Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 5th August 2017 Written Update

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 5th August 2017 Written Update by H Hasan

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 5th August 2017 Written Episode

Soundarya hypnotizes Virendra. Chandrakantha asks Virendra to look at her. Soundarya orders Virendra to push Chandrakantha away. Virendra pushes her down. She hits her head to a stone and collapses. Soundarya takes Virendra with her. Virendra asks where did she bring him. He says just walk. He says she is so beautiful. Tej Singh and Chapala come out and see Chandrakantha unconscious. They think how did she come here, where did Virendra go. They carry her back to palace Chandrakantha wakes up and calling Virendra and tells mehandi wali took Virendra, she is a magician and Krur Singh knows where she took Virendra. Krur Singh is thrown in jail. He shouts where is he, what is he doing here. Tej enters. Krur shouts what is he doing here. Tej asks who is mehandiwali. Krur says
what…Tej warns puppets Nazim and Ahmed to speak. They hit Krur’s head and he regains his memory. Tej asks soldiers to bring bag full of rats. Krur gets tensed. Soundarya takes Virendra to a magical world where clouds are on earth and flowers on sky. He asks which place is this. She says it is her magical world and if they unite, he will be most powerful.

Tej gets Krur into rat bag. Krur reveals that mehandi wali was magical woman Soundarya and she an hypnotize anyone and can create a magical world which will look like real. She is very powerful. Tej Singh informs Chandrakantha whole thing and says Shivdutt had sent Soundarya and she has taken Virendra to Shivdutt. Padvika comes and asks where Virendra. Chandrakantha tells her whole incident. Krur says he is going to Chunargarh. Chandrakantha says even she will accompany him to save Virendra. Padvika says her sonn is away, he will not send her daughter now. Chandrakantha says she has to save Virendra and asks Tej to make arrangements.

Soundarya takes Virendra to Shivdutt. Shivdutt sees Virendra standing silently and asks what happened to him, why is he not listening to him. Soundarya says he will listen only to her. Shivdutt praises her and asks how much wealth she needs. She says she needs Virendra. Shivdutt happily agrees and says she can take Virendra for a day, Chandrakantha will think Virendra betrayed her and will leave Virendra. Soundarya thinks she did not want to bring Virendra here, but did as Shivdutt would have searched her. Shyamala tells Shivdutt he should not have let Soundarya take Virendra, now she will try to get talismi powers from Virendra. Shivdutt says Virendra has lost powers. Shyamala says Virendra is hypnotized but not lost powers, Soundarya will consummate with Virendra and take all his powers.

Tej with Chapala and Chandrakantha reach Chunargarh. Chandrakantha says Shivdutt will identify them easily. Tej and Chapala turn into Krur and Nazim. Tej says now Shivdutt will not identify them. He says Chandrakantha is his new ayyara now. On the other side, Soundarya gets romantic with Virendra and is about to kiss him when Shyamala and Shivdutt come and stop her. Shivdutt shouts she betrayed him and is tyring to grab magical powers from Virendra. Shyamala aks how can she betray her own sister. Soundarya gets sword with magic and orders Virendra to kill Shivdutt. Virendra walks towards Shivdutt and is about to kill him when Shyamala pleasd to spare her sister’s husband. Soundarya stops Vrirendra. Shyamala then creates magic and palace starts breaking. She disappears with Virendra. Shyamala and Shivdutt try to escape. Chandrakantha, Tej, and Chapala reach there and realize Soundarya has done black magic on them. Tej breaks Soundarya’s magic. Shivdutt asks them if they saw Soundarya and Virendra. They say no. Shyamala asks who is this new masked man. Tej/Krur says his new ayyara. Shivdutt says they don’t have time for all this. Shyamala says she knows where Soundray took Virendra and takes them along.

Krur sees fire spreading in jail and shouts to save him. Guards open his door and he escapes with his puppets Nazim and Ahmed.

Sondarya takes Virendra to a cave and tries to get closer him. Virendra’s hypnotism breaks due to Padvika’s given god’s locket. He identifies her as mehandiwali and asks where did she bring him. She says his hypnotism broke again and says she brought him here to take all his talismi powers and ties him with her magic. He says he does not have any powers. She says he does not know he has talismi powers and all 9 grahas/planets are under his control. She starts doing black magic and gathers all 9 planets. Shyamala takes Shivdutt, Chandrakantha, Krur/Tej, and Nazim/Chapala outside cave and they all are unable to enter cave due to Soundarya’s black magic. Krur breaks her magic. Shivdutt thinks when did he became so powerful. They all enter cave and are shocked to see Soundarya doing black magic on Virendra and him shouting in severe pain. Soundarya says she grabbed all powers from Virendra into planets and will get talismi powers. She asks planets to transfer her Virendra’s power. Chandrakantha pushes her just then. Soundarya shouts she does not know whom she provoked and pushes her. Chandrakantha falls far apart. Soundarya then asks planets again to transfer her power. Yaksha emerges and says talismi powers come with fate and are nontransferable. She did a big sin trying to transfer powers and will be punished. He punishes her and she collapses. Virendra then becomes idol. Chandrakantha is shocked, picks idol and asks Yaksh to get Virendra back to normal. Yaksh says it is not under his control now. Chandrakantha says why Virendra is being punished for Soundarya’s mistake. Chandrakantha asks to tell at least how to correct Virendra. Yaksh says he can only says that Bavani can get back Virendr to normal and cannot tell further where he is, etc. Drama continues.

Precap: Tej holds Bavani’s aide’s throat. Aide says he can kill him, he does not know how cruelly Bavani will kill him. A woman says Bhavani got a curse whose solution is in talismi and he is also waiting for talismi to open, whoever has Virendra’s idol can help Bavani. Bavani tells Chandrakantha he will help her. Chandrakantha gets afraid seeing him.

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