Punar Vivah 2 22nd May 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 22nd May 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 22nd May 2013 Written Episode


Scene 1:
Location: A Serial shoot and Jagotia’s mansion in Bhopal.
A lady is drying clothes on the roof, when her husband playfully comes and flirts with her romantically. He teases her at the fact, that everyone all the time keeps looking out for her, for every small thing. She says that all daughter in laws’ are like that, whether in bhopal or in mumbai. The shot cuts.

Just then, another lady in bhopal, is drying clothes, and hearing a familiar knock on the door, she hurriedly descends down the stairs, and in doing so, she accidentally trips over the bucket, which lands on sohan’s wife’s feet and she screams in pain. She starts scolding her daughter in law, and as she comes down, sohan’s wife asks her to lend a hand so that she can get up. But she doesnt respond and goes off, irritating sohan’s wife all the more. Sohan’s wife taunts her that it was the biggest mistake of her life to make her the daughter in law of this house.

Scene 2:
Location: At a serial shoot set and Jagotia’s mansion in Bhopal.
The choti bahu heroine comes and gives another shot. The director calls the shot, a success, and they take a break. They all compliment on her acting capabilities, while explaining her the next scene, that would further generate public interest and increase TRP’s. As she does her touch up, she gets nostalgic and starts smiling.

At another event, the heroine, Divya is reported to be retiring after the closure of the serial, Choti Bahu, with a grand celebration. she is bidding goodbye, while also entertaining her fans. They compliment her contribution towards the social life in India, and inculcating manners in today’s girls.

Sohan’s wife comments, looking at its live telecast on the tv, that such girls like Choti Bahu are only in reel life and not real. A young girl, jagotia’s youngest daughter, belonging to the same family is very excited looking at Divya’s attire, but sohan’s wife dashes her dreams saying that her dad wouldnt approve. she gets disappointed. All are taunting the Bahu of the house, for the closure of the serial, while she remains unfazed. Jagotia’s fatso daughter taunts Sarita for talking too much, if not eating like her. The whole family is in a scuffle against each other, and pull each other’s legs, at the slightest provocation. The third daughter however is very serious listening to everything on the TV. As they discuss what would divya do now, the thrid one stoically says that she would pick on a new serial, and wont sit idle at home, atleast.

Divya is having a nice time at her farewell party. Her family talk about what is she going to do now. They mention that now she would become Choti Bahu in real life. When asked about marriage, divya is conscious, while her relatives say that now’s the time for her to settle down. She says that she’s returning to bhopal where her life and her love are waiting for her. The third and the serious daughter of Sohan Lal is very shocked, hearing this. The reporters ask about the groom, at which she is speechless. The girls of the house are discussing as to how their brother, Raj is going to be very busy tomorrow, as he has to go to the station, where he would wait out for her, and wont miss it for anything in the world.

Scene 3:
Location: In the train
Divya is enjoying the train local food, along with her family, saying that these typical moments cant be shared in the flights. Her brother says that now what remains to be seen is that whether Bhopal has remained the same or has changed, in these 10 years. She wishes that everything is the same, and she hopes that her life is waiting for her. She remembers how Raj had been running around searching for her, while she was seated in the train, hiding from her. while the train starts moving, he goes berserk that he wont be able to live without her, and that she shouldnt do this mistake. She gets emotional thinking about that. As bhopal arrives, she is instructed to wear a Burqa, so that she isnt flanked by her fans. Raj too arrives at the station, looking out for someone, his DIVYA. He calls up someone saying that today she shouldnt make him wait. Diya comes out wearing the burqa, and feeling the Bhopal air, she covers her face with the burqa. As she descends down the train, Raj feels something striking achord in his heart, as he looks on. As she starts walking, raj hurriedly walks down the stairs. they progress towards each other. As they cross each other, her burqa, drapes over raj’s face, and for both of them, it seems like time has stood. Finally he takes the veil off from his shoulder and walks off. Divya’s bag collides with another man, on the platform, and she thinks that some cheapo is after her, and hence tries to jerk herself and her bag away from him. The person himself is flabbergasted seeing how she is behaving, with his bag and himself, in tow with divya and her bag. Finally, she turns around with a jerk, throwing his bag in the air, and papers going strewn around in the air. Divya asks why is he following her like that, ignorant that her bag is stuck with his. As she goes into a barrage of reprimands, while his office papers are strewn in the air, he cant seem to take his eyes off Divya. He is brought back to senses, when he hears divya yelling at her. A crowd gathers up.

