Qayamat Ki Raat 9th February 2019 Written Update

Qayamat Ki Raat 9th February 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Qayamat Ki Raat 9th February 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sanjana grabs Raghav’s sister Preeti. She stops Raghav and Vaidahi’s marriage and says you thought I would let you get married easily? Shekhar says please leave her. Sanjana says I fooled her. Raghav says you will get what you want, leave her. Sanjana asks him to take off moli and come with me, I will take you with me. Preeti says I am scared. She cries. Sanjana says I will kill her, if you want to save her then come to me. Vaidahi asks to not listen to her, dont take off moli. Raghav says I promised to not let anything happen to my family. He takes off moli and says I am coming to you, leave my sister, he throws moli away. Sanjana says you did a mistake by trusting me. Virat grabs Raghav and vanishes. Priest throws jal at Sanjana who leaves Preeti. Sanjana vanishes and

Virat takes her place. Virat laughs and says she is with Kalasur.
Kalasur laughs as he looks at Raghav and Sanjana.
Virat says to Vaidahi that witch wont leave Raghav, you will not get reunited with him. Vaidahi says I wont let anything happen to Raghav. Vaidahi runs out of house and starts searching for Raghav.

Shekhar says to family that we should look in house for witch.

Vaidahi falls down in jungle and cries for Raghav. She finds a mandir under tree and goes to pray. She says you cant let witch harm Raghav, please give my Raghav back, you have to help me.

Virat is grabbed by priest using powers so he cant runaway.

In jungle, Vaidahi finds Raghav’s turban and looks around for him.

Kalasur welcomes Raghav. Raghav says you came here infront of me again? I will kill you, you were unsuccessful, you will fail this time too. Kalasur grabs is hair and asks Sanjana to help. He says that I will remove you memories. Sanjana ties necklace around Raghav. Raghav is losing his memories. Kalasur says to Sanjana that make him yours. Sanjana holds Raghav’s hand and says look at me, I am your Sanjana, remember we love each other and we are marrying. Raghav imagines loving Sanjana, he says no.. I love you? Sanjana says Vaidahi is trying to separate us, we have to go. She leaves with him. Kalasur says Vaidahi its time for us to unite too.

Vaidahi is looking around for Raghav and says where to find him? She sees a man and asks if he saw a man dressed as groom? He turns around and its Kalasur. He says we have to get united now, forget about Raghav, Sanjana has made him hers. Vaidahi says no you will fail again. He says go and find him, you have tonight only, if you dont find him tonight then he will become of Sanjana by morning.

Scene 2
Sanjana asks Raghav to remember how we met, lets do a pooja and then everything will be clear. He says I dont remember anything. She makes him sit for pooja.

Virat evilly laughs at family. Vaidahi comes there and says he knows everything. HE says I do but I wont tell anything. Priest says let me handle him. He takes maha tulsi and throws at Virat. Virat becomes dizzy and falls down. Priest asks whats her plan? Virat says Sanjana will do pooja with Raghav to take his humanity and then she will make him hers so she will have his baby, their baby can rule the world. Vaidahi asks where she is taking him?

Sanjana is doing pooja. Family comes near that place but stopped by a wall and Kalasur says you people cant go ahead from here. Sanjana ties thread on Raghav so he doesnt look around. She says lets go. She leaves with him. Family is tensed.

In house, Kalasur comes there and says to Dadi that leave Virat otherwise I will kill you. Dadi says dont leave him, he can kill me. Maa says no, we cant lose you. They free Virat. Kalasur takes Virat from there. Dadi cries and says where are my kids.

Family comes home. Vaidahi says we cant lose hope. Kalasur comes there and says you people cant do anything, forget all this, come with me and come to my world. Vaidahi says I will win. Priest says we have to grab Virat to find Raghav. Kalasur says you cant get him, he leaves with Virat.

Sanjana brings Raghav to a den and dresses as bride. Sanjana says remember we met here first time and we fell in love here. Raghav tries to remember but its all jumbled up. Sanjana says last life Vaidahi didnt let us become one but tonight we will become one and nobody can stop us. She makes him sit on bed and mixes some liquid in milk. She offers it to him. He says I dont want to. She says for me and makes him drink it, he faints. She says I will make mine now. She says soon he will come to my world.

Vaidahi is worried for Raghav.
Priest is working to find Raghav. Vaidahi comes there and asks if we found Raghav? Preeti says this is all happening because of me. Vaidahi says we will find him. Priest says Kalasur’s kundli is weird, only Raghav’s wife can save him, these three nights are dangerous for Raghav, if we dont find them then we will not find him ever.

PRECAP- Vaidahi takes pheras with Raghav’s photo and says I as Raghav’s wife promise to find Raghav before big night.

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