Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 25th June 2022 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 25th June 2022 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 25th June 2022 Written Episode

Radha is standing in the Mandir, she is depressed thinking about the incident and how Rahu blamed her for being a thief, Damini also slapped her saying it has been proved that people with her social status can never match them, she requested Mohan to believe him but he did not say anything in her defense.

Tiwari jee comes asking her to not cry mentioning she is just like Ketki and if she has any problem then must come straight to her, he explains even when he doesnot have a lot of say in this house but still they can share their feelings with each other, he asks Radha to smile.

Radha is cleaning the house when she sees the bandage that she placed on her arm to hide the name of Mohan jee, she places the vase when Mohan comes calling Dulari, he asks if she asked Radha to clean the house but Dulari replies why would she ask Radha to clean the house, Mohan gets frustrated questioning why can anyone not reply. Radha mentions she herself was cleaning the house, Mohan getting frustrated pulls the vase questioning why is she doing these things questioning if she doesnot want to learn English, Radha replies that he is an educated person but even then showed her the position she has in this house, Damini coming questions how is she talking with Mohan, he asks what problem does she have as she said it all yesterday so must stop now. Mohan asks Radha to end this drama, she replies the truth is that he still considers it as drama when she spent the entire last night thinking how the entire family which she considered as her own called her a thief in a moment, She prayed to his name her entire life and that person refused to believe her and has not any trust on her actions. Radha explains what happened yesterday was an injury on her reputation as a person can live without food but not their self-respect and he has stolen it from her. Mohan requests her to stop this channel.

Radha questions how can she do it as her mind would be half but she has complete self-respect, Mohan asks what is she saying as he has given her a lot of respect so what else can he do now, Radha replies that humiliation is better then forced respect and if he has not been able to judge her attitude then there is no point in talking with him. Mohan replies this is his house and mood so why is she making such a big scene over a small thing, Radha replies that this is his house so he would do whatever he feels like, Mohan agrees when she replies then there is no point in staying because if the owner of this house doesnot trust him then what is the point in making relation with them all, Radha explains that she felt really good living with them and did not know how the time passed so quickly, she explains her Dadi says she is innocent so if she ahs made any mistake then he should forgive her.

Rahul with a smile exclaims he got beaten because of Radha so it is better that she leaves this house, Radha starts walking away, she asks Mohan to come and see her belongings so he can be sure if she is not taking anything from their house. Mohan tries to stop Radha but she doesnot listen and so he follows her, Rahul questions what is the need to stop Radha when she herself is trying to leave so what is the point, Kaveri explains this is what she has been saying, Kadambari mentions they don’t have any right to stop Radha if she is not interested in staying but what they did was wrong and Mohan doesnot want that she should leave when she is sad. Rahul exclaims Mohan is feeling really bad when Radha is urt and he has gotten used to her in a very short time, Damini turns in frustration.

Radha is packing her things when Mohan comes questioning what is she doing, Gungun asks what happened, Mohan mentions her friend is leaving the house so Gungun requests her to not leave, Radha mentions she cannot stay in the house where she doesnot have self-respect, Gungun asks what is new in this as Mohan acts like a boss after scolding everyone, Radha mentions she must not talk like this about her father, Gungun requests her to not confuse her since she is still taking the side of Mohan.

Mohan mentions that the pencil box belongs to Gungun and so Radha thinks how she asked him to come and check if she has anything in her bag that doesnot belong to her, Mohan requests her to agree and not leave the house, as he is getting angry but she replies there is no need to be angry, she picks the bag when Mohan sees the bandage on her hand, Mohan asks how did she get hurt when she replies that it is just a small injury and she would take care of it but he says he just wants to take precautions so it doesnot get infected. He tries to check it when she questions why does he not listen to anything that she is saying, she leaves. Mohan asks if Gungun is teaching these things to Radha, Gungun asks him to not be so friendly and follow her as they need to stop Radha.

Mohan is following Radha when Gungun stops him saying he has been trying to convince her but is forgetting one thing, he needs to apologize to Radha. Tulsi exclaims it is impossible that Mohan would apologize to anyone, Kadambari also mentions that he has not apologized since his childhood, Rahul also exclaims he can die but would not apologize.

Radha mentions this house belongs to Mohan and so it is not right, she turns back to leave when Mohan starts thinking of all those times when Radha helped them, she is the one who protected Gungun and even prepared the medicine when she got ill, Radha took him on a cart when he was hurt in the jungle, Radha is walking towards the door, Mohan calls her from behind so she turns to look at him, he is staring at her and starts walking to stand in front of her, Damini is really frustrated. Mohan is really nervous and he starts raising his hand towards his ear, so while holds them, everyone is shocked to see him and even Tulsi is stunned. Damini gets really furious seeing Mohan, Radha asks what is he doing when he replies she must remain quiet as he would do it because of Gungun, Mohan apologizes to Radha and she is the first one he has apologized to, Rada is stunned and even the entire Tiwari family is shocked seeing but Gungun is smiling. Radha is not able to even move, she is constantly staring Mohan.

Precap: Mohan asks Damini to leave this seat and sit someplace else, Damini questions for whom so Mohan calls Radha, mentioning she must come and sit at the dinner table as she is part of the family, Damini wonders how did she dare take her place, threatening that Radha would have to pay.

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