Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th April 2013 Written Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th April 2013 Written Update by Nia

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th April 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Anuj asking Adi to come to his small b’day party. Adi agrees.
Sheila calls up Avantika and she clearly refuses to come. Sheila feels happy.

Pankudi was making arrangements for the party. preeti was surprised to see Pankudi in Diwan mansion ..and making arrangements. She said that Pankudi will never change. And she also shouts at Sheila saying why she is making Pankudi work….

Adi comes and asks if she is with mum and dad … but Pankudi says mum called and told her to come.
Sheila tells them that avantika refused.
When guest started coming …. Sheila asks Anuj to get ready….

Sheila was about to get the cake but Kaira says she will get it… Anuj who was listening to it got happy.
Everything was set and when it was time to cut the cake… Adi and Pankudi lit the candle. Anuj gets emotional and looks at latika and rubel who were standing in a distance.

Anuj was about to cut the cake… but a business man came with police calling out Mr.Anuj Diwan’s name.
Because he didnt receive any payment till date… he wanted to arrest Anuj…. But anuj said he didnt even know about this deal. It was Rubel who handles the deals…. but he doesnt agree…
Rubel too was getting tensed…. Everybody was trying to save Anuj from getting arrested.

Pankudi calls Avantika and tells her about whats happening and she was waiting for her to come soon.

When Anuj was about to go with the police… Avantika came and asked for the contract papers.. she studied the contract papers and told him that it was Rubel who signed it not Anuj… she further adds that Diwan group of companies is ready to give payment for his loss and apologizes…
The man agrees and goes with the police.
Adi confronts Rubel and says how could he just do that with Mama…. And says that to save himself how can he do that.
Rubel shouts back saying that was Adi avantika and Pankudi’s plan….

He blames them for everything. Anuj couldnt control himself and slapped Rubel…. and says Avantika is her sister and that they are his family.
Latika and Sheila was shocked but others felt happy.

A disappointed Rubel goes away…latika followed him.
Anuj thanks Avantika and Avantika says its fine and she is happy today that he did that. Bcx he had to control RUbel’s actions.

Harish’s family leaves.
In Anuj’s Room Sheila says to Anuj that it must be Pankudi’s plan this time too… and she was trying to stop him from going to avantika’s side. whereas in Rubel’s room.. Latika was talking to him in a way that he would go against Sheila and Anuj.

Adi asks everyone what’s the need of going to Diwan mansion and now he himself things that he shouldnt have gone. Avantika gives excuzes.

Latika tells Rubel that he has to take independent decisions now and Rubel says you a
re right ! Episode ends.

Precap: Somebody was singing Aarti and Nanu Pankudi Latika Rubel And sheila went to see who it was.

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  1. Subhsi
    April 30, 23:27 Reply

    I think Kaira is singing the Aarti.

    • swaru
      May 01, 03:29

      it was a male voice

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