Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 17th March 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 17th March 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 17th March 2023 Written Episode

Bhushan hugs Radha, he holds her tightly so she feels a little tensed, Ketki calls him when Radha asks what happened, Ketki says that Radha should go back to he room, Radha replies she was just leaving because Bhushan Mama has agreed to stay here, Bhushan says he likes to take his medicine with milk so can she bring it for him, Ketki replies there is no need as she would ask Ajeet, but Radha replies it is nothing to be worried about however Ketki says that Radha is usually worried about Mohan but today when he is in so much pain she is busy working, Radha says she would then ask Dulari however Ketki replies even she has gone to sleep.

Ketki leaves after staring Bhushan, he turning back starts smiling.

Radha places her hand on Mohan’s back, she exclaims no matter how much he hates her she can never see him in pain, Radha opens the first aid box and takes out the ointment which she starts applying on the marks on his back, Mohan is still sleeping when Radha starts crying and a tear feels on his body, Mohan wakes up and sees Radha crying in the mirror so he asks her to go and sleep, he covers himself. Radha notices someone walking from the room, she wonders if he is the same person in the black dress. Radha opening the door is about to step out, she thinks she felt there is someone here as she has usually seen the person enter the house at this particular time.

Radha lies down to sleep, she sees Bhushan hugging her just as she closes her eyes, Radha exclaims that when Bhushan hugged her why was she feeling so weird, she refutes her thought. Bhushan opens the door to see Radha sleeping on the floor, he once again starts smiling.

Ketki is really worried when Ajeet comes explaining he would also have to give Bhushan milk, Ketki is just thinking about how Bhushan Mama jee was holding Radha, she leaves saying her mother was in jail today so can she not even get angry.

Bhushan lying down on the bed thinks that Radha is very beautiful, and her hair are so long that it might cause darkness in the day, he assures he would fix everything for her now that she has come here.
Radha thinks that Ketki was acting very strange when Bhushan hugged her, and she even stopped her from bringing the milk.
Damini angrily questions why is Kaveri so hungry that she always eats all the proofs which they have, she first ate the hair and now even the paper, Kaveri says that had she not eaten the proof Mohan would have found out the truth, Damini thinks that Bhushan is the same person who comes in the black dress because he came to their house just when the person in the black dress left, Kaveri laughs saying it can never happen as Bhushan is busy in politics and running an NGO, so it is not possible, she advises Damini to also rest and sleep for some time.

Radha thinks she is not able to find out anything and has to go find out the truth at Mohan’s office.

In the morning Radha is working in the kitchen when she feels scared seeing Bhushan standing in front of her, she is about to spill the cup but Bhushan holds her hand saying she got scared, she immediately removes her hand, Radha requests him to go and sit outside as she is going to prepare breakfast for him, she asks how much sugar does he like in the tea, Bhushan replies he is not habitual of taking too much sugar and would have to be careful, he assures he would make it easy for her by helping her, Bhushan picks the sugar pot and he asks Radha to take it, she raises her hand but he starts touching it once again, before instructing her to come forward, she slowly starts pouring sugar when he once again touches her hand causing the pot to fall, Bhushan says he would help her pick it, Radha assures she can manage it but he mentions that serving women is like praying for him, he kneels to pick it so Radha also kneels down to help him. Kadambari questions what is going on in here, Bhushan gets shocked so mentions Radha just broke the pot while making tea for him. Damini says she should not make tea with the same sugar because then she might once again blame either her or Kaveri, and she can even blame Bhushan mama jee. He stops Damini saying that she has not gotten mature as she is talking to the owner of this house and should be grateful of living here. Kadambari questions what he is doing here in the kitchen and should have asked if he needed anything, he sys he came here to fulfill the responsibility of being his uncle, Kadambari does not understand when he informs, he thought of making Jalebi for them, Kaveri smiles mentioning he should surely make it because they have not eaten them for so many years. Kadambari with a smile on her face says she would call Dulari, but Radha stops her explaining Dulari is working in the house so she is going to help him, Radha thinks about what happened last night and so thinks if it is true then she cannot let Dulari come near him. Kaveri and Kadambari leave but Damini is still standing here, Bhushan questions why she is still here, he instructs her to take the tea for them both.

Radha picks the pot to place it in the sink, Bhushan walks behind her, Radha gets scared seeing him and so gives him the pot, she then walks to start the preparations for the breakfast, he says she is very good while working in the kitchen, Radha causes something to be on her forehead when he tries to help her, but takes a step back then he gives her the napkin. Radha starts feeling a bit when he is around her, Bhushan while making the Jalebi says she does a lot of the work so he has thought he would help her in the kitchen from today.

Radha places the sugar pot beside Bhushan who explains that life is just like this desert while the pot representing sugar is like the meaning of life, as he knows she is alone in life because her husband is living with another women, she questions what is he saying when he explains they both are alone in their life but it can end as they both can end the loneliness, he says whatever happens between them both would remain a secret. Radha starts smiling so he once again raises his hand towards her but she holding it pushes it in the warm oil, Bhushan starts screaming and removes his hand from the oil, Kadambari and Kaveri rush into the kitchen questioning why is he screaming, they are shocked to see his burnt hand, Kadambari ask how did it happen when Radha replies she is going to tell them. Bhushan is shocked thinking that his truth would be revealed.

Precap: Mohan says to Radha, come sit with Mamaji to have breakfast. Radha says to Mamaji, I won’t sit with him. Kadambari asks her what happened? Mohan taunts her and says why will she sit? because of her Mamaji burned his hand. Radha says I did it on purpose.

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