Her family meanwhile is searching for Divya. She is surprised to notice that the person doesnt even know her. but other do, and they create a huge crowd around her. After having been recognised, Divya immediately drapes the burqa over her face, and is escorted out by her relatives. The police too arrives, and escorts once they recognise her. while raj looks on surprised and confused. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Raj gets a cut while shaving, and his mother is instantly bothered, but he dryly asks her not to make a fuss about it, and goes off. She wonders that since he fell in love, this has been his condition, and that now he can return back to normal only when she comes back in his life. The third daughter, the serious one is very upset hearing this. Sohan’s wife is ignorant that Divya, raj’s love, has finally made an entry in his life back, and is in fact headed towards their home only.


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  1. MK
    May 23, 11:19 Reply

    Suni, I love that heart, he’s weight lifting lol
    Making sure he don’t get weak and heart failure.
    He be a strong one. Lol

    • Suni
      May 23, 11:27

      Yeah MK , you got it right dear πŸ˜€ .

  2. MK
    May 23, 11:01 Reply

    Omg people, over the last few weeks I have won millions of US dollars and also pounds.
    I have gotten so many messages that I’ve won.
    Oh how I wish it was true and could really collect that money. Then I’d fly all PV fans to India to me our favorite GC, KS and others.
    Oh then I could become a producer and we have lots of good writers on this forum, we could do our own story. Yessss
    Wishful thinking

    • Sj
      May 23, 11:19

      Calm down , just calm down
      We become looser, you talking winning

    • MK
      May 23, 11:21

      Hehehe, we lost big time yaar πŸ™

  3. Lenor
    May 23, 10:25 Reply

    Good morning all my beautiful PV Family. How are your all today?

    • Amaica
      May 23, 10:30

      Hello Lenor….Many happy returns of the day,s blessing to you.

    • Amaica
      May 23, 10:56

      Hello Afreesh….It would seem that I missed you…However,I will see you in the afternoon.

    • Lenor
      May 23, 11:07

      Good Morning Amaica, how are you dear?

    • MK
      May 23, 11:15

      Hi Lenor, good morning

    • Lenor
      May 23, 11:25

      Hi MK how are you?

  4. Hey everyone!
    Why do all the shows on zee suck I sat down and watch all their shows,and the all SUCK!
    I see we have some QH fans here ladies,the suckery is about to hit ur show wit a vengenance!
    Saw some spoilers lawd put ah hand!

    • MK
      May 23, 11:17

      Od dear, Trinity, you and I the same, they all suck. I’ve given up.

  5. Suni
    May 23, 10:00 Reply

    Hi Choco πŸ™‚ . I’m great how r u ?

    • Choco
      May 23, 10:17

      me toooooo fine……….. u know me already………….. can u identify meeeee????????

    • Amaica
      May 23, 10:44

      Suni…Let me help you here…This sounds like our Apple who appears and then disappear….then reappear with another name to play with us.Hi Apple.

    • Suni
      May 23, 11:17

      Hi Amaica , ( wink wink ) yes my first guess would be Apple . She always comes up with sweet names . I guess she stayed away from the fruits this time and got her inspiration from chocolates πŸ˜€ . But then again , maybe I don’t know this Choco person at all .
      Hi Choco , I have no idea who you are dear. πŸ™ . But since Apple doesn’t come to visit anymore , I will welcome you as my new friend ({}) .

    • Suni
      May 23, 10:04

      Thank you so much MK πŸ™‚ . I think though that even DC himself wouldn’t tolerate the Mittals at present . I’m not going to sleep under a rock like Patrick from Sponge Bob .

    • Choco
      May 23, 10:19

      helo mk sis. hw r u?????

    • Amaica
      May 23, 10:24

      Hi Girls,

      All that I can do for now is to be a silent observer of the forum’s interesting and critical dialogue between friends.I thank you all for this opportunity…Bye

    • MK
      May 23, 10:58

      Lol, yes Suni, I do agree,
      I’m ok Choco
      Hey Amaica, you’re here early.

