Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 23rd May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

Damini informs Rahul to stay quiet until Mohan finds out the truth about Radha, Mohan standing at the door questions where is Radha hearing which all three of them get scared.

Radha while leaning against the boxes asks Mohan to give her a chance to come back to him, promising to end all the problems of his life and make sure he gets back all the happiness that he desires, she mentions until that happens even Bihari jee cannot take her away no matter what happens.

Mohan angrily asks Damini what has she done to Radha, she tries to assure she has not done anything, but Mohan informs he himself heard her telling Rahul to stay quiet till Mohan finds out the truth about Radha. Rahul stops Mohan mentioning he is thinking wrong as Damini was just worrying for Radha, and when he said what does it matter if they find Radha or not, it is when Damini said that should not say anything to Mohan till this matter is sorted, Rahul informs even Damini was scolding him for drinking when they all are going through so much tension. Rahul explains she was advising him to not stay away from his family and stand with them in all their troubles. Rahul apologizes saying he will not do anything like this in the future, he even breaks the bottle on the floor, due to which Kaveri gets worried.

Mohan however pushes Rahul aside, Kaveri thinks that Mohan has realized Rahul is lying, she blames him for doing so much over acting, Damini is really worried seeing how furious Mohan is at the moment.

Radha in the cold storage thinks she will fight and get out from here, vowing how she desires to live and not die. Radha exclaims she wants to live her life with Mohan and make sure Gungun becomes a good elder, she cannot die without fulfilling her responsibilities.
Mohan mentions Damini that Radha needs his help wherever she is so he wants to go to her, he clearly asks her to tell him where is Radha. Damini replies there is nothing to tell as she does not know where is Radha informing, she was just scolding Rahul. Mohan asks if she thinks he is a fool as he knows they both hate Radha, he informs how he just ignores whatever goes in this house but not anymore. He demands where Radha is.

Kaveri blames him for turning back on his own words because he was just a while saying Radha should not go back and never come back. Damini informs she has shown the proof of his innocence with the CCTV footage, Mohan replies everything is on one side while the signs of Bihari jee on the other as he knows there is something wrong with her, he threatens her. Damini mentions Radha has created so much problems in her life that she dies tonight, Kaveri gets worried thinking Damini said to Mohan what she would never think off. Mohan angrily pushes Damini against the wall, the entire family tries to stop him. Mohan says he would himself kill all those who try to harm Radha, Damini replies this is what was left to hear.

Radha stares at the temperature gauge thinking the temperature is just rising, and these card board boxes would not be able to protect her, so she would surely have to find some other way to protect herself. Radha thinks she cannot even do anything as the blowers are hanging and the pressure too much that even if she attaches anything then it would fall due to the immense pressure. Radha wonders where has Bihari jee trapped her as there is no way to stop this gauge, she exclaims even she is the Radha from Barsana so she will not accept defeat. Radha thinks she cannot die tonight and has to live no matter the situation, she thinks she has to find a way which she would find out or her Mohan jee is doing everything to search for her, so no one can separate them both from each other, she prays that Mohan jee should come quickly as she is waiting for him.

Kadambari asks Mohan to let go of Damini, but she says that today no one is going to interfere. Damini says Mohan finally said what was in his heart, she says everything is happening just because of Radha. Damini says he should then kill her today, explaining she has always stood by his side just so he accepts someone in his life, and threaten to kill her for someone else. Damini, mention he keeps blaming her then should end it all right now and kill her. explaining what could be better hen to die by the hands of her lover. Kadambari once again asks Mohan to let go off her, Kaveri requests her to calm down when she asks how can she calm down as Mohan tends to promise marrying her one time while at other times threatens to kill her. She exclaims she cannot understand if he is an idiot who does not know what he is saying to her or is she an idiot for marrying him. Damini asks him to remember what has Radha done to him, as she forcefully married him and even send his mother to jail. Damini says Radha even snatched Gungun from him but he still trusts Radha and not her, Damini mentions he should try to find out what new game Radha is playing with him rather then blaming her. Ajeet coming informs he has called every place where Radha could have gone but they are not able to find anything about her, so they should go out and start looking for her.

Kadambari informs there is no point in talking about these things, she says he has to go and find Radha. Mohan agrees to go and search for her, Ketki says she will also come with him while even Ajeet offers to help him. Rahul asks what are they going to do now, Kaveri is worried what if Mohan finds Radha, Damini informs Mohan will only find the frozen body of Radha.

Radha is still shivering sitting beside the boxes, she thinks that there is still seven to eight hours left and she wonders how could she stay alive for so long.

Mohan calls Dadi and Rameshwar, Dadi angrily replies they have cut all their ties with Radha and she would not come here even if she has died. Rameshwar prays to Bihari jee for the safety of Radha.

Mohan instructs everyone that they would first go and search in the office however everyone should keep an eye on the road. Kaveri whispers to Damini informing how she has played a very big game so what would happen if the police is involved, Damini assures that they have a lot of proofs to prove their innocence so they would never be blamed for anything that happens to Radha.

Precap: Radha is shivering, she thinks she has to find some other way to remain warm. Radha lights the card board boxes on fire which causes the temperature to fall down due to which Radha falls asleep.

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