Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 29th July 2017 Written Update

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 29th July 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 29th July 2017 Written Episode

Monster carries Virendra and Chandrakantha and walks away. Tej Singh orders soldiers not to throw spear as it may hit rajkumar and rajkumari. In monster’s cave, female monster eats Shivdutt’s soldier. Shivdutt warns her dare not to touch his people. Monster says she cannot control hunger and looking at Krur says if she gets this man, she will not eat anyone else. Shivdutt warns her again to stay away from his people. Tej Singh on the other side asks Padvika not to worry, he will bring back rajkumar and rajkumari. He starts searching with soldiers and Chamapa/Chapala and find monster’s footstep. He says it is difficult to find the other foot steps and sends soldiers to search all around.

At night, seeing Shivdutt sleeping, Nazim and Ahmed suggest Krur Singh if he gets
monster horn he can do anything, even get Chandrakantha. Krur Singh walks towards horn and is about to pick it when Shivdutt wakes up and asks what he wants. Krur Singh says he cannot bear monster’s snoring. They all sleep again. Krur silently wakes up and picks horn and falls down, he loses memory shortly. His puppets think he lost his memory again. They remind him. He gains senses and gets happy seeing horn in his hand. Monster wakes up and picks him up. She snatches horn. She ties them all. Monster brings Chandrakantha and Virendra and ties even them. Female monster starts boiling spices to prepare human curry. Krur asks if she wants to eat them, why she wants to boil them, she can eat raw instead. She says he does not know taste of human flesh. Krur points at Veer and says he is made of steel and would take long to boil, but will be very tasty, she should spare Chandrakantha though. Female monster says she will make Chandrakantha’s chutney. Male monster asks to make everyone’s chutney, he cannot wait. Female says she is preparing meal and it will be her decision howmuch to serve him. They both fight. Shivdutt and Shyamala free themselves and try to escape. Veer tells female that male cheated on her and ate soldiers whom he caught along with them. She angrily eats Veer. Chandrakantha shouts Virendra…Virendra gets into female’s body, gets out his sword and tears female’s tummy and comes out. Female falls down. Male is shocked seeing his female dead and tries to catch Veer. Veer picks horn and escapes repeatedly. Tej reaches with Champa and Chapala. Veer throws horn towards him and ask to throw it in fire. Tej does same and monster burns into ashes.

Virendra returns home with Chandrakantha, Tej, Champa, and Chapala. Padvika happily does their aarti. Tej says Chandrakantha saved Virendra and them all. Virendra takes Chandrakantha to a room and reminds her of his reward. She kisses his cheek. He says he needs more. She lip kisses him.

Shivdutt scolds Krur why did he pick horn. Krur says he was just saving them. Shivdutt asks Shyamala that Virendra could kill monster, he will smash their army easily, so needs scorpion army soon. Shyamala says it is difficult to get scorpion army so early, but she can get her sister Soundarya who posses black magic. Soundarya comes. Krur praises her beauty. She says she can hypnotize anyone by looking into their eyes and hypnotizes Krur. He obeys her as orders, laughs, gets punished, walks to balcony edge. She removes hypnotism. He regains consciousness and gets afraid seeing himself on the edge and walks back. Shivdutt asks if she knows only this. She says she can do anything and disguises as Chandrakantha. Krur gets happy seeing her. She lures Krur and tries to get romantic with him. He gets more happy. She gets back to her normal self. Shivdutt says he needs Virendra and can give anything in reward. She asks to remember his promise.

Padvika and Jai singh fix Virendra and Chandrakantha’s wedding. Chapala taunts Chandrakantha. Soundarya enters. Guards stop her. She hypnotizes them, then walks in and hypnotizes Padvika, Chapala and everyone present. She orders to take her to Virendra’s room. Padvika obeys. Virendra sees Padvika and asks if she needs anything. He then sees Soundarya and asks who is she. Soundarya sends Padvika back and hypnotizes Veer.

Precap: Palace breaks and vase falls on Chandrakantha and she collapses. Virendra picks her and runs out. Another Chandrakantha come and says she is real Chandrakantha. One of them falls on stone and collapses.

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