Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 26th March 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 26th March 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 26th March 2023 Written Episode

Radha is walking in the hall when Kadambari stop her, she coming to Radha questions why did she not get ready so Radha replies she is not going to the pooja, Kadambari asks if she is planning to create another big scene, Radha assures it is nothing of the sort but she does not feel like it, Kadambari smiles saying this is her first Holi after the marriage and everyone is going to gather there with whom she is very good friends, Kadambari asks what is she going to say to them and even her brother, Radha replies the person who should have been thrown out of the house is being given respect so what does she have to do there, Kadambari wonders what has gotten into Radha as she never refuses to go for the pooja, Kadambari leaves exclaiming the girl who can raise her hand on the elders can do anything, she angrily leaves so Radha thinks she has a lot of desire to attend the pooja as the wife of Mohan jee, but Bihari jee says that to find the truth is the biggest event and she has to find out what is Damini and Kaveri hiding, why did they take out so much money on the day Tulsi died. Bhushan says that Radha got trapped in their plan, he texts Damini who informs that the end of Radha is near and she has already taken the first step towards it. Bhushan starts following her.

Mohan is shocked to learn that Radha has refused to attend the pooja, he exclaims it is her favorite thing as she can forget to eat but not do pooja, Mohan says he would go and bring her, Damini questions why is he so eager to bring her here, Mohan informs he wants to scold her and how did she dare refuse his mother, Damini mentions he must not be worried since they both finally got the time to be together, Mohan is worried what the neighbors would think when Damini informs she does not care as long as he is by her side. Gungun coming asks Mohan where is Radha, he informs she will surely come and so Gungun runs away after hitting Mohan wishing him Happy Holi, he tries to catch her but seeing the house wonders why did Radha not come to the pooja and is she is some sort of problem.

Radha is walking in the hall while Bhushan is following her, she feels someone is following her so turns back but Bhushan manages to hide behind the couch, Radha starts looking as she is sure someone was indeed following her.
Mohan is still feeling Radha is in some sort of problem, Gungun seeing the opportunity once again hits him and so he starts running after her.

Radha quickly enters the room which she starts searching to find the proof against Damini and Kaveri, Bhushan standing in the hall starts applying the perfume and exclaims that now Radha would find out she made a mistake by raising her hand on him, he sees that Radha is frantically searching the room and so closes the window.

Mohan is still trying his best to catch Gungun but she is able to run away from him, the neighbors also start smiling seeing them both enjoy.

Radha in the room is wondering where ahs Damini hid the papers, Bhushan standing outside prepares the medicine and thinks that his revenge would start when Radha is unconscious due to this medicine, he slowly opens the door and Radha feels his presence however she is not able to see him since Bhushan hides behind the door, Radha once again closes it feeling as if someone was here.

Radha is once again searching the room and she even takes out the travelling bag placed under the bed, Bhushan slowly walks to Radha and is about to give her the medicine when the fire alarm starts ringing, Bhushan is shocked. Mohan and Gungun are also playing when they hear the alarm and so are stunned, Radha stands up and sees someone running so wonders who was here.

Mohan mentions it is the fire alarm of the house and Radha is still present in there, Gungun says she has to come with him but he asks her to stay with her grandfather, Damini is furious thinking the fire also had to start at the time and she prays that Bhushan uncle should have completed his desired work.

Bhushan is quickly walking towards the main door where he sees the entire family coming back to the house, he feels that he would be caught if they see him here so he hides behind the main door. Radha sees him hiding there but thinks she must first search where is the fire otherwise it would spread.

Mohan standing at the main door instructs everyone to not come inside, Rahul and Ajeet also follow him. Ketki comes to them when Damini exclaims that the real fire is burning inside Bhushan uncle and she prays it should have calmed down.

Mohan instructs Ajeet and Rahul to bring Radha wherever they see her, Radha comes to the hall and Mohan asks if she is fine, he says that he thought he had lost her and it could means he lost her just like he lost Tulsi, Radha is stunned but she also hugs Mohan.

Rahul coming to Kadambari explains that there is no fire in the house and so they must also come inside the house, Damini and Kaveri both are furious to see Mohan hugging Radha, so she calls him due to which he pushes her away explaining he was just questioning her, Rahul and Ajeet say that there is no fire in the house, Radha replies even she was not able to find any fire in the house. Radha is about to tell Mohan about Bhushan uncle, he quickly comes to them all questioning where is the fire in the house because he heard the alarm so came back home, Radha wonders why is he lying when she saw him in the house. Kadambari is glad everyone is fine so asks them to come as it is time for Holika Dahan, Radha agrees to come with them hearing which Kadambari is shocked and says she herself said she is not feeling well, Radha replies that she feels that they should celebrate the festivals even if they do not feel like it. Kadambari agrees so asks them all to come, Radha angrily stares at Bhushan who leaves after looking at both Damini and Kaveri. Radha wonders if this was all the plan of Damini, she thinks even Bhushan was involved in this and there is no evidence there but what caused the fire alarm. Damini asks Kaveri to come, who says with what thing has Radha come to this house as she will not even drown even if they tie her with the rock.

Radha notices Ketki is really tensed so holding her hand asks her to come, Ketki walks away when Radha feels the ash in her hand, she smelling it realizes the truth so stops Ketki who is shocked. Radha notices the burnt newspaper in the corner, she thanks Ketki for saving her life when Ketki replies she has not done anything, Radha asks if she caused the fire alarm by burning the newspaper because she knew Bhushan was trying to do something wrong with her, Ketki recalls how she saw Bhushan uncle in the house. Radha says every time someone else commits the wrong but the women are blamed, Radha requests her to gather the strength and for once reveal the truth, Ketki says he would leave the day after tomorrow and then everything would be fine, Radha says this means Ketki also believes he is not the right person, Ketki leaves mentioning she cannot understand what Radha is saying however would advise her to take care of herself. Radha vows to not let Bhushan get away so easily, she vows to surely burn all of his sins in the Agni of Holi.

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