Qurbaan Hua 26th February 2020 Written Update

Qurbaan Hua 26th February 2020 Written Update by Sona

Qurbaan Hua 26th February 2020 Written Episode

The goons points to a girl who is wearing yellow dress, when they are about to harm her a man stands in front of her asking for the problem, the goon asks what the matter is to which the guy responds that he is her wife, the girl thinks of what the police constable said about the goons who were involved in forcing child beggars , when she tries to threaten the goons they both apologize saying that they were told to bring the girl however they know that the girl is not married so they are apologetic, then both of them act as if they are a really unhappy couple then when the bus starts to move, the girl tries to thank the boy but he is not concerned and interested which lands them both in a fight and they change their seats.
The girl wakes up and plans to meet her father and make sure that he drinks the weight loss drink otherwise it would be really problematic, she remembers what he father taught her to about never taking anyone’s favour, she thinks that she would have to meet that boy, but he is not in the bus so she looks for him outside and sees him washing his face, just when she is about to touch him she hears the call for prayer, so turns towards the mosque to pray and forgets about the boy, who also turns to see her but when he hears the sound of a Hindu temple he also admits to the prayer, just then a blossom shoots on a tree which has been near death, the locals wonder about the blessed couple because of whom the flowers came on the tree.
Both the boy and the girl move towards their separate direction walking towards their houses, the girl reaches her home and listens to the noise of a machine coming from inside the house where an old man is working on a handicraft, he is nearly about to harm her hand but is shocked to hear the voice of his daughter Chahat Baig, then when he is about to hug her she exclaims that her hug is earned after which she asks if he took care of his health and when he says that he took care she mentions that now they can hug but he also mentions that his hug has a price after which he starts to take a viva on her degree, they both hug each other and her father exclaims that he has organized a dinner as she came first in the exams.
In a house of Hindu origins there is a women who is asking another women if her brother would actually come or has he changed his mind of coming back but the women pleads with her father to wait as her brother would really come and he also respects the rituals, but the father is adamant and does not want to wait for Neil as he does not care for the Rituals, the father walks out of the house where the girl also comes pleading with her father to wait for just ten minutes but there is another guy who exclaims that they cannot wait any longer and must leave, the father says that it should be him but the man says that it is only the right of Neil to become a successor of his responsibilities.
Ghazala Baig is getting ready and is seeking help from some ladies who exclaim that they cannot believe how beautiful she is and she does not look like a mother of two adult children but she mentions that she is the mother if only one and has no relation with the daughter of Mr Baig, just then Mr Baig arrives mentioning that his daughter has come back, Ghazala gets angry and stand up which causes a mirror to fall and break which worries Chahat, Mr Baig mentions that there is no need to worry as it is a good sign and they would even buy a new one, then Ghazala says that they were just talking of her and she even remembers her is everyday prayers, Chahat moves forward to take up a piece of wooden carving with her name on it as a doctor, when she asks her what it is, he says that it is the dream which he saw years ago and would feel really happy when the patients would remember her in their prayers.
Neil’s sister is wondering and praying to god to do some miracle and send her brother as it the last moment which would calm down their father, someone picks her up mentioning that sometimes the person they are praying for might be standing in front of them, she gets really happy to see her brother then immediately advises that he go to their father and take the fire as otherwise he will get mad, Neil is somewhat hesitant but agrees then prays that there should not be a fight between the son and father
Ghazala picks up the wooden log mentioning that even the community would give examples of the love that exists between both of them as even when she pleaded with her husband to make her a mirror he refused to do so, Chahat is happy to know that her father made it by himself then tries to make fun of him for wrongfully spelling her name, when Mr Baig is about to kiss his daughter, Ghazala stops him asking him to see the Sindoor of the opposite religion which is on his daughters forehead, he along with Chahat are shocked after listening to what Ghazala is saying.

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