Porus 2nd November 2018 Written Update

Porus 2nd November 2018 Written Update by MA

Porus 2nd November 2018 Written Episode

Hasti insists Puru to leave while he fights with Alexander and his army alone. Puru leaves with Chanakya. Alexander with his army surrounds Hasti and laughs that Puru left him alone to die. Hasti says he is Puru as Puru is a thinking. Alexander attacks him. Hasti counterattacks, but Alexander and his soldiers overpower him and slit his each extremity. Puru cries seeing that while escaping with Chanakya. Alexander finally kills Hasti. Selukus says they conquered one part of Pourav rastra and should celebrate. Alexander says just by injuring enemy, they cannot celebrate, they have to gather their whole army and attack Pourav rasta at once and destroy everything at once.

Bamni with other dynasty kings’ support kills Macedonian battalion which Hepastian is heading. Hepastian sees Macedonian winning flag and runs away with his battalion. King tells Bamni that Macedonians ran away, soon they will kick out Alexander and his whole army out. Puru enters with Chanakya and says Alexander is gather whole army at one place to attack us with full force, even they should do same.

Alexander shows Pourav rastra map to Hepastian and Selukus and says they are in the entrance of Pourav rastra, their next step would be to reach Porus’ palace and then conquer whole Pourav rastra next and hoist their big flag which will cover whole bharath. Puru on the other side tells his team same that Alexander will attack palace first, so they should gather together attack Alexander and kick him out of Bharath. Bamni says if Dhananand had not betrayed them, they would have won by now.

Next day, Puru and Alexander’s armies face each other. Alexander provokes Puru and shows Hasti’s dead body hanging on a wooden plank. Puru and Bamni stand emotional. Alexander continues proviking…

Precap: Alexander asks injured Puru how he should be treated. Puru says just like the way one king treats other. Alexander raises his sword.

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