Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 15th November 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 15th November 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 15th November 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1

Shakti comes to the family, Dadi says did you take ubtan shower? Padma says it means she will get married soon. Shakti says I want to study and become a doctor first. Nandu says what if a guy supports you in your studies even after marriage? Dadi says stop teasing her, she gives her ubtan and Shakti leaves.

Keertan tells Mandira that she has put him in a mess and that Rimjhim thinks he loves her. Koyal says this isn’t a small problem. Keertan says Rimjhim messaged me that she wants to bring her proposal to her family. Mandira says wow.. this is great. She says you helped me without knowing. You don’t know what you have done. She leaves. Keertan tells Koyal that he is scared.

Mandira comes to the family and says its time to talk to Shiv. We can take the proposal tomorrow. I can talk to him first. Gayatri says he can never say no to her. Mandira nods and leaves.

Shakti comes home and is covered in haldi. Manorama laughs and says you will get married soon. Shakti says everyone was saying that, I just applied it to Shiv and it fell on me. Manorama says you are moving fast. Shakti says its not like that. Manorama asks her to tell her the story behind this festival. She tells it to her. Manorama sits with her and says we pray for a lover for life when we get married. Shakti thinks about Shiv. Manorama says we pray for our family’s safety her in this festival. Manorama says we pray to keep enemies away from us. Shakti thinks about Mandira and prays to expose her soon. Manorama says we pray to get our wishes fulfilled. She tells Shakti that she should think about Shiv’s family as she will be part of their family soon. Shakti asks about Rimjhim, Manorama says she is angry so go and tlak to her.

Scene 2

Mandira comes to Shiv and says Keertan told me everything. He says really? Mandira says I like that girl.. she is intelligent and perfect for us. I am so excited that we will go for a proposal tomorrow. Shiv says I will talk to Dadi then. He runs to Dadi and others. Mandira says I told them already. Dadi says yes, you can’t hide love for long. Mandira says we will take proposal tomorrow. Dadi asks if he is happy? He says a lot. He hugs Keertan. Mandira stops him and says lts start celebrations.

Shiv dances in the family function. All family members joins them.

Shakti comes to Rimjhim and asks why is she sitting alone? Rimjhim says my life is spoiled, why are you not taking my side? you know I love Keertan, I need your support and you are not helping me? if you support me then I feel like I can win anything in life. If you don’t support me then I don’t think I can win my love. Please talk to Manorama, she cries and begs her. Rimjhim says Keertan loves me then why aren’t you helping us? Shakti says he doesn’t love you. Rimjhim is shocked hearing that. This is all his plot to take revenge on us, I know you are hurt but the this is the truth.

Shiv tells the family that he is excited now. He hugs Keertan and says I am very happy, congratulations, he leaves. Dadi says why did he congratulate him? Mandira says he was congratulating us all. Dadi says I knew Shiv would accept it. Ragunath says I haven’t seen Shiv so happy. Padma says this feels weird, how can he be so happy? Mandira says please don’t spoil Shiv’s happiness, you know he can’t control his emotions. She thinks this diwali will bring happiness in my life only.

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