  6. Suni
    May 23, 09:20 Reply

    You know , I welcome the PV2 forum with open arms . The Mittals want us to watch their new show then I will watch. But , I will say what I need to say . Let me see who will be the fans of this show at present , who really understands the logic of this new show .
    Somehow I feel that the PH are begging Zee TV to axe this in under a month . There must be more than meets the eye here . This is the worst launching of a new soap that I have ever seen !!! What are the Mittals doing with a PV2 that doesn’t have anything to do with remarriage , but most about lust and regret?? Where is your pride Mittals ?? Did GC and KS walk out the door with all that you people had in you ??
    The PH has left only room for improvement because this show cannot get worse than iti is at present .

    • Choco
      May 23, 09:28

      Haiiiiiiiiiii suni hw r u??????

    • Afreesh
      May 23, 09:45

      Suni dear….. you are welcome…. definitely, I want to see you as an ardent critic because you have every rights to do that as a loyal fan of pv’s creative team. You appreciated them even at the worst time of PV. You compromised yourself against the illogical script, irrelevant plots, lack of entertainment and poor romantic script of PV. You always supported them with huge hopes and expectations. Finally, they cheated us….


      you guys are upset with mittals for the present issues, but I’m upset with mittals for the past few months idiotic script of PV. Why didn’t we open our eyes before when they were killing the concept of PV with the third marriage and kidnap stories. Why didn’t we teach them lesson at the earlier time???… what made us to behave like blind person???….
      I’m angry at myself for tolerating their recent nonsense storyline….now I’m not ready to keep silent anymore….

    • Suni
      May 23, 09:59

      Much agreed Afreesh . Do not be angry at yourself for having hopes back then yaar . We can’t change it so leave it there where it belongs . We learn from our mistakes and we move on . I will not be that way again , I am grateful for the lessons that I have learnt . It is better to say too much than to not say enough . We must learn from SJ , and call it as we see it .

    • Suni
      May 23, 10:10

      Afreesh , I almost bought a DC book yesterday . However I realised for the first time why his lessons do not appeal to me . It is because they are to formal . It seems like he is trying to teach me his way of life . I don’t know if you will understand , but I feel that every individual learns in his own way and mine isn’t through people telling me how to be but by life characters like yourself , who can walk the talk . I’m not saying DC might not practice what he preaches , but I am blessed with good people yaar and it is easier for me to assess a situation and draw my own conclusions than to have one already drawn up for me . That is why I like Paulo Coelho , he teaches a lot through the characters in his books .
      Sorry if I confused you dear.

    • Amaica
      May 23, 10:29

      Suni, Afreesh,MK,Lenor,Others… Great contributions.

    • Afreesh
      May 23, 10:40

      Hi Amaica…. how do you feel my dear???…

      Suni….what is the name of the book yaar???

    • Amaica
      May 23, 10:46

      Hi Afreesh…love you

    • Amaica
      May 23, 10:49

      Afreesh …When is DC coming to Trinidad.

    • Afreesh
      May 23, 10:59

      Suni dear….. I have to share something which is surprising me….. PV’s trip rate is 1.9 and having 3rd place in Zee serials (1. QH , 2.SSLC)…

      I told you before PV’s camera man does magic , yes they liked KVG …. He didn’t look horrible as the way I expected. I’m okey to see him…. The actress Rubina looks very confident in the on screen as well as off screen. She has to gain weight to please our eyes, just being confident is not enough. Let’s give her some time to improve her stature, but I have no problem to agree that she is pretty…

    • Afreesh
      May 23, 11:04

      Amaica…. Me too love you my dear….you are asking me as if I’m DC’s personal assistant…lol

      Suni said at June 16th ( not sure about date)… if possible you try to attend it. I feel like you can grasp his teachings better than me….

    • MK
      May 23, 11:08

      Afreesh about Rubina as an actress, did you ever see any of the Choti Banu series?
      Well she was really good in those. In the first one, she started starving herself and often collapsed out of weakness due to not eating. In the second one she started showing signs of getting skinny, now she is so scrawny it’s so sad.
      She was praised so much so that she was compared to Amitab Bachan in her respective scenes and the preparation etc.
      she is an excellent actress but the way she looks is not appealing at all. For me it is almost repulsive. I like to see a little flesh in people. Too skinny is not good. Her face used to be so cute and dimpled. Now is just skin a pnd bones.

