Rab Se Hai Dua 14th November 2023 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 14th November 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 14th November 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider says never leave me Dua. Me and my family are incomplete without you. You’re our heart. Dua recalls what he said. Dua says I only wanted to show you Gazal’s real face. Now that’s done I will have to go. Haider holds her hand. He says don’t say that Dua. If you go today my fate will never look at me. Please forgive me for my mistakes. She says the relationship I made with blood, was martyred. It was made on trust, but the trust broke. There’s no reason to stay here. What I came for is done. Ruhaan says bhabhi please don’t go. How will I live here without you? We will pay for all the injustice we did to you. Please don’t leave us. qainaat says yes please don’t go. Dua says the danger is over now. I am tired. I can’t stay here.

Rahat says Dua, my daughter, please don’t go. This house is not home without you. Norr says please don’t go. They all sit in front of her and say you can’t go. Please stay. Dadi sits on the floor as well. Dua says don’t do that. Dadi says all my pain is with your absence. If you go my life will end. Dua says don’t say that. Hamida says listen to your dadi ammi. They’re all asking you, to please agree. Dua agrees. Everyone gets happy. Dua says but I have some conditions. Everyone says we agree already. Dua says to Rahat you won’t eat sweets at night hiding in the kitchen. Ruhaan you, start going to work and find me a sister-in-law. Dadi, you have to take your medicine on time. She says Gulnaaz never do these things again. She says I don’t want to lose you. Dua says Haider you promise me you won’t let our trust break again. You won’t let people manipulate your good heart. Haider says we will only do what you want. They all hug Dua.

Scene 2
Gazal says ammi please stop them. My home is ruined. Hamida says I am at peace you’ve such a good family. My daughter is safe here. You are so brave. I know you won’t let people like gazal near your family. Hamida and Hafeez leave. Haider stops Hamida. He says you gave me Dua again and proved how big your heart is. She makes this house a home. This is only because of your upbringing. In return, I want to give you something. Please ask for my sister’s hand for Hafeez. Everyone gets happy. Rahat says I promise you my daughter will make your house a home too. She loves him a lot. They’ve made mistakes but they love each other a lot. There can’t be a better husband for her than Hafeez. Dadi says please accept our proposal. They will be happy, so will be us. Noor says please aunty, she cries for Hafeez a lot and doesn’t let me study. Dua says ammi they all have a pure heart. Gazal manipulated them. Qainaat will be even better than me. The house where she goes will be lucky.

Qainaat says khala jaan.. Hamida says don’t you dare to call me khala. From today you will call me ammi. Everyone gets happy. Hamida hugs Qainaat. Hamida says i didn’t realize that you’re also my daughter. I was unfair to you. I stooped so low. I am ashamed that I defamed your family. Please forgive me. Haider says don’t say that. Please forget what happened. Dadi says this is a happy moment for us. Dua brings sweets.

Hina and Gazal look outside. Gazal says ammi please do something. Abbu said he will divorce you. I will also get divorce. Please save my home. They’re all celebrating us. We’ve to take revenge of what they did to us. Ammi please say something. Hina slaps Gazal.

Episode ends

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