Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th December 2022 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th December 2022 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th December 2022 Written Episode

Pandit jee asks them to fulfill the ritual of Kankanduhara, Damini recalls how Guru maa said once Mohan ties it in her hand then after that Tulsi would not be able to harm her even if she tries, Kaveri is shocked to see Radha standing in the balcony wondering how did she wake up, Radha is really tensed to see that Mohan jee is about to fulfill the ritual of Kankanduhara, Kaveri quietly turns on the music so Mohan doesnot hear the voice of Radha and Gungun, he not being able to listen ties the Kankanduhara.

Kaveri sees that Radha and Gungun both are walking down the stairs meanwhile Mohan ties the Kankanduhara seeing which everyone is joyed, Damini also fulfills the ritual. Pandit jee asks them to go and get ready for the rest of the rituals. Mohan walks towards the door while Radha is running behind him however he keeps walking straight without listening to her, Damini stops Radha along with Gungun, exclaiming she should leave Mohan because he would very soon become her husband, Radha replies they have still not gotten married and she will not even let her get married, Damini warns her to stop talking when Gungun exclaims Damini should step aside and let Radha, Damini replies she must talk according to her age as what can she do.

Gungun replies she will tell Mohan but Damini exclaims she is not going to let her go however Gungun manages to run away, Radha replies she knows they both mixed something so how low are they going to do, Kaveri exclaims they just gave her the sleeping pill, Damini mentions she should have been given poison because if anything happened to her then their wedding would have gotten delayed but now Radha must eat the food and leave, Radha replies she must have the food distributed amongst the poor. Damini exclaims she can go and tell Mohan the truth but must know an innocent family member would lose their life, so it is upto her when Radha demands the name of the person, Damini says she must look around to see if anyone is present, Radha thinks everyone is here however Kaveri explains she must think because the person is the owner of this house but still lives a simple life, Radha realizes they are talking of Mr Trivedi, Kaveri exclaims she has gotten really good so must know where he is.

Kaveri thinks she talked with Mr Trivedi in the night mentioning that she feels they are only able to remain at peace after fulfilling their duties because now Gungun has returned and even the problems on Mohan’s life ended, she suggested they both should celebrate so takes out the alcohol bottle, Mr Trivedi exclaims he has promised Kadambari that he would end this habit however Kaveri insisted and made him drink a peg, while acting as if she is going to also drink with him, she even poured another peg for him so he falls prey to it, Mr Trivedi after that took the entire bottle from her hands while she acted as if they are going to celebrate, she instructed the kidnapper who took him away in the van. Kaveri exclaims the promise was of just one sip, but she made him drink an entire bottle, Radha asks if she has lost all shame when Radha replies she would also tell Mohan this along with everything, Tulsi asks her to go before they can prepare another plan.

Mohan is in the room; he picks up the clothes. Gungun comes to the room when he asks if he closes the door on her face then how would she feel, Gungun just hugs him apologizing for everything when he exclaims, she has learned the trick well. She asks if he is marrying Damini when Mohan mentions they cannot talk about it again, she says she knows how he is feeling because she sometimes doesnot want to play but when everyone else is defeated she has to play for others, Mohan replies he is even playing the game for others since he cannot break his promise, Gungun asks what if they have been lied to but Mohan exclaims it is very wrong and the team should be thrown out of the tournament, Gungun requests him to come and talk with Radha after which he will change his decision, Mohan doesnot understand so she asks him to keep this reaction as he would need it in the future, Gungun calls him Mohan which angers him she is there for forced to refer to him as papa, Daddy before pulling him so he can talk with Radha.
Kaveri exclaims Radha can go and tell Mohan the truth but what if she causes the death of his father, Radha is stunned when Tulsi gets furious so slaps Kaveri, Damini is shocked while Radha doesnot understand anything and starts looking around, Kaveri is really hurt, Radha asks if anyone slapped her but who is the person, Tulsi exclaims she wants to slap her even more but kaveri is about to inform the truth. Damini says she went to give papa the drink but herself is under the influence. Damini replies to Radha doesnot have a lot of time since she would get married very soon so Radha can go and tell him everything right now but must see the video before that, Radha picks the mobile to see Mr Trivedi constantly drinking, she is shocked while Damini signal Kaveri to cover the mark.

Radha asks what she has done to Mr Trivedi because the doctor advised him to not drink, Damini replies it is also upto her because she can either protect his life or stop their marriage, Radha asks how an she be so shameless as she stopped so low, Mohan standing behind them asks who has fallen so low, Damini and Kaveri are shocked while Gungun is smiling standing beside Mohan. Gungun asks Radha to tell Mohan the entire truth, explaining Damini is bad and he must not marry her so papa can break his promise, Radha exclaims she will tell him the entire truth, Tulsi is worried about papa. Mohana asks what Radha was saying to Damini as who stopped low, Radha slowly walks over to Mohan, Damini and Kaveri are worried.

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