    • Suni
      May 23, 11:19

      The something about successful people . And keys to happiness . I can’t remember exactly . Sorry πŸ™ .

    • Suni
      May 23, 11:21

      Amaica , I think that the date is the 27 th of June at Napa from 10:30 a:m .

    • Afreesh
      May 23, 11:23

      MK….yeah I know dear….I have seen her before at times, I didn’t know her acting skill but she looked almost like a natural beauty…
      If she gain weight definitely she can please our eyes. I hope the new leads will do their best to please us. Certainly, they might be aware of their challenges…

      My dear MK…you please send our honest critics regarding pv2 to mittals fb page…. I think it will help them eventually for us to feel better.

    • Suni
      May 23, 11:25

      Afreesh , please suggest to me one book in particular and I will get it . I looked at them yesterday and wasn’t sure which one to buy . I will read it , I will open my mind to this teaching that interests you because I want to share it with you . You had mentioned the 10 commandments of successful people or something similar . Please tell me yaar .

    • Suni
      May 23, 11:34

      Afreesh , I don’t like very much . I really don’t mind her figure . I just don’t appreciate her acting . On Choti Bahoo She closed her eyes too long and I swore that she would fall asleep . She seems less vibrant and not suited to strong roles the way KS was . KS was a dynamic personality .
      I can explain those TRPs yaar .
      1 ) PV fans still hanging around with hope in their hearts
      2 )A new show attracts a certain amount of attention
      3) The focus seems to be on the less astute fan base . Maybe the PV concept has to be brought down to an understandable level for a lot of people to appreciate it .

    • Afreesh
      May 23, 11:45

      Suni…the name is

      “The seven spiritual laws of success”….. a small pocket size book but the content is very heavy

    • Suni
      May 23, 11:52

      Ok yaar, I will read it .

    • Afreesh
      May 23, 12:00

      You are right…. now they are seeking the attention from the audience who can increase their TRP rate. You annoyed about the introduction of Rubina, you know what the same business trick is again used yaar “established fan based actress”…. and who introduced her???…..hahaha

      I believe, this time they are very alert, they didn’t try that trick with male lead. They learnt their lessons…. and another thing is all the supporting actors/actresses are literally looking like learners. So, they can change their cast at anytime if they find any difficulties among them. It seems they have taken much care to avoid those technical troubles experienced by them at PV.

      I hope they won’t spoil Rubina as the way they spoiled GC through their partiality and support towards a particular cast.

    • Suni
      May 23, 12:05

      In all honesty dear . I like KVG more than Rubina . He is capable of having a certain charm and humour . He just isn’t eye candy πŸ™ . I’ll say maybe 6 out of 10 on the looks scale . The guy that Divya bumped into , is also a cast member .

    • Suni
      May 23, 12:12

      The sister with the dimple in her cheek is from Choti Si Zindagi . She is a very good child actress ..I like her .

    • Afreesh
      May 23, 12:43

      Suni…. already you know my opinion regarding KS act & looks…. she had her own limitations to cope up with the role. I think, they selected KS for someone who looks matured like a young mother.

      Seldom I used to be happy with KS looks… yes, I’m sympathized for KS present condition but I must say… she didn’t justify her role as Arthi. She tried to portray the personality of KS into Arthi.

      I had complaint against her costumes and hairstyle and colours of the attire and acting skill. I felt emptyness in the script due to her over acting at times. Apart from romance, she had problem with crying and emotional scenes too. I felt completeness at her performance whenever she slapped someone and also at jkr emotions.

      But I shocked while witnessing her performance after the announcement of PV off air. Although look wise not satisfied much except that Ayu’s sixth day celebration, last romantic song, her final dance at saridha marriage.
      I will continue

    • Suni
      May 23, 12:58

      Okay dear .

    • Afreesh
      May 23, 13:06

      You know Suni…

      The main reason for lack of chemistry between GC & KS was their unmatched stature yaar. Most of the time KS looked elder than GC. If you look at the earlier episodes (before ARYA marriage) her makeup never helped, she looked very dark. Then latter her complexion improved and also they changed GC’s hairstyle to match with her.
      You know Suni.. nevertheless of all shortcomings they had sizzling chemistry whenever they justified the scenes… I used to wonder how???
      As we discussed recently, Does their sexual attraction towards each other brought that chemistry yaar???..

