Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 23rd July 2017 Written Update

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 23rd July 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 23rd July 2017 Written Episode

Chandrakantha enters her room with Virendra vi window and says she is happy that Jai Aditya reached Navnargh safely and Virendra returned from black mountain. She says she heard black mountain is very dangerous, how did he manage. He jokes with his hands and legs. She acts as getting angry. He gets romantic and says he needs his reward and tries to kiss her. She shyingly moves and says someone will watch them. He says let them and hugs her. Champa and Chapala enter. Chandrakantha shyingly moves aside. Chapala says maharaj gave him already gift as Chandrakantha’s hand, he has to wait until their marriage. Virendra smilingly says nobody can top him from meeting and walks out. Champa and Chapala pull Chandrakantha’s legs and say soon she will leave them here alone. Chandrakantha
says Chapala can marry Tej Singh and come along, she will speak to him. Chapala shies. Champa says even she will marry Tej Singh and will accompany them. All 3 laugh.

Krur Singh with his puppets run in jungle hiding from Vijaygarh soldiers. His drama starts. He says he is feeling tired and old for the first time. Nazim comments he wanted to tell this since long time. They see soldiers and hide. Nazim disguises as soldier and misguides soldiers. Krur mistakes real senapati as nazim next and slaps him. Senapati calls soldiers. Ahmed says this is real senapati. Krur Singh gets afraid and stammers, he collapses. Nazim and Ahmed trick soldiers and take him away. Krur wakes up and finds himself near a spring, asks where did they bring him. He says Shivdutt’s place to seek his help. Shivdutt’s soldiers think them as spies and capture them.

Jai Singh with Chandrakantha reaches Navgarh for Chandrakantha and Veer’s engagement ceremony. Rani Padvika greets them and asks if rani Ratna garbha did not come. Jai singh says she went to pray at hill temple to pray or Virendra and Chandrakantha and will return soon. After sometime, Virendra tries to enter Chandrakantha’s room. Champa and Chapala stop him and says he cannot go in. He says he is yuvraj and can go anywhere in palace. They say it is their rajkumari’s room now and she is taking bath, so she cannot let anyone there. He smiles anxiously.

Shivdutt searches clue for talism in a room and tells Shyamala that he is sure Marich has kept some clue here. Shyamala says without Virendra’s help, he cannot do anything. Soldiers enter and inform him that they found weird spies. Shivdutt asks to bring them. Shyamala tells him that there are monsters who are very cruel and can do anything, they are controlled by only their horns if they can get monsters, they can control Virendra. Soldiers bring Krur Singh and his puppets and say they look like from Navgarh. Shivdutt asks them to kill all 3. Shyamala says they have gift all 3 to monsters and convince them. Krur Singh falls down and resists. Shivdutt opens his mask. Krur singh says it him and says hhe is kicked out of Vijaygarh and came here to seek his help. They enter monster’s cave and see lady monster insisting to get human for her feast, else she will not talk to him. Male monster says she cleared whole village, how will he get human now. She fights with him like typical wife and says horn is with her, so he has to obey her. Shivdutt asks Krur Singh to get horn. Krur Singh silently gets horn and loudly says he got it, throws it towards Shivdutt. Monster watches them and captures. Krur pleads to save him. Shivdutt says he got their horn, so they have to obey him. They get afraid. He says he will get them a human daily if they do his work. They happily agree.

Virendra enters Chandrakantha’s room via window. She sees him and romances, then thinks she is imaging him everywhere. He comes in front of her and says he is real. Their romance starts. He asks her to kiss him. Champa and Chapala knock door. She asks Virendra to leave him. He asks to promise to kiss him after engagement. She agrees. After sometime, their engagement finishes. He asks her to kiss him now. She gets nervous and says everyone are around. He tells Padvika that he will meet praja and take Chandrakantha along. Padvika smiles and agrees. Virendra walks with Chandrakantha and asks her to kiss him now. Monster enters palace and lifts them both in his hand. Whole palace panics. Soldiers shoot arrow. Tej Singh stops him saying they may hit rajkumari and rajkumari. Rajkumari carries them along.

Precap: Monster tries to eat Chandrakantha. Veer stops her and asks to let her go, he will do whatever she says. Monster spares Chandrakantha, captures Virendra and takes him towards her mouth.

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