Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 6th June 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 6th June 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 6th June 2023 Written Episode

Damini tells Kaveri that even Ba Kai Bihari jee would not be able to save Radha and they will only find the frozen dead body of Radha.

Radha wakes up and pushes the boxes from her face, she starts praying to Ba Kai Bihari jee to give her strength as she cannot accept defeat, she has to stay alive for Gungun and Mohan jee, they both need her support and help. Radha tries her best to stay awake.

Mohan wonder how will they find out the location of Radha, the constable points to the owner of the cold storage, they all suddenly look at him, Tulsi mentions now this person would take Mohan to the cold storage and Radha is present there.

Mohan rushes to the person asking if he owns the cold storage, Kaveri asks Damini if Mohan actually finds Radha, Damini replies then he will only find the cold body of Radha. Mohan asks the owner if he has seen Radha but the owner does not know anything, Mohan then questions if he had seen any girl but the owner says it was empty, Mohan suggests they should go and search once, the owner does not understand anything when Mohan informs she might be trapped in the cold storage .

Radha prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that he can even end her body but must not take her soul anywhere before she meets Gungun and Mohan jee. Radha mentions if today is her last day then she wants to know that the love which she has for Mohan jee, does he also love her in the same manner.

Mohan tells the owner that the wrapper is of the same chocolate which his daughter gave to his wife and it was fate that it entered this police station Mohan requests him to please let them search it, but the owner starts getting into his car, which worries Mohan who asks the reason he is not coming when the owner explains Mohan needs to go to a doctor and he seems like criminal. Mohan requests that he should allow him to search just once but the owner refuses saying that there was a fire in the cold storage, the entire family is shocked hearing it. Kadambari explains Radha could have been there, the owner says if he lets them enter in the cold storage and something wrong happens then the insurance company would not pay him. Kadambari warns him to not do anything, the owner tells the constable that he is behaving in appropriately in front of the police station. Mohan mentions he would be arrested for murder, explaining he was once before blamed for attempted murder but it was a false claim however this time he will surely do it, Mohan angrily asks the owner if he would go to the cold storage or the Shamshan Ghat. The constable says he will also come with them but Mohan explains that now only Mohan will search for his Radha, Mohan angrily pushes the owner of the cold storage in his car before sitting on the driving seat, Mohan leaves with the owner.

Radha while still being trapped in the cold storage says to Ba Kai Bihari jee that it seems today is her last day and today she will surely die, so she is herself going to accept her death.

Mohan with the owner reaches the cold storage, he starts running to the entrance demanding that they must open it quickly. Kaveri asks Damini what if Radha has not died till now when Damini replies it is not possible and by now her body would have been frozen.

Radha looks at Mohan who has opened the door of the cold storage, he calls her when she replies to his call mentioning he has indeed come to save her, Radha tries calling Mohan who is still standing at the door, Mohan the enters the cold storage, Radha praises Ba Kai Bihari jee for listening to her prayers and not accepting her death today, the entire family starts searching for Radha, who is really glad that Mohan jee came to search for her and managed to protect her as now she is surely going to be fine, and it is not a secret that he loves her. Mohan asks Gungun to come out but she says that Radha is her mother who she will also find her. Radha hearingt he voice of Gungun gets emotional, Damini also acts as if she is searching for Radha. Kadamabri requests the owner to close this freezer because if Radha is here then would be in immense pain, the owner says he tried doing it but due to some technical problem was not able to do it, he requests they must leave.

The entire Trivedi family is searching for Radha, Rahul asks Damini where is Radha, she says Radha would have died till now but they can not see her dead body.

Mohan and Gungun are also searching for Radha, Damini wonders where is the dead body of Radha, she gets scared thinking if Radha has managed to run away but wonders where could have she run. Mohan sees the bag of Radha in the cold storage, he gets shocked and kneels to pick it up. Mohan tells Kadambari that this bag belongs to Radha, so this means Radha was here. Mohan places the bag against his chest, Kaveri and Damini both get worried. Mohan remembers when he picked the bag of Radha and asked if she was going to the gym, he then starts taking out all of the things that Radha has placed in her bag saying they all are the essentials that she needs, Mohan gets emotional thinking about Radha, who is unconscious.

Kadambari tells Mohan this is not the time to be emotional and they have to find her, Mohan explains they are not able to bear this cold for two minutes while Radha has spent the entire night here, Gungun asks then where is Radha, Mohan sees the fire and then walks over to it, he mentions Radha might have lit a fire to protect herself from the cold. He then mentions she might have tried to cover herself with this cardboard. Mohan sees the broken fan placed around the corner, so he tries to go and check it while they all ask what is he doing, Mohan mentions Radha would have tried to escape from the vent and went up with this rack, he thinks that Radha is in the vent. Mohan does not realize that Radha is unconscious under the pile of boxes.

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