    • Suni
      May 23, 22:39

      Afreesh , I think that they chose KS because of her JKR style . She is a very commanding actress , she definitely has stage presence . Her role as a divorcee required her to be tough. Remember how she handled the sleaze that Mr Dubey had found for her ?? Also she had to be both mom and dad to Ansh . Leena had once said that they had initially offered her the role of Aarti , but she refused on account of her not wanting to be portrayed as a mom of 3 kids .
      We need to ask what was the PH first priority . To show a mother in search of a dad for her son ? Or to show romance ? I definitely feel that they sought exactly what KS delivered . She wasn’t terrible at first . She added a distinctive strength and body to the character Aarti . I never minded her complexion , I saw that they adjusted her height to make her look shorter next to Yash . She lost weight and looked beautiful after a while . Yes she is not great with the false crying . She doesn’t make us want to cry with her , she lacks a certain something with such scenes that require subtlety . She is better at taking charge than at being helpless . Also she did a great job with ArYa’s awkward humour .
      From her personality outside the PH , KS seems to be very outgoing and she speaks a lot and is very friendly . She would always mention how handsome GC is and she did seem in awe of him . But , I don’t know yaar . If it was attraction or an uncertainty of how to interact with GC , which led to them being lacklustre for romantic scenes . Debina is a very strong personality . KS must have sensed her possessiveness .
      Any lead actress would feel strange being around a man who is married to a jealous woman .. But , Heena wasn’t . Why ?? Did Heena not care for Debina ??? Was she just trying to prove her worth as an actress and couldn’t care les about who thinks what ?? She did what the directors told her to do irregardless of what GC or DC felt .

    • Suni
      May 23, 22:43

      You were thinking that at the end , when they knew that there would be no more romance between them , GC and KS decided to just be natural , and act on there possible pent up energy??
      SJ seems to think that they were both just trying to sell themselves because PV was ending and they needed to show what they are capable of producing .

    • Suni
      May 23, 22:44

      I read the book yaar πŸ™‚ .

    • Afreesh
      May 24, 08:07

      My dearest intellectual Suni….. as usual you know the answers for everything but you hesitate to accept. Yes, you have explained every reasons pertaining to the selection of KS for portraying Arthi role. Yes, I agree…. KS took sincere efforts to displace herself as Arthi nevertheless of her own limitations. That’s why willingly we forgot her limitations and accepted her as Arthi.

      My question is if she can display such a complete portrait of Arthi at last few weeks….why didn’t she accomplish it before???…. Didn’t she get her salary before?…Did the Mittals paid half package????
      Suni…the practical truth is she was not serious about her job…if you see the earlier episodes she had no problem to touch GC and she performed better than GC. I think, the popularity amongst the fans encouraged them to be lethargic towards their job.
      I remember SJ’comment “KS is acting as if she knows everything”…exactly I felt the same often. That is called “over acting “, I didn’t mean, she didn’t act well but she didn’t pay much attention to show the natural emotions of Arthi.
      Dishank (Prateik) told ” we always used to enjoy in the set, even at the time of serious scenes we used to laugh as soon as we finish our part”… yes it’s true, I had witnessed it from many sbb segment
      Leena (Paridhi) told in the latest article ” the leads are supposed to be responsible for the low trp eventhough the creative team shares equal responsibility”
      Now I come to the point….

    • Afreesh
      May 24, 08:50

      Yes… you are right after JDJ the distance between GC & KS were increased. That was the time DB used to go PV set for arranging GC’s needs. And also , we heared the rumour of KS, that she wanted to quit from PV. I didn’t like to dig the issues beneath the surface…. the thing is we couldn’t see the natural performance from KS & GC after those incidences.
      Suni….it’s not about romantic scenes yaar, even her casual touch over GC was not looking natural as the way Heena did yaar.
      Yes….you may be right with all your questions regarding Heena …I think Heena justified her job 100% nevertheless of her colleagues and audience disapproval. If you notice Ishita & Akash closure scenes, Heena had performed well with Akash too. She acted naturally despite the ugliness of her characterisation. She might’ve listened to the director’s requirements faithfully.

