Punyashlok Ahilyabai 16th June 2021 Written Update

Punyashlok Ahilyabai 16th June 2021 Written Update by Amena

Punyashlok Ahilyabai 16th June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Malhar saying Ahilya is younger to Khanderao, she is his wife, you know what he can do to trouble her. Harku says but she has to learn to stay with him, he got more stern towards her when you punished him for his misbehavior, if you didn’t interfere in their matter, kids would have solved the matter their way, they should solve their own issues, without the elders’ intervention. Malhar says maybe you are saying right, Khanderao and Ahilya should patch up, his thinking should change, but can this happen. Harku says Ahilya will bring him on the right path, that’s why you made her your bahu, right, then its imp that they are together, Khanderao is angry on her, trust me, everything will be fine.

He says you understood which I never told you, I didn’t even tell Gautama, this is the special reason what I thought, maybe Ahilya can do the work which I couldn’t do as a father, I have kept Ahilya with you, because she can share things with you, I feel that I should not worry for Khanderao also. She smiles. She says I got something for you. He asks perfume? She gives the perfume, and says this is your fav, right. He says yes, you never forget to get this when you go to your Maayka. He forwards his hand. She applies the perfume.

Gautama asks is this true. Khanderao says yes, you can ask dad. Malhar comes and says I didn’t expect this from you, Khanderao. Ahilya wakes up in the morning. She says I m feeling so lazy, there are so much work. She gets ready and goes. She says I didn’t know about Rudra Abhishek. She joins the puja. She asks pujari why did he do the Rudra abhishek today, is it any special day. Malhar says yes, its a special day. Ahilya asks what. Gautama says think its a festival, its Ahilya’s birthday today. Ahilya says really, okay. She thinks and says but I m your bahu. Everyone smiles. Malhar says its your birthday today. Ahilya gets happy. Gautama wishes her.

Ahilya says you all remember my birthday, I also didn’t remember. Gautama says forget it, lets do the aarti. Ahilya asks how do you know it. Gautama says your parents sent a gift for you and we got to know it. Malhar says yes, we wanted to surprise you, you can go to your room and see what you they sent for you. Gautama does her aarti. Ahilya takes their blessings and smiles. Dwarka and others also do her aarti and bless her. Tuko ji says Khanderao is busy in some work, so he couldn’t come with us. Malhar asks what do you want on your birthday. Ahilya says nothing, I have everything, you already gave me a big gift. He asks when. She says you permitted me to study. Gautama says we will celebrate your birthday and give some gift.

She asks Dwarka to make everything of Ahilya’s choice. She gives Ahilya an off from household work. She asks her to go to her class. The servants get the gifts and sweets. Gautama asks Ahilya to touch the plates, the things will be distributed to the poor, she will get many blessings. Ahilya touches the plates. She hugs Gautama and smiles. Gautama says keep everyone happy. She shows a gift for Ahilya. Everyone smiles. Ahilya goes to her room and sees the gifts sent by her parents. She cries and says Malhar and Gautama take much care of me, Khanderao thinks I m his enemy. Malhar comes and says I thought the same about Khanderao, he is hot-tempered, he didn’t wish you, he did wrong, you will get surprised if he comes to celebrate your birthday. He recalls talking to Gautama and Khanderao.

He says Tukoji told me that Khanderao read the letter from Chondi which came for me, its Ahilya’s birthday tomorrow, Mankoji and Sushila got these things, Khanderao should have given it to her, he got this to you. Gautama asks why, he didn’t do anything wrong, he wanted to keep this hidden to surprise her, we can keep a small celebration at home. Malhar says sure, I understood this and I m happy, I didn’t expect this from Khanderao, I m wrong. Khanderao says you make such mistakes often, you never tried to understand me, fine that I don’t like Ahilya, I m not his enemy, I have no objection that she gets her share of happiness, she should not affect my happiness, she comes to trouble me and get the praise. Malhar says its not like that. Khanderao says I won’t be a part of her celebrations, she doesn’t care if I m there or not, you are there, she doesn’t need anyone else. He goes. Gautam asks Malhar not to worry. FB ends. Malhar says Khanderao doesn’t know to express, but he cares for you. Ahilya smiles and thinks I can get friendship with Khanderao again, I should do what Harku explained me.

Ahilya studies in the class. She thinks Khanderao will come to help me. She asks did I write well. He says yes. She says he is so bad, he didn’t help me, fine, I will erase this, else Guru ji will come and see it. Guru ji stops Ahilya.

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