Rab Se Hai Dua 12th February 2023 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 12th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 12th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ruhaan tells Dadi that he is leaving with Gazal if she won’t agree with their marriage. Rahat tells Dadi to stop them as its about their family honor. Dadi asks Ruhaan to stop and bring your lizard lover back too.. this girl is stuck with us. Gazal hugs her and says thank you for accepting our love. Dadi whispers to her that I stopped for you Ruhaan but I won’t let you marry him at any cost.

Haider asks Dua to drink water but she says I don’t want to. He says why do you think they will agree to everything you say? things have changed.. they have all agreed to Ruhaan and Gazal’s marriage so we shouldn’t interfere. Dua says he is like my brother and my friend.. if something wrong happens then it would be our fault too. Its our duty. Haider says he is not a baby anymore, if you keep talking against Gazal then your relationship with Ruhaan will severe. Dua says if we don’t speak and let Ruhaan go in the wrong hands then he will be in trouble, if Gazal can accuse Altaf like that then she can do anything with Ruhaan. Haider says I don’t know who to believe anymore. He turns to see Ruhaan there. He leaves from there. Dua thinks I can’t tell him that she is just using Ruhaan to get Haider.. they won’t believe me without proof. Ruhaan comes to her and says I want to talk to you.

Hina comes to her room and finds Rahat sitting there. She says I haven’t heard you recite poetry for days. He says poetry that she shouldn’t trust people so easily. Hina says we have a gap between us because of you only but I know you enough to know you are stressed. She massages his head and says I am happy about Ruhaan and Gazal’s marriage. Rahat says I don’t know how Gulnaz agreed suddenly. Hina says she must have realized that Gazal is the right person for Ruhaan. Rahmani would have been today, this is the right thing to do. Rahat says Dua is totally against this marriage, you should listen to her once. Hina says Dua has lost the plot.

Ruhaan tells Dua that I told you I love Gazal but you told me that she doesn’t love me.. you lied to me, why? you are my best friend so why? Gazal clearly said today that she loves me. You have broken my trust so why? you always tell me to respect love then why did you play with my emotions? Dua says that girl.. Ruhaan says that girl is my everything, you were always first for me and I was so happy today that Gazal confessed her love but I was sad that I lost my bhabhi today, he sadly leaves from there. Dua cries and says why can’t he understand that girl is playing a game with him.

Noor tells Mumtaz that my brother is going to marry Ruhaan, I will have a bhabhi now. Mumtaz says you are talking as if you don’t have Dua Bhabhi. Mumtaz says she is not my bhabhi. Mumtaz says don’t be ungrateful, she does so much for you. Ravi comes there so Noor tells him that Ruhaan’s marriage is fixed with Gazal. He is surprised. Noor says my Gazal bhabhi is so unique, I am really excited. Ravi recalls Gazal always trying to be near Haider in the office. He leaves the package there and asks Mumtaz to give it to Haider, he leaves.

Gulnaz tells Hina that we are on the same page today, we can’t find a better girl than Gazal for Ruhaan. I will have a good daughter in law and you will be able to repent your sin. Hina says I don’t know why Dua can’t understand all this. Rahat says you have mistaken Dua, she is a pious girl. Gulnaz says yes but she should understand that Hina wants Gazal to become our daughter in law.. I am not sure about Dadi but I will make sure that Ruhaan gets married to Gazal. Rahat smiles and says seeing love between you both baffles me. Gulnaz hugs Hina and says we are sisters.

Hina smiles and nods.. she says I was wrong about Gulnaz all these years.. I have nothing against you from now on. Gulnaz thanks her and says we are more united because of Gazal, she will bring more happiness in our lives. Dadi hides and hears all that. She says Gulnaz is putting her son in danger because of Gazal, I have to expose her but how? She gets an idea.

Dadi comes to Noor and asks if she has seen Gazal? Noor says she must be with Gulnaz. Dadi says yes both foxes must be together. She asks Noor to give her phone. She asks her to open the camera, Noor shows it to her.

Gulnaz laughs and tells Gazal that you have trapped everyone in the family. Gazal smirks and says just wait till I play out my plan.

The episode ends.

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