      The amazing truth is GC also was very comfortable with Heena…. if we consider the scenes of GC and the three females, Ishita leads for hot romance sequence than Arpita & Arthi…

      YASH & Arpita….the scenes were natural and delivered a romantic mood with a lot of love

      YASH & Arthi…..bhang dance & night delivered a longing love and need. Then latter we noticed more or less saint love Or love without attraction.

      Yash & Ishita….. love with lot of lust… i
      If we see them open minded nonetheless the role they visualized, both of them portrayed hot romance at each scenes. Whether he touch her or she touched him, the touches were very natural

      I don’t understand, why GC couldn’t do the same with Arthi ever since????…

    • Suni
      May 24, 08:57

      What I’m gathering from what you are saying yaar , is that although she came with certain limitations we accepted her nonetheless , because we began to grow accustomed to her style . KS changed us rather than changing herself . I get your point about her complacency . Aarti became KS rather than KS becoming Aarti . The lack of focus transmitted to the audience through the romantic scenes . She didn’t look real because she couldn’t separate the person KS from the character Aarti . She factored in her personal bias into her character . Heena just did her job . I think that this also applies to GC .

    • Suni
      May 24, 09:11

      Remember Afreesh when SJ had said that KS is acting like a ” touch me not doll ” . GC wouldn’t be comfortable with a woman who acts as though she is afraid or not wanting his touch . We are seeing this from a different perspective . GC did a great job with Heena despite our disapproval he did his job . The different factor was Heena not KS . The romance had more intensity and was done so well that it made us hate her . Exactly what was intended by the directors .
      But , again it brings the possibility of the attraction we alluded to between GC and KS . This would also contribute to them holding back for fear that they disclose too much of their real emotions through the scenes . GC seems like a gentle personality , would KS really attract or scare him yaar ??
      DC has a strong presence , but somehow she seems softer than KS yaar . I feel that KS talks a lot to hide her true self . She isn’t a settled personality . I see a lot of confidence in Debina for some reason . She has a man like GC and she intends to hold on to him . We can’t really blame her for keeping a weary eye on him . We had hoped that Aarti would know better about how to keep Yash safe .

    • Suni
      May 24, 09:13

      Afreesh , I really dislike leaving you now πŸ™ . But , I must go to a prayer that a friend has invited me to . I am going to help her prepare . We will talk soon dear friend . Hope that you have a great day .

    • Afreesh
      May 24, 09:44

      Suni….I like to indicate the recent intimate scene between Arthi & yash at kid’s room. They didn’t go into elaboration on that plot…okey no problem. When they disturbed by the family members, If we see yash without shirt or atleast opened shirt, it might’ve increased the integrity of that script. But no…why???
      The last scene when they were sharing about their past memories….I was watching carefully whether KS touch his shirtless body or not, she didn’t…, once there was a necessity to touch him but she managed it casually…
      At dinning table Yash caught with lipstick mark….yes we had seen the closure scenes before but we didn’t see Arthi moved her face even at his neck side while they were hugging each other. Then how did the marks came???…

      The last romantic song…In fact, GC took much efforts to make it hot romantic song. If you watch keenly, KS was looking at him surprisingly with a lot of shyness (it’s her own clueless feelings yaar,)

      In the dinning table (yash & Ishita scene) his shirt doesn’t even had buttons yaar!!!!!….

      When he avoided her Hand from cheek, (in the hotel )…. I felt, does he really didn’t like her touch???….It seemed he was okey with that
      Hotel room scenes ….I became speechless

      I’m just trying to make you understand the differences between KS & Heena….

      KS has taken the fans and the director as granted, she didn’t justify her job as well she didn’t satisfy the demand of her fans. Yeah, I understood her embarrassed environmental conditions where she supposed to indulge with a man who is keeping himself away from others. I don’t find any reasonable reason for GC’s separation against the colleagues by means of sleeping & reading books unless he think himself as big shot or he afraid to mingle.
      Despite those practical difficulties Heena did great job which KS failed to do eventhough she had the direct responsibility for boosting the TRP rate.

    • Afreesh
      May 24, 11:36

      Exactly Suni…This is what KS did. Someone who is very close to me said the same words for me yaar ” you can’t change yourself but you have the power to change the atmosphere according to you”. I think this is basic quality of strong personalities.

