Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 12th May 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 12th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 12th May 2023 Written Episode

Mohan standing is very worried recalling how Gungun said she will also die if anything happens to Radha, she said he has said very bad things to Radha so she will never talk with him, he walks away.

Radha is still sitting beside the door of the freezer recalling how Gungun told Mohan he is not her father when she first came to the Trivedi mansion. Radha wonders why is she constantly thinking about that moment, she realizes that Mohan and Gungun need her help, she places her hand on the floor but is not able to stand up due to the extremely cold temperatures and the injury on her wrist. Radha finally places it once again and then stands up refusing to give in to the tremendous pain, she mentions her husband and daughter need her help so she cannot accept defeat like this, she has to escape from this freezer. Radha once again starts knocking on the door asking if anyone is there so they should help her come out and open the door however no one is listening to her. Radha once again asks someone to help her, she starts calling Maa ji.

Kadambari is sitting in the meeting, she gets worried thinking it has gotten very late as neither Damini nor Radha has come back, she wonders if Damini has done anything so she herself goes to check. Damini reaching the window thinks that Kadambari would surely be searching for her and Radha, so she has to enter very soon. Damini starts climbing the window of the bathroom while Kadambari is also walking towards it, Damini is trying her best however she is really struggling to enter, meanwhile Kadambari opens the door to the cabin calling Radha however there is no one there, Kadambari thinks there is neither Damini nor Radha, she wonders if Damini has done something so thinks she cannot be trusted. Kadambari sees the door to the bathroom, she knocks on it is calling Damini who is still stuck in the window and trying to enter, Kadambari after a while gets worried so starts twisting the lock to open it, she sees Damini using the napkin to dry her face. Kadambari asks why did it take her so long, she notices the spider web on her hair so questions what is in her hair. Damini removing it recalls how she might have gotten it while climbing inside, she explains she has to scold the peon since there are a lot of webs, she mentions Maa was right since they should go back after ending the meeting. Kadambari asks where is Radha, Damini replies she was with her in the meeting when Kadambari replies she came to check on her, Damini says she is not with her, Kadambari says she will search for her so Damini also offers to help her. Damini asks Gayatri jee if she saw Radha, but she replies she did not. Damini then asks all the employees who also say they have not seen her, Kadambari mentions she might have gone to the kitchen; however, Nidhi explains she is coming from there and Radha is not there. Damini starts checking for Radha on her desk, she informs her bag is not here so she might have gone back home. Kadambari asks how is it possible and how can she leave in the middle of the meeting without informing anyone.

Damini notices that she had packed her bag in the black plastic, so if she still has her mobile then it would cause a lot of problem.

Radha is still shivering from the extreme cold, she sitting down thinks she is getting a feeling that something is not right with Mohan and Gungun, she starts getting dizzy so exclaims she has to go and be with them. Radha requests Bihari jee to show her some way since she needs to go back, Radha finally falls over after not being able to bear the extreme cold, she is about to pass out from the cold when Radha sees her bag under the shelf, Radha thinks her mobile should be in the bag, Radha once again gathers all of her strength and she sitting up thinks she really has half a mind, since her bag would have her mobile. Radha starts crawling towards it but is really feeling cold, Radha starts to open the bag but her hands are shivering which makes it very difficult for her. Radha manages to take out her mobile from the bag.

Radha starts dialing the number but the phone is showing it has very low battery, she gets shocked wondering how did the battery end so quickly. Radha then remembers how she saw in the Tv show that the battery dies when it gets cold, she thinks she will not be able to call for help, Radha thinks of calling Mohan jee, she once again covers herself thinking he will surely listen to her in such a dire condition but he will always listen to her.

Mohan turns off the phone after seeing that Radha is calling him, Radha exclaims he should not end her call since she has to talk about something very important with him. Mohan gets furious thinking until he does not answer her call, she will not stop. Mohan asks if she has called to ask about Gungun and what relation does she have with her, Mohan refuses to listen to her when she is trying to explain. Mohan says he does not know what magic Radha has done on her as she just wants to be with her, Mohan asks if she knows what Gungun said, that if she does not get Radha then would also die. Mohan mentions that Radha has snatched his own daughter from him, Mohan wishes that she should not have come to his life, he ends the call saying he does not even want to see her face. Radha starts crying seeing that the phone has ended.

Kaveri thinks this means her daughter has still not completed her plan, she thinks she has to talk with her.

Radha thinks that Mohan and Gungun would have gotten into an argument so he is not ready to listen to her, Radha then starts dialing another number.

Damini while trying to call Radha finds out her number is busy, she thinks what if Radha has called Mohan to inform him about everything, she gets a call from Kaveri so leaves requesting for one moment.

Kaveri asks Damini if she has completed her work, Damini replies but Radha still has her mobile when Kaveri informs she called Mohan, Damini says this means he would come to save her, Kaveri replies Mohan is still angry with Radha and so ended the call after scolding her. Damini mentions now Radha is going to call everyone, she instructs Kaveri to go and check who is Radha calling.
Radha while trying to call Gungun requests her to answer the call, Mohan furiously standing by the dining table thinks that Radha has snatched his own daughter from him and Gungun does not care if he is in her life. Kaveri coming to the table thinks she has to hide the phone before Radha calls Mohan. Mohan turns seeing Kaveri walking so calls her, she acts as if she has fallen so explains she might have broken her back. Mohan asks how did she fall, she replies she is thinking, he questions what was she thinking hearing which Kaveri gets stunned, she then informs she has forgotten it. She explains she wanted to ask if someone can give her the change as she will distribute it amongst the poor in the morning, she would prays that just as the differences have risen then they should rise, she then says she meant they all should end, so she was just thinking about getting the money, Mohan hands her the money when she asks if she can even keep her two thousand. Kaveri explains Gungun is really angry but would surely understand if he talks with her.
Radha thinks Gungun is not answering her call and Mohan jee is not ready to listen to her, Kadambari gets worried thinking that the phone of Radha is continuously busy. Damini thinks Radha will surely call them for help, she just prays that Kaveri is doing her work. Radha sees that Kadambari called her, she thinks that Maa je is her last hope so she tries calling her, Damini thinks that Radha’s phone should not be connected, she is really worried while even Kadambari is tensed.

Precap: Mohan steps on a flute and says I’m feeling bad vibes as if something bad is going to happen. Radha is locked inside freezer, she stops bleeding from her one hand and her other hand sticks to iron and her skins gets removed.

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