight, so she sleeps. She wakes up at 9:30 a.m. and sees a rose next to her and smiles.

Shraddha prepares breakfast in kitchen sadly. Sunehri tries to console her and asks her to talk to Sher once more. She says even she wants to speak to him, but wants to understand what he thinks. Sher on the other side tells Sumer that he does not want him to take Shraddha’s side and says Aditya is stranger, but Shraddha is his dear one and did not think once before accepting Aditya’s offer. He says he will not forgive Shraddha, but will also not return Aditya’s cement as he does not want to make him realize that there is a rift between his partners. Shraddha asks Sunehri to serve breakfast and walks out. She sees Sher passing ignoring her.

Bhavri walks angrily towards Aditya’s room and is about to clash with him but stops and says he is her partner, so she is sparing him, else she would have cut him into pieces. Maama and Vikas enter and asks what is she cutting. Aditya says profit and says instead of thinking 1+1=2 she should think 1+1=1 for better proft. Vikas says he understood what he means and says his intelligence must be from forgein milk. Aditya says its protein shake. Vikas asks how it tastes. Aditya looks at Bhavri and says sweet.

Sunehri and Sumer discuss how to reunite Sher and Shraddha. Sumer says they both are right on their front and he cannot think anything. Gajra says she is worried. Sunehri gets a plan and says now it will be miracle. Sumer and Gajra asks how? Sunehri tells her plan.

Shraddha while arranging clothes looks at her and Sher’s pic and smiles reminiscing that particular event. Sumer enters sadly and she asks what happened. He says Sher wants her to hand over money bag to Aditya she dealt with him. She says if Sher wants that, she will do it and takes bag from his hand asking not to worry.

Sunehri tells Sher that Shraddha went to meet Aditya again to request him not to fight with Sher and did not listen to her at all. She continues that Shraddha should come to apologize him instead of requesting Aditya. Sher says let her do whatever she likes, he does not care. Sunehri says Gajra she told Sher does not care if people badmouth about Bhavri and Shraddha. She continues that Shraddha’s mistake should not be tolerate and says Shraddha has gone into Aditya’s room.

Shraddha goes to Aditya’s room with money bag. He asks is everything fine and asks what is in this bag. She says it is cement money and says because of him, she and Sher are not into talking terms now. She knows he does not care about relationships and knows only money. He says her husband started first by holding his collar and then snatching his contract. He says what is wrong if he used Sher’s weakness in his favor. She requests him not to come in between her and Sher and says though their views differ, they both are same. He opens bag and sees paper filled in it. He gets up and sees Sher standing in front of him. Sunehri, Gajra and Sumer peep from behind watching their conversation.

Precap: Shraddha apologizes Sher, but he ignores her and leaves in his jeep.

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