      But Suni, in real life she is not “touch me not female” yaar… I used to feel what’s happening?, whilst watching the sbb segment where KS clung with Prateik & Akash. She didn’t have any problem for tight hugs with other colleagues. It’s not easy for KS to talk without touching the person who is near to her. I think gender differences are never be matter to her. Then what’s her problem with GC???……

      I think we should include all the discussed points for her distance over GC.

    • Afreesh
      May 24, 11:40

      Suni….me too going out yaar….will see you once I return home….bye

    • Suni
      May 24, 14:05

      Afreesh , another point to consider is that KS was very comfortable with Vineet and Adesh . Was she turned off by GC being a married man ? Maybe she felt awkward and uncomfortable in a way that didn’t affect Heena about GC not being single . Both Vineet and Adesh were handsome . When Yash was angry , some forum fans had suggested that Aarti should just leave Yash and go with Aman . Aarti was more comfortable with Aman than Yash .
      We know that what we saw wasn’t the best that we could have seen with regards to romance , but , we don’t know exactly what was wrong . It could be a combination of factors , even the directors deserve some blame yaar . Also , what was the writers long term plan ?? They never dropped the “Ji” and I never once heard Aarti say Prashant Ji and Yash never questioned her about that .
      We know a lot of possible reasons , but we are still not sure about which one was most responsible .

    • Afreesh
      May 24, 18:10

      Suni…..The 24 hours watchdog work of DB never help my dear. That kind of acts never useful to anyone to secure their relationship. In fact , it may create more problematic situations in between the couples. Yes you are right, GC is a soft natured innocent personality but he is not a reserved type, he likes to mingle and chat with people. But seemed he is avoiding girls presence purposely just to cool the great lady DB. It’s very easy for a cleverer female to attract him. So, he might’ve advised by DB to stay away from his co-star. Thus made him to sleep or read books alone in a separate room when KS was clinging between Prateik & Akash ( Suni Akash is also a married man…you would wonder if you see their connection).

      KS might’ve felt awkward for his coward attitudes and kept distance from him by herself. It’s a natural reaction from a person who has high self esteem. She didn’t bother about her job requirements, she might’ve expected him to initiate and add intensity at the performance. Almost, it was also a kind of ego struggle yaar….
      The PH & the director might’ve known what was going on with them, so they tried to make the storyline accordingly. Sj stated the PH compelled them on long-term basis for lip lock but they refused. I feel somehow the Mittals granted more power to them which he couldn’t able to remove at later stages.
      You know Suni….still I’m thinking why did they preferred hot romance between Ishita & Yash at the last time. I believe, the most important factor is to demolish his heroic image. THEN????
      Is it they planned to utilize their handsome & hot hero, atleast by the end of their project???… when they realised it couldn’t be possible through KS, So they accomplished through HP???….
      I tell you one more thing yaar… Yash character doesn’t need any comfortability with Ishita, it was GC, he couldn’t avoid that comfort zone with HP. You know why, that was the original personality of GC, He might’ve felt encouraged by her touches and became tendered towards the scenes.
      If you see the climax scene… that plot required , the mad Yash who should abuse at her aggressively for her bad deeds…
      but it was looking almost like a hot argument between the lovers. I don’t understand what is the need of touching each other’s shoulder while bashing the person. The shirt had no buttons???? and then he removed his shirt while fighting…. why???..
      Overall, I felt like they fulfilled the desires of GC’s fans who wanted to see his hot romance. Yeah, definitely no one wanted with HP but no other choice for them since KS won’t obey them.

    • Suni
      May 24, 18:14

      You are awake late yaar . Thank you for the reply . I will read it now . Sleep well dear , sweet dreams .

    • PV is ridiculous
      May 24, 18:26

      OMG :@ don’t u people have any work other than dis . Idiots

    • Suni
      May 24, 18:38

      You are correct dear , KS would have felt slighted by GC’s lack of interest in her as his leading lady on PV . KS speaks her mind , not always directly , but many times through sideline comments that she disguises as humour . The statement that she made about GC only retreating to his room to sleep and read seems to be loaded with sarcasm .
      I understand what you mean about DC . She is holding on too tight and affecting GC , not only as a person , but also as an actor .
      The Mittals seemed to advertise GC at the end of PV . Maybe you are correct , that they brought in Heena to show the romance hat KS couldn’t or didn’t want to deliver . That fight scene was out of place . I wondered how did Ishita know where Pari would be ?? Also how did Ishita arrange the goons and the place to hang the baby ?? Where did she get funds ?? And how did she still have a driver ?? It all seemed arranged for a fight scene even though the audience wanted romance .
      But yaar , I will say , I don’t enjoy when GC fights , he doesn’t act well in this aspect either . Or maybe it was the direction . When he runs , he seem to be falling over too much . I couldn’t understand why he took off his shirt either :S .
      He was best as an angry sad man .

