Qurbaan Hua 5th May 2021 Written Update

Qurbaan Hua 5th May 2021 Written Update by Sona

Qurbaan Hua 5th May 2021 Written Episode

Chahat asks Neel why he is standing like an emotional person so must stop this and act like a practical person, Neel stops her saying that she has taught him what it means to be a practical person and it is better for a person to stay for his own self rather then loving anyone else, she waves at him and he leaves.

Chahat immediately sits down on her knees crying, Sahil asks her to stand as they would make this night a memorable one, Chahat apologizes saying that there is no need to worry because she only called him to make Neel believe that she has moved on in her life because she cannot see the child Shlok crying and feels that there is a connection amongst them both which she cannot understand, Sahil gets mad so questions Chahat why could she do this to him, Chahat apologizes saying that she had to lie about their relation then explains that she would also move on in her life with Dua and their ways would also be separate.

The entire Dhiani family is waiting anxiously for Neel, Shlok asks Vyas je if he knows where Neel is, Vyas je responds that he doesnot know because Neel doesnot tell him anything, Neel comes from behind calling to his whereabouts, he mentions how he went to get the daughter in law of the house, everyone is looking anxiously when Alka comes from behind, Neel explains that he is not that selfish so cannot allow Shlok to live without a mother, he has therefore buried all the memories which he had in his heart and now would move on so as only Shlok and Alka would be his life from now on. Naveli gets tensed wondering what has Chahat done, she looks for her and spots her hiding behind them.

Shlok immediately rushes to Toup Singh asking if Alka and his father would be together from now on and she would also not be scolded anymore, Toup Singh asks why does he think anyone would scold her, he congratulates everyone and starts distributing the sweets amongst them for the good news, Naveli pulling her aside asks what has she done, Chahat questions if she is worried because her plan was not successful, Naveli asks how did she come to know of it, Chahat reveals that she was indeed going out to meet Alka when she thought what would happen if she forgot the name so decided to write it down, she saw that someone had written with a strong grip and so was able to see that it was her plan to arrange a meeting with Neel.

Naveli asks if she actually met him, Chahat reveals that she indeed met him and showed that she has moved on in her life so they can no longer be together, Naveli questions why did she take such a big step, Chahat responds it was because of Shlok as he considers Alka to be his mother and is really happy hearing the news of her wedding, Chahat leaves when Naveli thinks that it is not a coincidence that they are living under the same roof and she knows that it is his sign Neel and Chahat are meant to be together, she prays that there be a miracle because of which Chahat gets married to Neel.

In the morning Godambari asks if the Rangoli was made with the name of Neel and Alka, Chahat wonders how can she write the name of anyone else with Neel, Godambari coming down asks what has he made, Shlok asks her to not scold him because it is a day of happiness and if Troup Singh is tired then he along with Dua would make the Rangoli, Godambari agrees and orders Toup Singh to start decorating the house with flowers asking if he would be able to do it.

Naveli coming to stand beside Chahat asks why she is not telling everyone the truth about her, she knows that Neel would be feeling the same just like her, Chahat responds there is no need because she has become habitual of living with a broken heart and besides she could not be the daughter in law which Vyas je desires, Chahat responds that it is because of Shlok, she sees him with Dua who is excited about the time when he would sleep with Neel and Alka, he even agrees to allow Dua to sleep with them. She mentions that she is relieved Alka would take good care of Neel and keep him happy, Godamabri asks why is she so nervous, Alka asks if she is looking great, Toup Singh explains she is looking gorgeous but there is just one thing missing, Alka gets worried, he brings the bowl asking Naveli to perform the ritual of black teka, Naveli does it and Shlok coming exclaims that now all the preparations have been finalized and they must call Neel so the wedding can happen, Toup Singh agrees to call Neel.

Neel is standing in his room with the photo of Chahat, Toup Singh comes and is shocked to see Neel is still thinking about her, he holds his hand and Neel immediately places the photo in his pocket, Toup Singh asks him to come with him but Neel asks what the need is because there is still some time for the ritual, Toup Singh says that he is taking him someplace else.

Toup Singh brings Neel to the roof, Neel questions why did he bring him here so Toup Singh says that it is because he can feel there are a lot of things hidden in his heart, Neel starts explaining that everyone thought he was waiting for a girl who is dead but she is in fact alive and only acted of dying so she could marry Sahil who belongs to her own religion, Neel questions what was left in his love for her but he apologizes to Toup Singh who answers that this was the reason he brought him here so Neel could yell and calm himself down, however Neel is nervous when Toup Singh asks him to stand and yell, he follows the advice after which he actually feels calm so hugs Toup Singh not knowing that it is actually Chahat, she thinks he must hug as tightly as he can as this may be the last time they can actually hug, she sends Neel downstairs for the ritual.

Chahat starts crying wondering why does this always happen to her and she has to leave her love because of some circumstances which cannot be understood, she wonders why her line of love is made so difficult that she is forced to leave Neel after being so close to him.

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