Pyaar Ke Paapad 1st August 2019 Written Update

Pyaar Ke Paapad 1st August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Pyaar Ke Paapad 1st August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Omkar and Shivika getting close and romancing. Laal ishq….plays….. Maya sits crying. Mangal asks what happened. She says nothing. He asks what’s the matter. She asks how much do you love me. He smiles and says I never estimated it, I love you a lot. She says you can do anything for me. He asks what shall I do. She says tell the lie which you have hidden. He says yes, I lied, when you made food, the salt was less, I lied and praised it. She gives him the medical reports. He asks did you go to doctor. She says you lied to me.

He says the reports are nonsense, you will get a child. She says I have the weakness, you said you aren’t able to father a child, I thought there is hope, I can’t conceive ever, all my hopes got broken. They cry. He consoles her.

They hug and cry. Its morning. Omkar and Shivika wake up. She asks him to go and get ready. He says I will spend time with you. She says let me go, Maya would be doing all the work. Mikki says I got late, no one came to make me ready. Shivika says sorry. Maya says Omkar had a headache, Shivika was massaging his head, come. She asks Shivika to take a bath and come downstairs. She goes to make tea.
Maya prays and says I have a hope that we will get a child. Mangal asks her not to think that a miracle will happen, we can adopt a child. Maya says I want my own child. He says how does it matter. She says it matters a lot. Omkar gets ready. Shivika says I need to talk to you, Maya wants a child but…. Omkar says but she can’t conceive. She says we should get her treated at some good hospital. He says we have taken her to best doctors, I know Mangal and Maya appear happy but they are upset. She says Maya is much upset, there has to be a solution. He says Maya wants to have her own baby. Shivika says adoption is a good option. Omkar says she isn’t ready, we all wanted this. She says I will explain Maya, she can become a mum. Alankar gets Shalu’s ticket. He says I will come next week so that they don’t doubt me. Triloki and Deenu come. Alankar says I was going to temple. Deenu asks what are you hiding. Alankar asks Deenu to behave well with Shalu. Deenu says don’t talk in between. Triloki scolds Deenu and makes him apologize to Alankar.

Deenu thinks to find out what is Shalu hiding. Alankar goes. Shivika says you should adopt a child. Maya says its not easy, that child won’t be mine, I won’t be able to love the child. Shivika says you love Mikki. Maya says she is Jaya’s daughter. Shivika says she isn’t your daughter, you love her, you regard her as your own, you have to regard adopted child as yours, he will call you Maa, mother loves a child, when you take child in arms, you will love him. Maya asks what will everyone say. Shivika says people will keep saying, you want baby, not those people, think about yourself. Maya says I don’t understand, I will go to market. Shivika says fine, think about it once.

Maya cries and asks Jaya to come fast, Jagat has an affair. Everyone wishes Jaya on her birthday on video call. She asks for Jagat. Mikki says he refused to come.

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