    • Suni
      May 24, 18:39

      Lol , don’t you have any other work than to read our comments ???

    • Afreesh
      May 25, 10:09

      Well….. Suni

      Do you know why I brought this topic????…. I don’t like to keep our attachments alive forevermore over GC & KS.
      In fact, we don’t like to discuss more about the personal feelings of two unknown individual, but this reasoning techniques are very much needed for us to overcome our defeated & restless emotions against the pathetic ending of our favourite show and the cast. We are helpless….

      You know Suni, DC always suggest his readers to write “what is bothering us” instead of speaking. Of course, we can’t talk to each other except writings. This is really helping us yaar….

      Now, we understood it’s not necessary to cherish sad emotions over people who never valued our attachments & interest. Isn’t Suni????… So, we won’t find difficulties to “move on” from past memories

      I will catch you today’s forum yaar….bye

    • Suni
      May 26, 09:19

      Ayaz Khan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Ayaz Khan (born 1 April 1979) is an Indian actor and model. He has appeared in such Hindi films as Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. He also appeared as Shubhankar …

    • MK
      May 23, 09:41

      Hi Blue

  7. cheezu
    May 23, 07:58 Reply

    do did raj end up getting married??

    • MK
      May 23, 08:01

      I guess he did because his wife is in the house being mentally tortured by his mother.

  8. Asya4ever
    May 23, 07:49 Reply

    Mk dear . here is my username in fb send me a friend request . its (Intisaar cadey c) my profile pic is sushmita sen

    • Anu
      May 23, 07:55

      Farsss cum 2qh page

    • MK
      May 23, 08:00

      Ok dear

  9. Suni
    May 23, 07:25 Reply

    Divya/Radika/Rubia’s -whoever the Mittals want her to be on this show – was given a very ridiculous introduction . The characters were annoying with the exception of the girl from Choti Si Zindagi . Are they going to address obesity or the risk of diabetes on PV 2 ??? Why is that girl eating so much ?? Is her character a caricature or will she serve any purpose in plot advancement ??
    Really ??? At this time there still exists mother-in-laws with such backward thinking as Raj’s mother ?? Girls wanting to get married please pay more attention to your future in-laws !! Run if they show signs of being like Raj’s mother . Girls are empowering themselves through education and have a variety of choices besides becoming someone’s subservient bahoo .
    Raj is married , Divya never married . Who is getting remarried ??
    Raj is running to a train station to meet his former love , even though his wife is at home . I don’t care if his wife is a monster from hell . That is dishonest and should be considered pre-adultery . Why is that idiot Diviya thinking that after she led her life for 10 years , that her former love would be still there pinning away for her ?? She seriously needs to get over herself !!!
    So what do we look forward to ?? Romance between a married man and his first love . Lust and regret from Divya instead of acceptance that things do change in 10 years . I will actually look forward to the next one . Raj’s wife possibly plotting to oust Raj for even thinking about another woman while married !!
    I am finding it very difficult to understand and identify with these characters .

    • Afreesh
      May 23, 08:11

      Well said Suni…. I too don’t understand their theme…. How could a married man waiting for his lover???…. why should a girl disturb a married man when she left him before 10 years????… what about his wife???

      What kind of love story it is????…. How can they come up with this type of dirty concept???…

    • Suni
      May 23, 09:01

      Afreesh maiṁ tuma mΔ“rΔ“ dōsta pyāra .
      This PV 2 will help me to become an ardent critic .
      I am baffled as to how these accomplished actors could have accepted these roles ??? . There must be more than meets the eye , or the only conclusion would be that the PH has gone mad !!
      I am beginning to understand even better why they needed the PV cast so desperately to help launch this new product .

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